Lord's Private Chamber

This small area can be reached right after defeating The Duke's Dear Freja.
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When you enter the room, you'll notice the Tseldoran Settler (Duke Tseldora) sitting at a table. Kill him to receive a Brightstone Key, Fragrant Branch Of Yore x1 and Dark Quartz Ring+1. Down the stairs to the right you'll find a Primal Bonfire, but careful, because it is guarded by Vengarl's Body. Kill it to receive Vengarl's armor set. (Note: After killing his body, return to Vengarl's head and speak to him several times. This allows you to be able to summon him for certain boss fights.)
In "Scholar of the First Sin", Vengarl's body is in Shaded Ruins, after you meet the man-scorpion Tark, so the primal bonfire room contains no enemies.


    • Anonymous

      Bonfire trickery29 Aug 2016 10:57  

      Why did the bonfire go up in lava. I homeward bone'd and decided id check it out later. But i didnt see anything about this online or in the youtuber's walkthrough i usually follow.

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