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Key Items designed to open doors, or grant passage to certain areas when they are held.

Found Key Location? Image Name Found Location Unlocks Location
Undead Lockaway Key go through the skeleton cave cross the water on a small wooden bridge take a straight right and the key is in a similar prison as a bonfire. Key to the prison in Huntsman's Copse.
Lenigrast's Key Purchased from Melentia in Forest of Fallen Giants. Key to Blacksmith Lenigrast's shop in Majula.
Soldier Key Obtained from killing The Last Giant boss. Opens several doors in the Forest of Fallen Giants.
Key to King's Passage Room at the top of the lift in Drangleic Castle. Opens door near bottom of lift in Drangleic Castle.
Bastille Key After you've beaten the belfry boss, walkthrough the area and defeat the dogs and dark spirit on the ground after that the key is on the ground on a dead corpse. Opens cells of the Lost Bastille. This key also lets you open the cells right before the Lost Sinner boss battle (if you open these cells and light the oil on fire, it brightens up the room where the Lost Sinner is and lets you lock on a lot easier).
Iron Key Iron Keep, under the perpetual flame trap. After you defeat the Smelter Demon, climb the ladder by the bonfire and pull the lever to turn off the trap. Opens door before The Last Giant in The Forest of Fallen Giants. There are multiple giant fire lizards guarding Rebel's Greatshield and numerous other loot items.
Forgotten Key Down several ledges in between the two worm like enemies in Black Gulch. Dropped from second Giant. Open an arched door in Black Gulch to access Darkdiver Grandahl
Open a door in the Gutter to obtain Havel's equipment
Open a door in the well within Majula for 3 chests
Brightstone Key In a room after the boss of Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Leads to a chest containing a Fire Seed, Great Fireball and the Black Knight Ultra Greatsword in the room where spiders fall from the ceiling
Key to the Embedded.png Key to the Embedded Dropped by the boss of the Shrine of Amana, the Demon of Song. Opens door after using lift in Drangleic Castle.
Antiquated Key Near the 'Tower Apart' bonfire in Lost Bastille. Opens the wooden door in the boarded room of The Lost Bastille
Fang Key.png
Fang Key Dropped by a Lion Knight near the Shaded Ruins bonfire after using a fragrant branch of yore on it. Do not worry about sending the knight over the ledge. You will be given key automatically on its death. Rescue Weaponsmith Ornifex in Shaded Woods
House Key Speak with Cale the Cartographer in the Forest of the Giants, and exhaust his dialogue. Cale is located in a cave past the area where you can jump down on the rooftops. Watch out, the first time you go through the cave, a large metal ball with roll down in front of you and try to crush you. Opens the abandoned house in Majula.
Tseldora Den Key Given by Pate upon killing Creighton, or vice versa, in Brightstone Cove. You must finish ALL of their dialogue. Opens the locked door behind the "heavy" door located after the 3rd bonfire. You must first break the heavy door and then proceed to the locked door with the key. Inside is an explosive trap chest on the left and a chest containing the Engraved Gauntlets on the right.
Aldia Key Found in room of acid in main hall of Aldia's Keep. Unlocks door across the hall.
Eternal Sanctum Key.png
Eternal Sanctum Key Crown of the Sunken King DLC item Opens the inner chamber of the Eternal Sanctum.
Heavy Iron Key.png
Heavy Iron Key Obtained after purchasing the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC Opens the door to Brume Tower.
Tower Key.png
Tower Key    
Rotunda Lockstone Buy from Licia of Lindelt for 3000 souls, after you speak with her near the bonfire after the Dragonrider in Heide's Tower of Flame. She will appear by the rotunda switch. She also drops the lockstone if killed. Turns the rotunda in Majula to allow the player to access Huntsman's Copse.
Giant's Kinship Dropped by the boss Giant Lord in the Memory of Jeigh. Allows access to final boss fight behind king door in Drangleic Castle.
Ashen Mist Heart Given by Ancient Dragon in Dragon Shrine. Allows access to memories of dead giants in Forest of Fallen Giants and the dead dragon where you fight Duke's Dear Freja.
Ladder Miniature Buy from the Laddersmith. Used in Sorceror Navlaan side quest.
Dull Ember Found on a skeleton that lies on a ledge near iron chest with Zweihander in Iron Keep. Given to Steady Hand McDuff. He will start infusing players weapons and performing other blacksmith duties.
Dragon Talon.png
Dragon Talon Automatically added to player's inventory after purchasing the Crown of the Sunken King DLC
DLC Item: Crown of the Sunken King.
Opens the door to Shulva - Sanctum City
Dragon Stone.png
Dragon Stone In a metal chest in the room with spiked floors in Dragon's Sanctum
DLC Item: Crown of the Sunken King.
Lowers the path that allows the player to go to Dragon's Rest
Scorching Iron Scepter.png
Scorching Iron Scepter DLC Item: Crown of the Old Iron King. Activates the elevators in Brume Tower
Frozen Flower Automatically added to player's inventory for Crown of the Ivory King DLC.
DLC Item: Crown of the Ivory King.
Grants access to DLC Area: Frozen Eleum Loyce.
Garrison Ward Key From the Outer Wall bonfire, proceed as if towards Abandoned Dwelling and find the new path just before dropping down to it. You will note urns that you must use your torch on, and a door will open revealing a Flexile Sentry mini-boss, that guards the corpse holding this key.
DLC Item: Crown of the Ivory King.
Opens the locked gate in Frozen Eleum Loyce, unlocking access to the Frigid Outskirts and the Expulsion Chamber bonfire.
Eye Of the Priestess Found at a giant flaming Altar after you follow the main path after the second bonfire of Frozen Eleum Loyce. This is past the large gate guarded by the lance ice soldier.
DLC Item: Crown of the Ivory King.
Allows you to see enemies with a cloak effect. This includes Aava, the King's Pet and invisible soldiers through the Ivory Crown DLC.

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      The dragon talon. If you bought the game like I did on the PS Store, in SoFS the ring is in the pit. Use the ladder merchants help with the ladders to get down to the 2nd level, drop down a bit to a slip ledge/door entrance and the Dragon Talon is in a chest there. I had to look it up on YouTube, myself.

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