Lacerating Arrow


Arrows that cause bleeding.
Tipped with finely sharpened arrow heads.

Bleeding foes' max HP is lowered.

Lacerating Arrow is a type of Ammunition in Dark Souls 2




  • Cause Bleed damage on target



  • 15 can be found on a corpse on top of one of the destructible wooden towers in Brightstone Cove, at the Royal Army Campsite
  • 40 can be found in the necromancer cave in the Huntsman's Copse, past the Undead Lockaway (SotfS only)




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    • Anonymous

      -"Hey, bleed in the game is useless, how can we make up for that?"

      -"Let's put a limited number of bleed arrows in a randm location!"


      • Anonymous

        Kinda strange why Laddersmith Gilligan isn't selling these, considering he also provides the Lacerating Knives and the Bleed Serum, thus making him the perfect NPC for this item. The Aromatic Ooze is more at home with merchants such as Carhillion.

        • Anonymous

          i guess they thought they would be op but in pvp you are lucky to even land the 1st arrow let alone 3 or 4

          • Anonymous

            the NOT SoTFS version is better, you don't pay for a game you already own AND you have merchant for arrows. Yay

            • Anonymous

              I wish they we could buy them from a merchant, having only 55 arrows per playthrough (if you have SotfS) kinda ruins its potential. I don't wanna spend an ascetic just for 40 arrows.

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