Key to King's Passage


Key to King's Passage.
King Vendrick tried all manner of things to purge the curse that threatened his kingdom.
But when every last attempt failed, the King fled through the King's Passage."

Key to King's Passage is a key item in Dark Souls 2.






After the 2 Dragon Riders boss fight reach the bonfire, take a left and you'll find a little room with an elevator (which you cannot use just yet), a locked door (opens with this key) and a ladder, leading to an upper room with a Golem. Also in the room are seven stone soldiers. Kill one of them near the giant and it's soul will drift towards it and activate it, causing it to turn the urn it is holding, allowing you to use the lift. Return to the small room and take the elevator up the tower. It takes you to a room where you can find the Key to King's Passage in a chest, along with a Soul Vessel, a Fire Seed, Strong Magic Shield sorcery and a caged Milfanito. You can free her later in the game.



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    • Anonymous

      Playing the original DS2 for the first time on Steam. Went up the elevator to grab the chests and did not get a key.... what's up with that?

      It's been months since I stopped this playthrough. I just came back to it. I remember thinking I was misremembering how to progress, so I searched for days for a way to open the door to the King's Passage.

      All of this to say I don't remember what I got from the chests but I don't have the key and the door is still locked.

      • Anonymous

        I called the elevator once and accidentally sent it back up without riding it. How do I call it a second time?

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