Lore in Dark Souls 2 keeps in line with its predecessors in the Souls series by providing players with a deep but concealed story that must be pieced together via NPC dialogue, item descriptions, appearance, and geographic clues. We present here an overview of the story. For more in depth discussions and speculation, please visit the Archives - our Wiki forum section devoted exclusively to the game's lore. You can also submit articles to our blog and have them published as lore details.




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1. Introduction

Dark Souls II is a sequel to Dark Souls , taking place long after the previous game's events. Characters, items, and references to legends that lived during the first game are sometimes referenced or can be found in Dark Souls II .


Prologue "Perhaps you've seen it, maybe in a dream. A murky, forgotten land... A place where souls may mend your ailing mind. 
You will lose everything, once branded. The symbol of the curse, an augur of darkness. Your past, your future, your very light. None will have meaning, and you won't even care. By then, you will be something other than human. A thing that feeds on souls, a hollow. 
Long ago, in a walled off land far to the north. A great king built a great kingdom. I believe they called it Drangleic. Perhaps you're familiar. No, how could you be... But one day, you will stand before its decrepit gate, without really knowing why. Like a moth drawn to a flame, your wings will burn in anguish. Time, after time. 
For that is your fate. The fate of the cursed."

2. Dark Souls I Summary

The Dark Souls intro is pretty self explanatory to lay out the history of the world of Dark Souls.


"In the Age of Ancients the world was unformed, shrouded by fog. A land of gray crags, Archtrees andEverlasting Dragons. But then there was Fire and with fire came disparity. Heat and cold, life and death, and of course, light and dark. Then from the dark, They came, and found the Souls of Lords within the flame. Nito, the First of the Dead, The Witch of Izalith and her Daughters of Chaos, Gwyn, the Lord of Sunlight, and his faithful knights. And the Furtive Pygmy, so easily forgotten.

With the strength of Lords, they challenged the Dragons. Gwyn's mighty bolts peeled apart their stone scales. The Witches weaved great firestorms. Nito unleashed a miasma of death and disease. And Seath the Scaleless betrayed his own, and the Dragons were no more.

Thus began the Age of Fire."



  • The Age of Fire is the time when the Bearers of the Lord Souls ruled the world.  It seems to be equated to the Golden Age of the World of Dark Souls.   


"But soon the flames will fade and only Dark will remain."


  • This Golden Age does not last and things start to go wrong.  First the Flame starts to fade and the Lords look for a war to preserve the Age of Fire.  Worried that an impending Age of Dark would mean disaster.  


"The flames did fade, and only Dark remained.
Thus began the age of men, the Age of Dark.
Lord Gwyn trembled at the Dark.
Clinging to his Age of Fire, and in dire fear of humans,
and the Dark Lord who would one day be born amongst them,
Lord Gwyn resisted the course of nature.
By sacrificing himself to link the fire, and commanding his children to shepherd the humans,
Gwyn has blurred your past, to prevent the birth of the Dark Lord."


  • First the Witch of Izalith attempts to Create a First Flame of her own.  Only to become consumed by it warping herself, her daughters, and the people of Izalith into Demons.


  • To rectify this Gwyn takes a contingent of his Knights to fight the threat of the Chaos Demons.  He splits his soul between his family and allies he trusts.  Seathe and the Four Kings of New Londo getting large fragments of Gwyn's Soul.  After Gwyn does what he can in Izalith, he sets out to Relink the Flame.  When Gwyn Relinks the Flame in the Kiln, he burns his Silver Knights to Ash and they wander the land as Black Knights.


  •  After Gwyn's linking of the Flame, a number of things go Wrong in the Kingdom he tried to save.   Oolacile's citizens are tricked into awakening Manus who's Humanity went Wild and created the Abyss.  His Eldest is Stripped of his Deific Status and exiled. His Friend and advisor Seathe Goes Mad and Abducts people.  The Four Kings he Trusted have been corrupted by a Primordial Serpent called Kaathe and became Dark Wraiths.  Which Forced New Londo to be sealed and flooded to prevent them overruning everywhere else.  A portion of Nito's power was stolen by the Necromancer Pinwheel.  And Lastly humans that turned Undead have been seen as a scourge.


"Even now there are only embers, and man sees not light, but only endless nights. And amongst the living are seen, carriers of the accursed Darksign.

Yes, indeed. The Darksign brands the Undead. And in this land, the Undead are corralled and led to the north, where they are locked away, to await the end of the world... This is your fate.

Only, in the ancient legends it is stated, that one day an undead shall be chosen to leave the undead asylum, in pilgrimage, to the land of ancient lords, Lordran." 


  • This is the State of the world is in when the Chosen Undead is Freed from the Undead Asylum.


"Well, what do we have here? You must be a new arrival.
Let me guess. Fate of the Undead, right? Well, you're not the first.
But there's no salvation here. You'd have done better to rot in the Undead Asylum… But, too late now.
Well, since you're here… Let me help you out.
There are actually two Bells of Awakening.
One's up above, in the Undead Church. The other is far, far below, in the ruins at the base of Blighttown.
Ring them both, and something happens… Brilliant, right?
Not much to go on, but I have a feeling that won't stop you.
So, off you go. It is why you came, isn't it? To this accursed land of the Undead?
Hah hah hah hah…"


  • The  Chosen Undead's First Task is to ring 2 bells of awakening.  It is cryptic on why but it gets explained later on. 


"Ahh, hello. Was it you who rang the Bell of Awakening?
I am the Primordial Serpent, Kingseeker Frampt, close friend of the Great Lord Gwyn.
Chosen Undead, who has rung the Bell of Awakening.
I wish to elucidate your fate.

Chosen Undead. Your fate is… to succeed the Great Lord Gwyn.
So that you may link the Fire, cast away the Dark, and undo the curse of the Undead.
To this end, you must visit Anor Londo, and acquire the Lordvessel."


  • The Chosen Undead is sent on another task, to fetch the Lordvessel.  In Order to succeed Lord Gwyn in Linking the Fire.


"O chosen Undead. I am Gwynevere.
Daughter of Lord Gwyn; and Queen of Sunlight. Since the day Father his form did obscureth, I have await'd thee.
I bequeath the Lordvessel to thee. And beseech thee.
Succeed Lord Gwyn, and inheriteth the Fire of our world.
Thou shall endeth this eternal twilight, and avert further Undead sacrifices." 


  • Upon receiving the Lord Vessel the Chosen Undead is told their sacrifice should prevent other Undead from needing to be sacrificed.  The Chosen Undead is in need of Guidance on what to do with the Lordvessel.


"Heavens! You have done it! You have retrieved the Lordvessel!
After a thousand years! It is you, it is really you!

This is the Firelink Chamber, for the successor of Lord Gwyn.

To achieve your fate, fill the vessel with powerful souls,
commensurate to the great soul of Gwyn.
Scarce few possess such brilliant souls.
Gravelord Nito, the Witch of Izalith,
the Four Kings of New Londo, who inherited the shards of Gwyn's soul…
and Lord Gwyn's former confidant, Seath the Scaleless.
All of their souls are required to satiate the lordvessel." 


  • Once again the Chosen Undead is given a Task to fill the Lord Vessel by slaying holders of the Lord Souls and Shards of a Lord Soul. 


"The Lordvessel is satiated…
Magnificent… You are the righteous successor to Gwyn, the new Great Lord.
And I am Kingseeker no more…
Your acquaintance was an honour.
I must admit, I am fond of you humans.
May you enjoy serendipity,
And may the Age of Fire perpetuate."


  • Upon Satiating the Lordvessel you are recognized as a Monarch(this plays an important theme in Dark Souls 2) and you can now Fight Gwyn the Lord of CInder and Choose to either relink the Flame or Walk Away.


"They failed me, every last one of them.
They were strong, but saw not the truth.
I am certain that you will prove different."


  • Depending on the path you take to Gwyn you may encounter a different dialogue.  One that hints at the lies being told to the Undead about relinking the Flame(Also expanded upon in Dark Souls 2).


3. Dark Souls II Story

 (Sometimes it is best to let a story tell itself.)

"This is a limbo. A link between Drangleic and the outer world.
Fair traveller, I know that you must have a story.
Why else would you visit such a place?
This lost, decayed kingdom."

  • You start the game as an accursed undead, mysteriously transported to a place called things betwixt.  Hollowing and lost you find yourself at a quiet little cabin with Old Ladies sitting in it.  The Old Ladies give you a task bringing purpose to your hollowing mind.

"An Undead has come to play. Heh heh…
They all end up here, all the ones like you.
You spoke to that kind old dear, didn't you?
Heh heh…
You're finished.
You'll go Hollow.
Yes, you will become one of them.
Hollows prey upon men, feast upon their souls.
This is the fate of the cursed. Heh heh heh…

All people come here for the same reason.
To break the curse.
You're no different, I should think?
Hmm… doesn't stand a chance.
Well, you never know!
Go through the door and trot along to the kingdom.
But remember, hold on to your souls.
They're all that keep you from going Hollow.
Oh, I'll fool you no longer…
You'll lose your souls…All of them. Over and over again

You must go, on a journey without rest.
Well…I suppose, if you find yourself at an impasse…
But if your will is yet unbroken, then you may return here.
To start again, with a clean slate…
Hah hah hah…"

  • It is revealed that the Old Ladies were once Fire Keepers, by their Housekeeper.

"The old women were keepers of the fire.
But now, the fire shows signs of fading…
And the kingdom…is beset by Hollows."


  • Filled with purpose you set out into the Kingdom of Dragleic, searching for a cure of the curse.  After traversing through the remains of an Archtree, you find yourself in a decrepit town called Majula where a Lone woman in Emerald is tending a bonfire.  She Greets you with a question.


"Are you...the next monarch?
Or... Merely a pawn of fate?
Bearer of the curse... I will remain by your side.
Till this frail hope shatters... Take this with you. May it ease your journey.
Go on, and see the King.
He who made Drangleic what it once was; he who peered at the essence of the soul.
King Vendrick."



  • This question seems to parallel Frampt's search in Dark Souls 1.  The Emerald Herald tasks you with a new mission.


 "Bearer of the curse, seek misery.
For misery will lead you to greater, stronger souls.
You will never meet the King with a soul so frail and pallid.

Seek those whose names are unutterable, the four endowed with immense souls.
Their souls will serve as beacons.
Once you have found them, return here to me.
So that hope will not fade away.

Bearer of the curse... Seek souls. Larger, more powerful souls.
Seek the King, that is the only way.
Lest this land swallow you whole... As it has so many others."



  • Before you leave town, others inform you on these unutterable ones.


"There are four beings in this land with giant souls.
And wherever you go from here, you'll sooner or later come up against them.
Each has a powerful soul, and a terrible curse…
If that frightens you, then you ought to just give up right now. Like I have. Hah hah hah"

"Are you going to see the Old Ones?
Those four who have grown so incredibly ancient.
They must have sprouted quite a thick coat of moss by now.
For heaven's sake, no-one even knows their names anymore!
Imagine that! Hee hee hee hee!
Yes…Nothing like yourself.
For you…have a most pleasant scent, that grows nicer with each passing day.


Once, people tried to round up the Undead and hide them away from the world.
They thought that imprisoning the Undead would solve the problem.
They created a towering bastille to contain them, but in the end, it did no good.
The Lost Sinner lives deep within the bastille.
The fool. Trying to light the First Flame…


Why do people try so hard to be beautiful?
We cats are born beautiful, of course. Hee hee…
The human ego…How many ugly iron castles has it erected?
And they don't even see the folly of their ways.
But that's what makes watching humankind so delightful.
It reminds me of someone who lived long ago.
A vainglorious liar who ended up hurling himself into the flames.
Now he's Ichorous Earth, if I'm not mistaken.


You've seen that gaping hole here?
Well, there's nasty little vermin down there.
Although who you seek is even further below.
And has been down there for a very, very long time.
He's plumb Rotten by now, I'm sure! Hee hee hee…


Men develop the most peculiar fascinations.
Sometimes their fascinations seem to take control.
Till there's very little man left. Hee hee hee…
Oh, it's like that awful traitor long ago.
He coveted what he did not have, and it drove him mad.
What a curious conundrum. Hee hee hee…
The Writhing Ruin keeps searching as we speak.
Searching for its heart's desire."


  • With rumors in hand and a direction to go you, seek out these four Great Souls.  A mass of bodies in a poisoned gulch, an experimental spider in a bright cove, a forgotten prisoner in an abandoned prison, and a fallen king in a sinking lava filled castle.  Upon  Gathering the Final Soul You encounter a stranger.  He implores you to continue your quest.


"No one has come this far, not for a very long while.
Young Hollow do you wish to shed this curse?
Then accept the fate of your ilk, and face the trials that await you.
Unless, you have already joined the crestfallen.

Young Hollow, there are but two paths. Inherit the order of this world, or destroy it.
But only a true monarch can make such a choice.
Very few, indeed, have come even this far.
And yet, your journey is far from over.
Half-grown Hollow, have you what it takes, truly?

Young Hollow, seek after Vendrick.
He who almost became a true monarch.
Vendrick is certain to guide your way.
Fledgeling Hollow, may we meet again."



  • Once you have gathered  these four Great Souls a new path is opened to find the King.  On your path to the castle you meet the Emerald Herald once again.


"You have acquired the soul of an Old One.
That is more than most Undead can say.

The soul and the curse are one and the same.
Your soul has grown stronger still.
I only hope it brings you what you wish.

Proceed, bearer of the curse.
It is the only choice left to you.

You are blessed with a myriad of souls.
Bearer of the curse, make your way to the castle.

This castle is isolated.
But nonetheless, you must forge on.
To bring an end to your journey…and mine. End your journey…and mine."


Upon entering the castle you are greeted by a confused shade.

"Who are you…
And by whose permission do you stand before me?
This castle is the domain of King Vendrick. Is your trespass intentional?

His Highness…Where has he gone? 

You are a guest of our castle. I am the Chancellor, Wellager.
Do you seek an audience with my Lord, King Vendrick?
Unfortunately, His Highness is absent.
My Lord…The King has…
The Queen…Has taken him…

My Lord made magnificent findings on souls… An accomplishment for the ages…
He vanquished the Four Great Ones… And built this kingdom upon their souls.
Our King has watched over this land… Since ages long, long ago…
King Vendrick…We must fight back… Or the Giants will take Drangleic…

The King had a dear Queen, a woman of unparalleled beauty.
Long ago, the Queen came to us, alone, from a faraway land.
She warned our Lord of the looming threat across the seas…of the Giants.
The King crossed the ocean… And defeated the Giants, with the Queen at his side.

The King commandeered their power… And created the Golems.
With the Golems, the king created this castle.
To celebrate victory… And to show his love, his gratitude to his Queen…

The Queen…Brought peace… to this land, and to her King.
A peace so deep…it was like…
The Dark…

Is this…some sort of a dream?
Where am I? What has happened to our castle…
Who are you…
And by whose permission do you stand before me?"



As you venture further in the Castle you encounter the Queen of Drangleic, Nashandra.


"You have fought admirably on your journey, cursed Undead.
I am Nashandra, Queen of Drangleic.
A true monarch carries the weight of their souls.
The last king of this land, King Vendrick, as he was called…
He was less of a king than you might imagine.
He found the strength to rule his people, and when the Undead were born, cursed…
He found more strength, to face them.
But in the end, he never took the true throne.

Visit Vendrick.
We have no need for two rulers…"



  • Once again you meet A Stranger who has a monstrous appearance.


"Heheh, I believe we've been acquainted.
Young Hollow, conqueror of fear.
What drives you so, to overcome this supposed curse?

Life is brilliant. Beautiful. It enchants us, to the point of obsession.
Some are true to their purpose, though they are but shells, flesh and mind.
One man lost his own body, but lingered on, as a head.
Others chase the charms of love, however elusive.
What is it that drives you?

Once, the Lord of Light banished Dark, and all that stemmed from humanity.
And men assumed a fleeting form.
These are the roots of our world.
Men are props on the stage of life, and no matter how tender, how exquisite...
A lie will remain a lie.
Young Hollow, knowing this, do you still desire peace?"


  • He sumuarizes many of the NPCs storylines and even hints at how the Chosen Undead was Lied to.  Then he proceeds to question your task, before leaving.


" Vendrick, the near-true monarch, is here, and not far off.
But what is a king?
You, neither born with greatness, nor granted it by the fates.
What is it that you seek?
You cannot even say yourself.
We shall meet again, young Hollow."


  • Upon Entering the Undead Crypt you are beseached by a Grave Warden.  


" Halt.
Human. Do not produce light.
Light, and all those who bear it, are unwelcome in this place.

I am Agdayne. Guardian of the crypt.
Countless dead rest here in peace. Cradled by the comfort of dark.
Light only agitates. We have no need for it here.

I am a Fenito. We weave death, and watch over the dead.
This task was granted to me by the one who gave us the first death.
Countless souls rest here. Some of them from ages long ago.
Some were rich, others poor. Some wise, some dull, but now, they are all just dead.

This place is welcome to all, provided due reverence is shown.
Death is equitable, accepting. We will all, one day, be welcomed by her embrace.
Tell me what you desire. Show me reverence, and I will lend you my hand.

In the past, humans were one with the dark.
The former King of Light…He feared humans. Feared that they would usher in an age of dark.
How queer, you humans. How you go on, never separating truth from fiction.

Did you come for him? The one called Vendrick.
You will find him deeper inside.
Many castle servants and the like have come to fetch their lord.
But they rest here now, put to death by the King's own guards.
Perhaps he's not in the mood for company."


  • Further in you finally meet Vendrick who has hollowed.  It us up to you to either Slay him and or take his ring.  Upon Leaving the Grave Warden mentions.


"You've met the King, have you?
Life is never easy, never fair. Even more so, on this path you've chosen.
May you find your peace one day"


  • As you retrace your footsteps, you find yourself once again in Queen Nashandra's Presence.

"Brave Undead, seek the throne.
Follow the symbol of the monarch, and do what must be done." 


  • If you stop and speak to the Emerald Herald She tells you.


"This ring is the symbol of the King.
Use it to gain passage, through the King's Gate… …and venture to the far east…
Bearer of the curse, if you are to be the next monarch.
Then, one day, you will walk those grounds… …without really knowing why."


  • With a new quest in hand you seek out  the symbols of the king.  You find yourself in front of a Large Keep.  In this Keep  You see that many experiments have taken place here and even encounter a caged Dragon.  You find yourself heading up an elevator into a a place filled with flying Dragons.  There you encounter the Emerald Herald.

"Bearer of the curse.
Long have I awaited one such as you, one who might shatter the shackles of fate.
One who can set me free.
Bearer of the curse, it was my own manifestation that led you here.
The ancient dragon has watched over the world for aeons past.
Take this. Do not resist. The dragon welcomes you."


  • The Emerald Herald Gives you an Aged Feather as a Gift.  You tread further into this Dragon Aerie and cross a rope bridge.  At the Bonfire in what is called the Dragon Shrine you encounter the Stranger once again.


"Young Hollow.
How you grapple, without falter, with this dreadfully twisted world.

Peace grants men the illusion of life.
Shackled by falsehoods, they yearn for love, unaware of its grand illusion.
Until, the curse touches their flesh.
We are bound by this yoke.
As true as the Dark that churns within men.

All men trust fully the illusion of life.
But is this so wrong?
A construction, a facade, and yet...
A world full of warmth and resplendence.
Young Hollow, are you intent on shattering the yoke, spoiling this wonderful falsehood?


I am Aldia.
I sought to shed the yoke of fate, but failed.
Now, I only await an answer.
Seek the throne.
Seek light, Dark and what lies beyond..."

  • Further on in the Shrine you encounter the Ancient Dragon.  Who gifts you with the Ashen Mist Heart, allowing you to interact with the memories of the hollowed or departed.


"The murk shifts and stirs.
Yet another stands before us…
Then so be it.
For the curse of life, is the curse of want.
And so, you peer…
Into the fog, in hope of answers."


If you see the Queen after the Ancient Dragon.  She tells you,

"Brave Undead, what did that dragon tell you?
That thing is a prop, a false deity. Don't be fooled, my Undead.

Seek the forest, you, where those wretched Giants slumber."



  • Following Aldia's, Nashandra's and the Ancient Dragons Advice you seek out the memories of the Giants and Vendrick.  The Giant's show the devastation they wrought on Drangleic, While Vendrick's memories allow you to understand him.


"Seeker of fire, coveter of the throne.
I am Vendrick, ruler of Drangleic.

I am no king. I am more fit to be a jester…
I was unaware of my own blindness.
We are feeble vessels, with feebler souls.
We would cast aside the prop of life, only to face greater hardship.
Are you another such fool, or something more?

Seeker of fire, deliverer of crowns.
What do you see in the flames?
Find the crowns, and your own answers.
The crowns hold the strength of lords from time long past.
Seek adversity.
As befits you, seeker of fire, coveter of the throne.

I fail to see your design, young moth.
But I see very little, these days…"



  • With a new task in hand it is time to seek out the other fallen kings and their crowns.  Once you have  Acquired the Crown's from the fallen Monarch's Vendrick will Give you his Blessing after he gives you his insight.


"Seeker of fire, conqueror of Dark.
I, too, sought fire, once.
With fire, they say, a true king can harness the curse.
A lie. But I knew no better…
Seeker of fire, you know not the depths of Dark within you.
It grows deeper still, the more flame you covet.
Flame, oh, flame…

I am king of this wretched, unravelled kingdom.
I subdued the Giants, and claimed their strength.
So that I might step closer to fire…
Drangleic will fall, the fire will fade, and the souls of old will reemerge.
With Dark unshackled, a curse will be upon us…
And men will take their true shape…

Seeker of fire, I see you've subdued another foul creature.
One of the Father of the Abyss' spawn, that confounded quintessence of humanity.
The Abyss once had form, but then dissipated.
And yet, traces of its existence endured.
Each fragment, thirsting for power, spread Dark, with no relent.
My dear Shandra… was one such fragment…
A feeble, tiny thing that thirsted for power more than any other…
Driven by insatiable lust for a worthy vessel.

Fire came to be, and with it, Disparity.
Heat and cold, life and death, Light and Dark.
Dark was seen as a curse.
Shadow is not cast, but born of fire.
And, the brighter the flame, the deeper the shadow.
Inherit fire, and harness the Dark.
Such is the calling of a true leader…

One day, fire will fade, and Dark will become a curse.
Men will be free from death, left to wander eternally.
Dark will again be ours, and in our true shape…
We can bury the false legends of yore… Only…
Is this our only choice?
Seeker of fire, coveter of the throne.
Seek strength.
The rest will follow… "


  • With Vendrick's Blessing in hand it is  time to Seek out the Throne.  On the Path to the throne you find the Emerald Herald once more, where she warns you of Nashandra.


"My journey is already complete.
My name is Shanalotte.
The dragon gave me this name, for I was born with none.
I was born of dragons, contrived by men.
By ones who would cozen fate herself… They are the ones who created me.
But they failed. I did not come out as intended.
Fate would not be bested, and men were cursed once again.
If you proceed, Nashandra will come after you.
Knowing that you will take the throne, and link the fire.
She covets the First Flame, and the Great Soul.
Put Nashandra to rest."


  • As you Venture forth and defeat the Throne Watcher and Defender, You are confronted by Nashandra.


"Brave Undead,
you have proven yourself to me.
Now, be one, with the Dark…"


  • Once you defeat Nashandra  you encounter Aldia.  (Note if you do not have Scholar of the First Sin or have received Vendrick's Blessing the game defaults to ending 1.)  Aldia wishes to test your resolve.


"Many monarchs have come and gone.
One drowned in poison, another succumbed to flame.
Still another slumbers in a realm of ice.
Not one of them stood here, as you do now.
You, conqueror of adversities.
Give us your answer."

  • Once you defeat Aldia you are left with a Choice, accept the world how it is or find a new path.


"I lost everything, but remained here, patiently.
The throne will certainly receive you.
But the question remains...
What do you want, truly?
Light? Dark? Or something else entirely...''



4. Notable NPCs and Questlines


The Old Fire Keepers and Milibeth

The Old Firekeepers reside in Things Betwixt where they are looked after by a housemaid named Milibeth.  Milibeth mentions there was a fourth sister.


Shanalotte the Emerald Herald


Rumored to be the Fourth Fire Keeper.  Shanalotte Serves as a Guide in Drangleic,  it is revealed that she was created by Adia in an attempt to break the curse and is half dragon.


Straid of Olaphis


Was once a wandering sorceror, was invited to Olaphis for his wisdom was petrified out of fear of that very wisdom.


Cale the Cartographer

Was Born in the land of Mirrah,  Came to Drangleic to map it out, found a strange map in Majula Mansion's basement that he studies.


Carhillion of the Fold and Rosabeth of  Melfina

Carhillion of the Fold was a teacher of Sorcery in Mefina's magic school, he felt Sorcery was best learned in the field and set out for Drangleic, rumored to have remnants of great power and a deep abyss that surrounded it.  Rosabeth was a failed student of Carhillion who had no talent for Sorcery.  Due to Rosabeths lack of talent Carhillion barely paid her any mind and even did not acknowledge her as a student and only remembered her in passing.  Rosabeth is an adept Pyromancer and followed her former instructor to Drangleic.


Blacksmith Lenigrast and Stone Trader Chloanne

Blacksmith Lenigrast is a somewhat new arrival in Drangleic and a Hollowed Blacksmith from Volgen, he hates travel and prefers to remain in place and work.  Lenigrast followed his vagrant daughter Cloanne to Drangleic.  Cloanne came to Drangleic in search of extremly rare stones and doesn't recognize her own hollowed father who keeps an eye on her in Majula.


Benhart of Jugo

Licia of Lindelt

Mild Mannered Pate and Creighton the Wnaderer

Lucatiel of Mirrah

King Vendrick and Aldia

Manus' Daughters of the Abyss

  • Nashandra
  • Elana
  • Nadalia
  • Alsanna

Darkdiver Grandahl

Magerold of Lanafir

Royal Sorceror Navlaan

Chancellor Wellager





In Dark Souls II , there seems to be a lot more mention of specific gods through gear, covenants, and magics. These are all subject to change but we know now the name of some. These names and roles are all subject to change, but many of the names of the various Gods can be found in using the Name-engraved Ring.

  • Caffrey - Goddess of Fortune

It is possible that her image, or a predecessor of hers, is the angel-winged woman who appears on the Rusted Coin, which grants the player additional luck.

  • Caitha - Goddess of Tears

Mentioned in Caitha's Chime, as either a compassionate being or a demoness presiding over tragedy.

  • Evlana - Goddess of the Hunt

Evlana is the the patron deity of those who stalk and kill their prey. However according to the Hunter's Bow she was not in reality a true Goddess but in fact was such an impressive huntress in her long forgotten age that stories of her now have raised her to God status.

  • Faraam - God of War

Faraam's name appears on the armor set that is the flagship armor set of the Chosen Undead in Dark Souls II. The armor from the description is said to be blessed by the war god Faraam and worn by the Lion Knights of Forossa.

  • Galib - God of Disease

God of disease worshipped by Leydia witches described in the Leydia Black set armor.

  • Nahr Alma - God of Blood

Narh Alma is the name of the patron god of the Dark Souls II invader covenant which looks to function very similarly to the darkwraiths from Dark Souls. He is mentioned by the small creature Titchy Gren who you find near the bonfire after clearing the executioner's chariot boss battle. Titchy Gren accepts you into the covenant and gives you a ring and seems to be obsessed with blood as we assume Nahr Alma is. Titchy Gren will not talk to you unless you have invaded and killed someone. Titchy Gren will not accept you nor speak with you if you are in the Heirs of the Sun covenant.
Note* ALMA is Latin for nourishing or to nourish. For example: ALMA MATER means nourishing mother. ALMA can also mean kind or soul, but there is no indication of a possible Latin connection to Dark Souls II. Nahr is also a Romanisation of the Arabic word for 'river' نهر, from a Semitic root N-H-R, so Nahr Alma could be taken to literally mean 'nourishing river', an apt metaphor for blood.

  • Quella - God of Dream

Is mentioned in the Spirit Tree Shield, Grand Spirit Tree Shield and White Ring. Apparently, he is represented by a talking tree. He seems to reside in a place called the dreamworld and has dominion over dreams.

  • Zandroe - God of Greed

Zandroe is mentioned in the item description of the Silver Serpent Ring “A silver ring depicting the snake, both the servant and the manifestation of the god of greed, Zandroe." Zandroe is not, however, mentioned in the Name-engraved Ring. In Dark Souls I the Silver Serpent Ring's description reads "The serpent is an imperfect dragon and symbol of the Undead. Its habit of devouring prey even larger than itself has led to an association of gluttony." This suggest that the "God" Zandroe could possibly be a twisted variation on a concept of an imperfect dragon. (Gaping Dragon?)

  • Zinder - God of Desire

Similar to Zandroe, Zinder is mentioned in the item description of the Gold Serpent Ring “A gold ring depicting the snake, both the servant and the manifestation of the god of desire, Zinder. Greed is traditionally viewed as a vice, but only a coward sees every chance as something to fear.” The description of the Gold Serpent Ring in Dark Souls I reads “The serpent is an imperfect dragon and symbol of the Undead. Its habit of devouring prey even larger than itself has led to an association of gluttony." Exactly the same as the Silver Serpent Ring. This suggest that perhaps Zandroe and Zinder are one in the same, both twisted concepts of greed surrounding an imperfect dragon, or serpent.

There is little to no information on Hanleth - Goddess of Bliss, Kremmel - God of Struggle, or Nehma - Goddess of Love at this time, but their names are mentioned by use of the name engraved ring.


 There are 2 endings to Dark Souls 2.

Ending 1

After Defeating the Throne Watcher + Throne Defender, and Nashandra, You take the Throne of Want becoming the Next Monarch.  It is left to interpretation on whether you let the Flame Fade or Relink it.

 "You, who link the fire, you, who bear the curse… Once the fire is linked, souls will flourish anew, and all of this will play out again.
It is your choice…To embrace, or renounce this… Great Sovereign, take your throne.
What lies ahead, only you can see."

Ending 2


After Collecting the 4 Crown's, Receiving Vendrick's Blessing, and Defeating Throne Watcher + Throne Defender, Nashandra, and Aldia, You Forsake the Throne of Want and try to find a path beyond Light and Dark.


"There is no path.
Beyond the scope of light, beyond the reach of Dark...
...what could possibly await us?
And yet, we seek it, insatiably...
Such is our fate."




6. Theories  and Speculation

It is mentioned by Straid of Olaphis, after you unpetrify him, that the land was not called Drangleic before he was petrified and had other names before the one he knew. The different descriptions of the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring in Dark Souls and Dark Souls II suggest that Drangleic could be Vinheim, if Vinheim is a land or kingdom and not just a region within the land. In Dark Souls, the ring is described as being given to accomplished students at the Vinheim Dragon school, where as in Dark Souls II, it is said to have been used "a long, long time ago in a land where Drangleic is now". This could be interpreted that the ring in Drangleic is one of the very same used in Lordran, or that it is a ring it its land of origin.
There are also references to legends of Giants who came across the sea, fearing humans who might bring about an age of dark, but were defeated by King Vendrick. These Giants could be the followers of Lord Gwyn, as the player encounters bosses such as Old Dragonslayer. It was revealed by Chancellor Wellager that the Giants attacked Drangleic because King Vendrick had invaded their land and stole something precious from them at the request of Queen Nashandra. Wellager also states that the Queen came from a faraway land across the sea, though it isn't said exactly where she came from, or if it was the same land as the Giants. Chencellor Wellager also mentions that after the war was over, the Queen "brought peace to her king", and that it was "almost like.. the Dark". The Soul of Nashandra says that she was born of the dark, and there are hints she may have been created from a greater evil that lurked within the Abyss.
Vinheim- "Heim" meaning home, possibly "Home of Vendrick"
In the Undead Crypt, the Grave Warden Agdayne talks of a human being one with the darkness. From the turn of events in Dark Souls we can speculate what effects the darkness had on the overall world. He speaks of a "Former King of Light" that feared humans, thinking they'd "Usher in a new age of dark". This could be either before Drangleic was Drangleic or before Vendrick took the throne as king. This could be pointing that Dark Souls II is in the same place as Dark Souls due to having the same items spread about and the Former King was Gwyn.


In the afore mentioned Lore Analysis, it states that the the giants from Dark Souls 1 are different then those from 2. HOWEVER, The Iron Golem, which appears in DS1, has enough similarity, the hole in it's chest being the strongest piece of evidence, that links it with the GOLEMS in DS2 that were created by use of the defeated Giants. Theory on this is that either a Golem from Drangleic was transported to Lordran....or possibly the Giants/Golems are unaffected by the rekindling of the Age of Fire?
(addition) The giants of Dark Souls 2 are far different than that of the original. From what we can see from Gods to NPCs in Dark Souls that their variants of giants are sentient, intelligent being that achieved god-like status using the Light Souls of Gwyn. These giants are likely extinct in this new age as many were killed off during wars and the fading of the first flame. However, they did have the methods to create artificial life in the form of golems. Golems in mythology become sentient and more independent in time, perhaps they could be smart enough to form basic governing systems (this considering, of course, the mythology of Dark Souls follows the myth of our world)? It has been millenia since the original giants were common, the men of Drangleic called them giants on account of their size. Of course these giants are nothing compared to the originals, being far less intelligent and seem to only have a basic grasp of creation (the Giant Lord has the most advanced weapon, a crude sword) and the rest fight with clubs or their bare hands. Perhaps the "kinship of giants" is an artifact from the age of original giants and the giants are nothing more than a race of semi-sentient golems who form a united force in order to protect said artifact. When Vendrick stole the kinship he instantly took away their ability to form more giants, they probably invaded in order to save their people from extinction. ||
||= The four Primal bosses that you must kill in the first half of the game could possibly be reincarnations of 4 characters from Dark Souls 2. Sweet Shalquior mentions in her dialogue that the Primals are incredibly ancient, and that they remind her of others from a time long ago. In NG+ the 4 Primal Bosses drop unique Souls that give hints to their origins. The Lost Sinner drops the Old Witch Soul, implying that the Lost Sinner inherited the Soul of the Witch of Izalith. The Duke's Dear Freja (Freja is not a Primal, you get the soul from the dragon in the roof.) drops the Old Paledrake Soul This suggests that the Duke might have discovered the deformed Everlasting Dragon Seath the Scaleless' Soul and created Freja from it. The Iron King drops the Old King Soul, which implies he inherited the Soul of the Sun God Lord Gwyn (or maybe from one of four kings, the old king sucumbed to his own ego and hunger of power as the four kings did before). Finally The Rotten drops the Old Dead One's Soul, implying that he inherited Lord Nito's Soul. The Primal Bosses also share many personality traits and flaws from the original primordial beings. This suggests that the Souls of these beings are so powerful that even after death they reincarnate and become weaker, but still very powerful, monstrosities. Finally, the Furtive Pygmy Manus was split into fragments and Nashandra was formed from the smallest of these pieces, as described in the description of the Chime of Want. This also suggests that there are more beings who are reincarnations of Manus scattered throughout the world.
Sublime Bone Dust could very well be the remains of the Chosen Undead from Dark Souls I. The bone dust description claims that this dust comes from "A Saint who cast himself upon the fires". This could mean that the Rekindle the Bonfire ending is canon, though it is unknown how many times the fires that been rekindled and faded since the first game.
There are many similarities and connections when looking at Lordran and the lost kingdom of Heide. The Tower of Heide and the Blue Cathedral especially share near perfect copies of the architecture in Anor Londo. The cathedral also holds home to the Old Dragonslayer, a near identical match to Orstein the Dragonslayer from Dark Souls I. Heide Knights also wield weapons that use lightening and the Sun Covenant survived in some form here. Heide could perhaps be a kingdom that was formed by the Gods who escaped the fall of Lordran and Gwyn when the flame first faded. It is known that Gwyn's daughter Gwynevere and her husband Flann were part of this exodus. Flann was the God of Fire, which could explain why a large lighthouse is built on the site of Heide Tower. Gwynevere is also the Daughter of Sunlight, which could explain how many of sunlight based miracles and items got here. This could mean that Heide was a kingdom that was created by these 2 gods in order to try and replicate the former glory of Anor Londo, though some unknown force destroyed the kingdom and it sunk into the sea.
The Lost Bastille is where undead were rounded up and imprisoned, similar to the Undead Asylum from the first game. One of the things noticeable there are these jar like cells vaguely shaped like humans. Some are normal sized, some large. There are even small sized, implying that children can be branded with the dark sign and thus become undead.
The giants that are talked about and/or shown in Dark Souls 2 may NOT be the same type of giants in the first game, or perhaps, may be a variant of the ones from the first game that have evolved to the point that they did not require faces. Point in facts being not only the Giant Blacksmith and such, but in the Tomb of the Giants. The giant skeletons clearly are shown to have faces. So this means one of 2 possible theories, either giants have evolved to the point where they no longer required sustenance, due to not having faces....or this is a different evolutionary breed of giants, possibly acting as the golems did to King Vendrick, to where ever they're hivemind controller is located, not too dissimilar to the Geth from Mass Effect
In the description of Dragon Bone Fist from Dark Souls 1, it is said that the Gods had the ability to create Golems by "fusing the power of souls" with an inanimate object. In Dark Souls 2, the Golems are also powered by absorbing souls, suggesting that whatever Vendrick stole allowed him to perform this long-lost fusion technique. It is possible that this may have had the potential to free humanity from the Undead Curse by creating a new artificial race, but perhaps that ended with the Emerald Herald.
In Dark Souls 1 there is no trace of possible masochistic behaviours in the Witch of Izalith, behaviours that the Lost Sinner obviously shows. The nature of his self-punishment in my opinion can't be explained with connections with the Lord's Soul she carries. I tried to understand why this character feels so guilty. Sweet Shalquior tells us that she tried to light the First Flame again, like the Witch of Izalith did. Maybe she tried in the same way, with pyromancy (She never uses it, but her gauntlets are useful to it). The Chaos Demon we see in her presentation suggests that she tried to light the Flame in the same way. I think she failed in her attempts because there are no Chaos Demons in Drangleic or in the outer world except this one. Anyway, she tried, and something bad should happen. Here's my theory: what if the tower of Flame of Heide was not built with the purpose to be a lighthouse? Maybe the Lost Sinner was a pyromancer of Heide, who tried to create the First Flame in her city, but something went wrong and she only destroyed the town (In my opinion Heide doesn't seem fallen underwater in a natural way). Maybe the Chaos Bug we see with her is the only Chaos Demon her attempt produced, or the last Demon remained from Dark Souls 1 that suggested her what to do.
I think after the Lost Sinners understood what she did, she ran away from Heide to the Lost Bastille, maybe creating in her fury the path from Heide to No Man's Wharf (it doesn't seem natural too). Then she locked herself in Sinner's Rise and decided not to use pyromancy anymore. The Chaos Bug in this way should represent her conscience of what she did, and for this she screams when it enters in her mask (she sees it and think to her sin).
Many people believe that the Ancient Dragon in the Dragons Aerie is that of Aldia who succeeded in turning himself into a dragon, however, this theory deduces that mayhaps he could not do so 100 percent successfully, or mayhaps could not transfer his FULL soul into the dragon, and transferred at least part of his soul/conciousness into Navlaan. The method behind this is that you originally find him in Aldia's keep, after that, the places where he will invade you are similar to where you would think Aldia traveled to and from, in order to achieve materials for his experimentation. Forest of the Fallen Giants for the giant bodies, The Gutter for human bodies and possibly of the dragon bones located before The Rotten boss fight, Brightstone for the crystals more then likely used in many of his magic rituals and elixirs, and Drangleic Castle and Aldia's Keep due to being part of the royal family, King Vendrick's older brother. The last two could be argued that that's because Navlaan was/is a royal sorcerer, but the rest would make very little sense, even IF his other personality is a bit crazy.
As of the release of Scholar of the First Sin, Aldia's real identity has been confirmed.
People think the location with the undead singers is Ash Lake, but this theory focuses on that possibly Things Betwixt is actually Ash Lake. Ash Lake was in the first game, the only location still in relative similar appearance to what the world looked like before the First Flame, and seemed to be nothing but an almost endless ocean. That being said, Things Betwixt is the most similar in this appearance, though quiet a big darker in appearance, though that could be said in ANOTHER theory that possibly the closer to the end of an Age of Fire it gets, the darker the world seems to be, and that that could possibly be why Things Betwixt was so much darker in the second game than in the first game.


The Iron King and The Lost Sinner's Love affair.

Mytha and The Iron King were most likely married. However, something came between them that drove Mytha to do crazy acts of love for her husbands attention.

"that creature, she was human once ya know... Hmm, In fact, she was wed to the prince of that nearby castle... But her husband, hmm, he had feelings for another... before long the princess' ire transformed her into a monster." - Laddersmith Gilligan

So we know the king had someone else. This is important because of how she turned...

The next important factor here, is in the whole game, there are only 2 named demons; The Smelter demon and the Covetous demon. We know demons were made at Lost Izalith when trying to relight the flame failed. So was the Iron Keep above Lost Izalith? I believe so, because right next door to Lost Izalith and the pools of lava is Blight Town.(The Bed of Chaos is long gone, the demons in this game appear to be more or less some form of experiment gone wrong or someone using dark magics to warp themselves into something less than human) It makes sense that when the Iron King mined underground, so did the people of Harvest Valley and Earthen Peak, but the people got a very different result...

Even Stone Trader Chloanne explains how there is nothing of interest at Harvest Valley (will add quote at later date). so why are they mining? (They had a full blown Kingdom, perhaps they got the ore from somewhere else.)

The Covetous demon I believe to be a typical love story. He clearly loves Mytha, even being a monster, he too would do anything crazy to get her attention. Covetous meaning - "having or showing a great desire to possess something belonging to someone else." clearly supports this idea. (The Covetous Demon's Soul description implies that he may have been once human, only to be warped. It is unknown how the

Why would Mytha take something from her mines, maybe knowing it being poisonous, just to get the attention of her husband The Iron King? Maybe The Iron King found something to obsess over in his mine...

The Lost Sinner (not going into too much speculation who it actually is) has the soul of the Witch of Izalith and tried to rekindle the first flame. All the old souls suggest that they have a way to persuade the one who acquired it. Is is possible the Iron King, with the Lost Sinner tried once again to re-make the first flame? once again causing the birth of demons?

So why the Lost Sinner you might ask... well the door in the Lost Sinner's cell is the same you see in the Iron Keep... It strongly suggests the Iron King made her cell for her. Not to mention the Iron literally everywhere around sinner's cell, including one of the only places where fire is used mechanically (when you light up the rooms from the side rooms) like in the Iron Keep. The Lost Sinners Mask is even made completely out of iron.

"the Lost Sinner eternally punishes herself for the sins of her past. Indeed, she committed what some would believe to be the ultimate sin - she attempted to relight the First Flame." - Lost Sinner Description

The wording here suggests she actually imprisoned herself. "Some" also suggests that someone doesn't believe it to be the worst sin, maybe that someone was the Iron King?

Opinion - To me, she feels guilty herself and thus hides herself away knowing what she did was wrong. The Iron King however might not have agreed but out of loved helped. He gives her a large sword to protect herself and throws away the (Bastille) Key so that no one can light the room for her fully. locked her hands together so she couldn't use Pyromancy without burning herself (note: when the player wears them we only wear them on one hand).

Bell Keepers - The belfry gargoyls and the bell brothers get an explination for there purpose then. the gorgoyles were made by the Iron King who is explained to be able to make life from Iron, but maybe not just iron, maybe from stone too, or maybe the Iron King and the Lost Sinner shared this ability. The Bell Keepers defend Belfry Luna and Sol, so they're connected to the Iron Keep for some reason.

Need more evidence?

"The twin bells symbolize the love between two lovers who could never be united. The bell keepers are their eternal guardians. For that is their love, that is their curse." - Bell Keepers Ring

The Iron King made the Bell of Sol, the Lost Sinner made the Bell of Luna using iron and resources from the Iron King... so the Iron King is Prince of Alken and the Lost Sinner is the Princess of Venn. This explains why the Iron King is sometimes called a Prince, it was when the Iron King wasn't ruler yet.

"Keep your hands off our bell, the great bell of Alken. The bell belongs to the princess it do." - Bell Keeper in Luna

"A long, long, long time ago, the princess, she made me, yes, just like so. to guard this bell for the prince's honor" - Bell Keeper in Luna

"The prince made me, to guard the bell of Venn." - Bell Keeper in Sol

So knowing that the Iron King can make Iron creatures come to life from the various armor sets in his keep, it makes sense the Iron King was once the Prince of Alken.

So is the Lost Sinner the Princess of Venn? the Iron and such all around her connects them. The bug also connected her to Izalith that could be under the Iron Keep. Another factor is her soul "sins of her past", so not only did she try and relight the first flame but she did other things she feels guilty over. The Lost Sinners Sword even mentions she doesn't know its true nature or where it's from, is that because the Iron King gave it to her. The Chaos Blade from Dark Souls 1 was made from the soul of Quelaag, it too hurt the player on hitting an enemy.

While it doesn't make it obvious like the Iron King, it's very likely the Lost Sinner is the Princess of Venn. She is not a witch of Izalith or the bed of chaos... they died... but 1 was unaccounted for... her soul however does change the fate of the owner and it's probably what the Prince and Princess tried to do together.

The attempt to relight the flame:
At this point, while it's only assumption, it seems fair to say the Iron King and the Lost Sinner tried together to relight the first flame. The attempted failed, recreating the disaster like before. The Iron King was killed by the Smelter Demon and was turned into the beast we see in-game. The Lost Sinner, like some of the witches of Izalith, got away safely, but in guilt of her sins locked herself away. Or she could have been willingly captured and sent to the cell made in sinners rise. While the cell might not have originally been for her, she fitted it nicely with the moon (Luna) reminding us of her bell.

to explain Mytha and Covetous properly I've waited till the end. Mytha was crazy in love, and like her husband did, she mined the ground and looked for something of interesting like the Lost Sinner clearly had under the Iron Keep. She found poison. Covetous followed Mytha's crazy idea and ate as much as he could to impress Mytha. Mytha might have just been using Covetous to try and make the Iron King guilty at some point...
Covetous turned into a demon from the poison he consumed and never found true love...

Mytha was forever jealous of the Princess of Venn

The King of Alken, the Iron King, lost his true love. losing his human form to a monster he could never search for her again.

The Princess of Venn, the Lost Sinner, feeling guilty punished herself and never tried to escape.

- Written by Bubushum, any feedback or suggestions would be nice. I will edit this later to fix spelling, grammar, and overall layout.
Thank you for reading!


    • Just an added observation on the relationship between Alken and Venn. The ring of Blades description states that both kingdoms were founded by the same man but later reduced to rivalry. Hmmm.... So,It stands to reason that Alken and Venn were founded by the prince and princess' father. A king prior to Vendrick divided his kingdom between his son and daughter. So that would explain why their love was so forbidden. The pair created the bell keepers instead of children because everybody knows sibling coupling is a no-no. It wasn't because Alken already had Mytha or anything like that, it was their parentage that kept them from being able to "ring the bell" if you catch the reference. Mytha, jilted, turned her fury and her kingdom against Venn, most likely after Alken (the person) died. The only thing I find odd is the whole "nobody remembering the Sinner's name", one would think you could remember the person's name if their's and the kingdom's were one and the same. So perhaps I'm wrong and Venn was another prince and since Alken and the princess of Venn were both already married they couldn't be together. But then why would the bell be named after Venn? Nope, I'm sticking with the sibling theory. Too much evidence to ignore. -cursedroninzero




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    • Anonymous

      What if I told you that the Dark Souls series lore is entirely based on facts, for example, it is a fact that I got to deal with undead hollow npcs all day long

      • Anonymous

        Hot take. DS2 doesn't take place in Lordran or Lothric.
        Why because the director said "the story of Dark Souls 2 will be carried carried out in the same world as dark souls 1 but in different location" during an E3 interview.

        Personally, I think you can draw parallels between DS2 and the paint worlds or the Deep/Abyss in the other games more consistently than Lothric.

        • Anonymous

          imagine if drang really was a separate country in the world and the "northern country home to things inhuman" the varangian set talks about turned out to be lordran and eventually lothric

          • Anonymous

            You don't need to get the 4 crowns and King Vendrick's blessings to get the alternate ending of this game . You just need to defeat Aldia who appears after killing Nashandra , but only if you've defeated King Vendrick prior to her boss fight .

            • Anonymous

              The Old Iron King can't be the prince of Alken, because the prince of Alken is a boss you fight on your way to the Old Iron King.

              • Anonymous

                Although some speculate that the Emerald Herald is the fourth firekeeper, I thought it was a reference to the old lady (does she not look like a firekeeper?) in the opening cinematic of the game. The role of the fourth missing firekeeper was to send you (the Chosen Undead) to Drangelic.

                • Anonymous

                  Wigriff's Lore Analysis is so amazing but after ds3, it make me feel like ds 2 is a future of ds 3. Well, all the world is sunken in the sand, may be in the future, it can be under the sea

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                    I've always been confused about the part in the opening cinematic where you go to the ruined city and fall into whirlpool and this page didn't really help can someone please explain it to me?

                    • Anonymous

                      Good lord, I swear this game was meant to be something completely different and they decided to slap the Dark Souls name on it. Compared to DS1 and DS3, this story is totally disconnected in the overarching Souls lore. They made token attempts to tie it to DS1, but it feels alien in a bad way. By far, my least favorite SoulsBorneIro title.

                      • Anonymous

                        So in a nutshell the 4 great ones are reincarnations of 4 betrayers of Lord Gwyne (Gwynne?) The Land of Drangleic used to be Lordran (hope I spelled that right), If you re-light the flame it all repeats (basically), And everything is by now really, REALLY old. and YOU just happen to be awesome enough to ......... why are us cursed here anyway? lol

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                          I think it's pretty obvious that Drangleic is Lordran, literally countless years later when the cycles of kindling have made reality deteriorate even further.

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                            The "Dark Souls 2 Story" explanation was***** compared to the explanation this website has on Dark Souls 1... I barely learned anything in this one.

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                              All demons are created while trying to light the flame. So I think that Demon of Song could be created by Vendrick when he tried to light the flame. When he tried to do it, Shrine of Amana appeared under the Drangleic Castle and Demon of Song made that place like it is in the game.

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                                I have the theory the giants are living things that were created by the accidental mixture of the roots/parts of the archtrees + chaos pyromancy or pyromancy and then the Monarch contesters learn how to create artificial life like in the old days of chaos pyromancy and then they create their own golems.

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                                  I always viewed Drangleic as a parallel world to Lordred. You, as an undead trying to break his curse, traveled to this parallel universe where you heard a cure could possibly be found. By the end you are fulfilling a prophecy to keep the fire going in Drangleic i.e. linking the fire, or you continue your search for the cure and ignoring the whole debacle of monarchs and thrones. Hey, just my 2 cents.

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                                    >The next important factor here, is in the whole game, there are only 2 named demons; The Smelter demon and the Covetous demon

                                    You forgot Demon of Song

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