King's Passage

King's Passage is a Location in Dark Souls 2. This area separating Drangleic Castle and Shrine Of Amana, and can only be accessed after obtaining the King's Passage Key.


General Information

NPCs in the area

  1. Benhart of Jugo/Ashen Knight Boyd




King's Passage Walkthrough


To access King's Passage you need to obtain the King's Passage Key. The key is located in one of the three chest in room with trapped Milfanito, in Drangleic Castle.

Short & Sweet

When you open the door with key you find yourself in a long, straight corridor with Stone Knights on either side, four of which will stand up as you enter. There will also be 3x Alluring Skull on your right. Continue forward and find a Lifegem on a skeleton on the left, and a Petrified Something, further ahead. At the end, before the fog gate you'll have to face a Syan Soldier.Benhart of Jugo's summon sign can also be found right before the boss fog. When you are ready, proceed.

ds2 kp3room

Scholar of the First Sin 

When you open the door with key you find yourself in a long, straight corridor with Stone Knights on either side, four of which will stand up as you enter. There will also be 3x Alluring Skull on your right. The skeleton on the left, after the first Stone Knight, contains Lifegem on the right, before the last Stone Knight, contains a Soul of a Proud Knight and a Twinkling Titanite and the last on the left contains a Petrified Something. At the end, before the fog gate you'll find a summon sign for Ashen Knight Boyd on the right, and a summon sign for Benhart of Jugo to the left. When you're ready, proceed.

ds2 kp4room

Boss Fight: Looking Glass Knight

ds2 kpboss

After taking care of the Knight, head straight out off the boss areana, but dont use the elevator yet. Instead, circle around the elevator to the little opening behind it, and turn to the left, there is a iron chest with a Soul Bolt, a Spell Quartz Ring +2 and 3x Bonfire Ascetic in it. After looting the chest, head back to the elevator and use it to ride down to the Shrine of Amana.

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