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  1. Royal Sorcerer Navlaan The Man who is locked behind the mist. If not freed, he sets the player on assassin quests of certain NPCs. Appears to be more beneficial locked up--if freed, he invades as a Dark Spirit in multiple areas.
  2. Lucatiel of Mirrah






  • Foregarden, in the shack near the entrance
  • Ritual Site, hidden in the staircase connecting studying room and the durability reducing acid jail. Try pressing action button on the illusory wall.

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Aldia's Keep Walkthrough

As you enter through the Shaded Woods door (after <producing the symbol of the King by wearing the King's Ring) on left is a corpse with Soul of a Nameless Soldier and Petrified Dragon Bone. To the right behind stairs in corner, is a corpse with Fire Seed. Another corpse near the tall grass has Poison Throwing Knife x10. There is a roaming pack of dogs in the tall grass that inflict bleed and petrification. In the grass is a corpse in with Alluring Skull x3. If you follow the ridge to the left you come across a mimic chest. Attack it and kill it to get Malformed Skull and Dark Mask. In a little wooden hut nearby is a the Foregarden bonfire. You may meet Lucatiel of Mirrah here, and if you kept her alive during three earlier boss fights, she will give you her sword and armor ( Mirrah Greatsword, Lucatiel's Set).

Go up the stairs and drop into the fountain to loot corpse with Radiant Lifegem x1. Continue up the stairs and go the left corner of the building’s doorway. Loot the corpse with Twilight Herb x1. Walk into the building which triggers the invasion of the black phantom Aslatiel of Mirrah. After defeating Aslatiel, proceed through the next room and open the large doors. Inside the moving carriage is a small Basilisk, you can break the carriage with the trolls / orges, carriage does not reset until NG+ or burnt Bonfire Ascetic, though not recommended, but if you're invaders, you can use this as your advantage to annoy the host.

Upon entering you are greeted by an impressive and imposing dragon’s skeleton (The dragon skeleton will not attack the player in Scholar of the First Sin unlit the four sconces in the area are lit). Approaching the skeleton brings it to life, and it will lunge its head at the player, instantly killing you if it hits. Avoid the lunge and the head will permanently shatter upon impact, adding Aldia Key to the players inventory. Loot the corpse on the ground for a Fading Soul x1. If the head hits the carriage next to the entrance, it will break it and free a Basilisk.

Walk straight ahead and into the 3 archways. If you make a left you will encounter several messages on the ground imploring you to pull back. At the end of a hallway is a lever with another message saying Don’t You Dare! Warning: Pulling this lever will free Navlaan, canceling out a side quest and loot, also he will invade you as a dark spirit in multiple areas from now on. If you do pull the lever, go back and down the opposite hallway where you meet the now free Royal Sorcerer Navlaan. He talks to you briefly and is available as a merchant. If instead of doing this you visit him as hollow, without pulling the lever, you will activate his side quest. See Royal Sorcerer Navlaan for more information.

Go up the stairs and to the right. At the top of the stairs make an immediate right where you encounter a chest with Great Magic Barrier. Go back down the hallway and you walk into a room of mirrors. 3 phantoms will break out of the mirrors and attack. A corpse in this room holds a Northern Ritual Ring +2 and a Petrified Dragon Bone. Nearby a chest will contain a Brightbug. Further, near the dragon skeleton will be the summon sign for Sellsword Luet. Back to the center of the the stairs go up where you encounter a petrified cyclops. You can opt to revive it with a Fragrant Branch of Yore. You can alternatively take the staircase to the left of the cyclops and go one level above where you see a giant basilisk in a cage. Attacking it makes it aggressive and it destroys its cage. It has a lot of hp so range sniping will help safely kill it. Killing it may yield a Magic Stone or Dragon Sage Mask. A corpse in front of where it’s cage was holds Crimson Water x1. Go past it and down the opposite hallway to find an iron chest with Bonfire Ascetic x2. Return to where the basilisk was and walk through into the next room

A statue of a dragon greets you in the center of the room and behind it a shut door. Pull the lever which dangles from the dragon’s mouth to open the door into the next room. This also shuts the door you came in through so if you need to return back through, pull the lever again. In the next room there is a Pharros contraption wall and a corpse with Radiant Lifegem x1. When you insert the Pharros Lockstone into the wall it illuminates the area by lighting the torches in the room. In front of you will be a cyclops trapped in a cage suspended in the air, you can walk past most caged enemies in this area. There are two acolytes lurking behind the paintings, and may choose to ambush you. They can also be be provoked by attacking the paintings. Dragon Acolytes can be farmed for Petrified Dragon Bone. NG and NG+ both have good drop rate.

At the end of the Hall the locked door will be breached by an ogre; he can smash through the chained door on the left side of the hall which is locked (revealing a chest with a Malformed Shell) and can break walls for you if you time it right. The Ogre can also free the caged monsters. To the left is a disposal pit leading to the acid cell below, this room has an acolyte in it. The disposal pit can be reached by taking a door on your left and going down from the lab prior to the Ogre bursting through the door. ( Pharros' Lockstone is in the lab behind the shelves on the right of the entrance.) On the way down the stairs to the pit there is an illusory wall to the left that reveals the Ritual Site bonfire. Once down the stairs, you will reach the acid pit. It is recommended you kill these enemies using ranged attacks if possible, then remove all of your armor and rings to avoid corrosive damage in order to retrieve the items.

Top access the locked doors that are on the right side of the hall, you are required to light all 4 Braziers in the area and trigger the event that re-animates the dragon skeleton in the first room. After opening these locked doors you can use this pathway to sneak behind one of the Ogres that break through a doorway. This room has 4 Acolytes and a Gargoyle, 3 mimics and an Aldia Warlock. This room also contains a level that allows you to drop all the hanging cages. If you attempt to run through this room, the Acolytes will follow you and alert the Ogre. There are 3 mimic chests in this room. One will drop a Bonfire Ascetic. The next close door will have an ogre behind it and will also burst through the wall as before.

If you use the lever to drop the cages, 1 mimic will hold a Fragrant Branch of Lore, another monster will drop Twinkling Twilight x3. The giant mushroom monster will drop a Corrosive Urn x1, a further mimic will drop the Black Witch's StaffRoyal Sorcerer Navlaan dark spirit will also invade here if you freed him earlier. Once you get past him it is a straight run to the fog gate and on to the Guardian Dragon.

Boss: Guardian Dragon

After defeating the boss, exit the arena to pick up Dragon Scale from a corpse and take the elevator to Dragon Aerie.

Video Walkthroughs

  Aldia's Keep Video Walk-through w/ Boss - Lucians_sword

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