Lacerating Arrow


Arrows that cause bleeding.
Tipped with finely sharpened arrow heads.

Bleeding foes' max HP is lowered.

Lacerating Arrow is a type of Ammunition in Dark Souls 2




  • Cause Bleed damage on target



  • 15 can be found on a corpse on top of one of the destructible wooden towers in Brightstone Cove, at the Royal Army Campsite
  • 40 can be found in the necromancer cave in the Huntsman's Copse, past the Undead Lockaway (SotfS only)


    • Anonymous

      Nipples09 Oct 2016 14:33  

      the NOT SoTFS version is better, you don't pay for a game you already own AND you have merchant for arrows. Yay

      • wow fromsoft, really?13 Sep 2016 05:47  

        its scholar of the first sin. this is the version of the game that is supposed to be perfect. they couldn't even allow lacerating arrows to be bought. disappointed

        • Anonymous

          Merchant needed07 Sep 2016 22:40  

          I wish they we could buy them from a merchant, having only 55 arrows per playthrough (if you have SotfS) kinda ruins its potential. I don't wanna spend an ascetic just for 40 arrows.

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