Kolari Veiled's Min-Maxing Dex-Faith

SL 202 - This high literally because I just retconned a PvE build into this when I was bored.

Basically you're a hyper aggressive weapon buffer, 1 ranged spell thrown in to deal with those pesky Int/Hex builds. This pretty much revolves around being an in your face melee monster, spam the crap out of the Katana sprinting poke for huge, unexpected damage. Chaos Blade has fast, low swings on RB meaning you'll often hit targets as they come out of their roll. Dexterity damage scaling (~70 damage more at 40 DEX with an A scaling? From pls.) is thrown out of the window for enormous Lightning scaling from that Faith pump.

Stats are as follows at SL 202, yet scale these up down based on the level you want.

VGR: 31

END: 30

VIT: 34 (this will vary with the gear you wear, try to keep below 50% load for the fast rolling.)

ATN: 13 (2 slot min, 1 slot if you don't want a ranged spell)

STR: 25 (I really like Avelyn, although it's pretty much unneeded in this build. If you don't want this, mine would be 16 for King's Shield.)

Dex: 25 (Minimum stat requirements for Chaos Blade, adjust this with your weapon of choice.)

ADP: 36 (Gotta get that Agility)

INT: 1 We love the mentally challenged Bandit Class. (If you want Dex/Int obviously you'd swap around the stats you pour into faith and your starting class.)

FTH: 60 (This is your max stat)

Spells: Sunlight Blade/Sunlight Spear/Emit Force/WotG/Great Magic Barrier. Take your pick between any of the others, SLB is a must.

Main Hand: Lightning Chaos Blade+5/Lightning Dragon Chime+5/-

Off Hand: King's Shield+5/Dragon Chime+5/Raw Avelyn+10

Note: The armour here isn't optimised, it's simply a mix of decent poise & fashion souls

Head: Mad Warrior Mask+5

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