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Memory of Jeigh Walkthrough

This memory can be accessed via the black king door near the last giant boss fight, from the cardinal tower bonfire you have to go down the ladder, to the LEFT, and across the bridge, then right again to the door that requires the soldiers key. Go through that door and to the left to find the black door guarded by a Syan Knight. A chest nearby holds 2x Amber Herb, and a body near it has the Grand Lance. Don't forget to equip King's Ring in order to open the door.

This memory is the shortest one due to a lack of enemies (from the time you spawn in the memory you will have 5 minutes to kill the Giant Lord and pick up any items you want), but you will have to face a boss, who can give you a tough time at first. After you enter the area, go straight forwards and left onto the battlement. There are two Warrior Giants fighting Soldiers and the Giant Lord waiting on the other side.

By the wall in the area where you spawn are summon signs for Benhart of Jugo and Captain Drummond. (The former will only appear if you have spoken with him in the Memory of Orro). You can only summon one at once.

Be careful! The wall is constantly bombarded! Bombardment does a ton of damage, so you will have to learn how long it takes for the hail of fireballs to dissipate before you decide to keep moving. +9 Gyrm Greatshield can negate the fire damage if you're facing the explosion.

As you cross the fog door, you will have to run as fast as you can towards your left on a battlement. A body here contains a Bonfire Ascetic. Be patient on the next bombardment so you do not get hit. Run towards the giants when you get an opening, and a scripted event will trigger where the head of a statue will roll towards them. Most likely it will kill both giants, which gives you free passage to the Giant Lord. If it doesn't kill them, bait them towards the bombardment spots or shoot them with ranged magic.

Make sure that you do learn where the bombs land, otherwise you are most likely to get killed on your way across the wall.

Once you have killed both Warrior Giants head straight to the Giant Lord. Corpse on the right, behind a pillar, holds an Old Radiant Lifegem (ng) / Divine Blessing(ng+). There is also another battlement to the left of the Giant Lord with a body that has Fire Seed on it.

After you deal with the Giant Lord, go through the door behind him and down the stairs. You will se a giant lying on a pile of bricks. Interact with it in order to get the Soul of a Giant and leave the area.

Farming (Quick/Safe Method)



Equipment Slot Mages Archers
Ring #1 Ring of LIfe Protection Ring of Life Protection
Ring #2 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2 Covetous Silver Serpent Ring +2
Ring #3 Chloranthy Ring +2 Either: Red Tearstone ring or Flynn's Ring
Ring #4 Your own choice of ring Ring of Blades +2
Shield (note: if available) Slumbering Dragon Shield None
Head [Soul increase %] Nahr Alma Hood [2.5%] Nahr Alma Hood [2.5%]
Chest Nahr Alma Robes [10%] Nahr Alma Robes [10%]
Hands Jester's gloves or Tseldora Manchettes [10%] Jester's gloves [10%]
Legs Tseldora Trousers [5%] Tseldora Trousers [5%]
Weapon: Best Miracle Chime or Staff Bow of Want +5 (Not enchanted)
Ammunition:   Dark Arrow

Traversing The Area

Quickly get to the fog door. As you enter the area, run to the right towards the two Ballista as quickly as you can. While hugging the right wall, keep moving forward until you meet a dead giant with a purple hand on the ground. If the giant head is barely starting to roll, try to be on the opposite side of the purple hand of the dead giant you just found. Stay as close possible to the wall and the dead giant, which creates a corner where nothing damages you. Wait for the giant head to roll over before attempting to get to the boss. This head kills the Two giants you just passed, and it also takes out the soldiers fighting them. Wait one more time for the bombardment to hit the ground before gunning it to the boss.

Note: Very rarely, a soldier or two do not die from the giant head. Check behind you if you plan on hiding in this corner for a period of time.

Sidetrack for archers: If you are using the Red Tearstone Ring instead of Flynn's Ring, you can use any of the patches of fire in order to drop your health under 30%. The safest patch of fire is near where the giant head stops right beside a bastion. Literally, nothing can hit you while standing there.

Once you get near the Giant Lord, his HP bar will appear, which signals that the fight has begun. Start by running on the left side of the area towards him. When the boss begins his vertical swing, start walking towards the right. Once he is about to hit the ground, dodge the attack. After the dodge just start running towards the left side of the area where you will see a set of stairs that lead up to a battlement. Up here is where mages and archers can safely fight the Giant Lord.

Giant Lord (Mage & Archer)

He only has two moves when you are on this battlement. The first attack you already saw, which is his vertical swing with a shock wave created at the tip of his sword. The second is a horizontal sweep that covers the battlement completely.

Dodging these attacks are fairly simple. Learn the timing on the swings, as he only does one attack up here, never both. Treat both attacks the same as before: Be on the left side of the battlement, and then roll towards the right as the sword is about to hit you. Once you have dodged his attack, you have a window to attack him once or twice.

If you are a Mage, your cast speed is crucial in order to be able to cast more than once. Make sure you walk towards the left as much as you can while you are casting spells on him. Rest a bit for stamina, and then Afterwards, dodge his attack to the right.

As for archer, around 120 stamina should be more than enough to fight the Giant Lord. Same principle as Mage: Once you dodge his swing, attack him twice while walking left. Rest as much as you can for stamina, and then dodge towards the right as he attempts to attack you once more.

Something to note here is your stamina management and the delay on the Giant Lord's attacks. Always make sure you have enough stamina to dodge his attack. This is due to the Giant Lord occasionally attacking almost instantly after your first spell / arrow.

Loot & Result

Once the boss is killed, it is time to loot the area!

Get the Fire Seed directly to your left on the battlement you are on. Next make your way back to the entrance. Wait for the bombardment to hit the ground, and then quickly run towards the body on the left wall. It contains an Old Radiant Lifegem (NG) / Divine Blessing (NG+). Now you have ample time to run towards the left side of the giant head. Once you are on the left side of the giant head, wait for the bombardment. Finally run to the right, directly to the battlement's stairs. Up here you will find a Bonfire Ascetic. With this, you can burn an ascetic on The Place Unbeknownst bonfire to keep repeating the process until you hit the cap of +7 bonfire intensity! Once you are done, use a Homeward Bone or Aged Feather to exit. The last thing to loot is the Twinkling Titanite that is on a ledge to the left of the statue where you enter Memory of Jeigh.

If everything goes well, the whole ordeal should roughly take about 3~4 minutes. With this timing, one can end up gaining 8,000,000 souls every hour. This makes Memory of Jeigh one of the best, if not the best, place to farm souls!

Extra Notes

Highest Damage With Hexes
Great Resonant Soul. Roughly 955 damage under 65int+faith and Dark Caitha's Chime.

Safest Method
There is a very easy way how to kill Giant King with bow. You need to get to the safe spot on one of the bastions on the left (it is the one just before the place where broken statue's head stops). Now with Long Bow +10 and Hawk Ring, which will extend range of your bows, you can kill him while being safe from both explosions and his attacks. Poison arrows work fine but it is actually doable with any arrow (the only setback here is the 5 minute limitation you have before fading out).
Easy Method (Melee)
Target his left leg and hug his left heel.
If he raises his heel, toes remaining on the ground, he's going to swing his sword behind him. Move along the inside of his foot to the front of his toes, then move back to his heel and attack once or twice. Rinse and repeat.
If he raises his entire foot, target and move to his other (right) leg, attack it once or twice; then once both feet are back on the ground, target and move back to his left leg.
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
Be advised, if you freed Royal Sorcerer Navlaan, he will invade as soon as you exit the memory, however, he can be farmed for Awestone.

Bonfire Intensity
After +5 bonfire intensity you require a minimum of 2000 Health and Havel's Set at +3 in order to take one hit that drops you to roughly 3%~8% of your health. So, it is suggested you stick with the soul farming gear.

Double Bonfire Ascetic
Surprisingly, The Place Unbeknownst bonfire refreshes all giant memories, and you can farm not only souls, but farm all items as well, except those located in iron chests.

White Phantoms
You can summon Captain Drummond and/or Benhart of Jugo to aid you in the fight.
Watch out for the giant head, it can also crush them.
The biggest thing to note here is that with just one white phantom helping you, you barely gain around 250,000 souls at +7 bonfire intensity. If you do it by yourself, you get roughly 540,000+ souls.

Another Looting Loop
A good loop is to burn bonfire ascetic near memory of Jeigh, travel to Memory of Vammar, pick up the Smooth & Silky stones and Petrified something only, teleport out and return to Memory of Jeigh, kill the Giant Lord and grab the Ascetic, teleport out, grab the Twinkling Titanite, return to the fire, and repeat the loop.

Video Walkthroughs

This is an Example which shows the fight being easier with ranged attacks.

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