Lightning Clutch Ring is a lightning damage bonus ring in Dark Souls 2.
lightning_clutch_ring.png "Ring depicting a hand grasping a stone.
Increses lightning attack, but reduces physical defense.
The origin of this ring is unknown, but its design suggests one of the darker deities.
Effective use of this ring requires skill on the part of the wearer."


  • Grants the user bonus lightning damage and reduces the player's physical defense by 80 points.
  • Lowers the wearer's defence against all types of physical attack by 80 points.
  • The ring seems to add a varying bonus of damage to both lightning weapons and miracles.


  • Durability: 30
  • Weight: 2.0


  • DLC Crown of the Sunken King
    After entering the Dragon's Sanctum there is a closed door on the left side, use the Eternal Sanctum Key to open it. Inside there are 2 Sanctum Priestess and 5 chests. The ring is inside the 2nd chest from the left.
    Dropped by the Petrify Statue Cluster in the Cave of the Dead area on NG+ (They also drop it in NG) when the host summoned a player that had its summon sign outside the DLC area.


  • The ring affects lightning damage on both weapons and miracles with the cost of the defense reduction. This ring's effect does stack with the Sun Seal.
  • The ring's total bonus may be more powerful if the lightning AR itself is higher, some testing will be needed.
  • It seems to add 15 damage to weapons infused with lightning, 30 to weapons with innate lightning damage, and somewhere above 30 for a weapon with innate lightning damage that's infused with lightning.

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