Key to the Embedded


Sword that opens the Embedded's door.
Shaped like a weapon, but is in fact a key.
Plunge the key into the Embedded
to bring a rhapsodic end to his fate.
The once-human Embedded, realizing that he
could never resist the temptation of the flesh,
bound himself eternally with chains. Since then,
he has awaited the day that somebody will
find this key, and bury it within his bosom.

Key to the Embedded is a Keyblade in Dark Souls 2. It acts as a Key but is classified as a Weapon.


Acquired From


Hints and Tips:

  • Classified as Greatsword
  • Opens the cage where the Milfanito in green was trapped and a man like creature was blocking the door in Drangleic castle, then it disappears.
  • Talking to the Milfanito will get you the Ring of the Dead.
  • Returning to temple near the Rise of the Dead bonfire in Shrine of Amana and talking to the Milfanito there will get you a Fire Seed as reward.
  • Returning to the house near the Tower of Prayer bonfire in Shrine of Amana and talking to the Millfanito there will get you a Divine Blessing as a reward.
  • You will also lose the blade upon opening the door, do so at own risk.
  • You cannot take this item into NG+ as it will disappear from your inventory
  • If a Bonfire Ascetic is used to fight the Demon of Song in NG, additional keys will NOT drop.
  • During the unlocking animation, the key will appear, as if from your inventory, even if you're already holding the key, and appears normal even if it's buffed or broken.
  • As of patch 1.06, the attack power and scaling of this weapon has been buffed, but be aware that you can not upgrade it or infuse it.
  • Has the highest counter damage of any greatsword and is also incredibly light.
  • Extremely handy if combined with Ring of Blades and Old Leo Ring.
  • Although the description states that you bury the key within his bosom (chest), you actually push the key into his face.

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Move Set in Right and Left hands

Image Name Damage Counter
Durability Weight Stats Needed
Stat Bonuses
Aux Effects
Aux Effects Reduction
  Key to the Embedded 220/0/0/0/0 150 35 60 4.0 15/20/-/-

-/- 0/0/0/0 0/0/0/0/0 40


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