Hello everyone.!
That's another and maybe the last build I'll upload, I didn't play Dark Souls II in a while, and onestly I dont find this game fun anymore.
I mean, I really enjoyed how this game give you the opportunity to be an inexorable asshole, but it has nothing more.
I can letterly upload new build, with other combination, but onestly I though Froms can give us more... Btw.

The SC, is the Knight (which is basically the basic from all my build), full Faraam +10, enchanted Moon Sword +5 (nerfed, crystal wp would be perfect.. Patched), Chloromanthy +2, Third Dragon Ring, Southern Bend +2, Sorcery Clutch Ring, enchanted Witchtree Branch, the weight load meta is 49,9.

If you have any suggestion/question contact me on steam
All the ppls will add me with a private steam account will be immediately reported (Have enough of this scammers).
Sorry for the editing, it's not goes how I figure out...
Take this, my apologize: http://imgur.com/gallery/1YOUQ

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