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boss_soul.png "Soul of the Knights of Loyce.
The Knights of Loyce were taken by Chaos, and lost all sense of purpose and being.
The few woeful souls that trudged back home were guided by some faint vestige of self.
This soul is pure sorrow, and only Alsanna can put it to rest."


  • Bring the souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle, who will reward you for the amount of souls possessed. The stairs leading to Alsanna, Silent Oracle will open up as you bring more souls.
  • Consumable but it gains no Soul and it is not possible to sell it to Gavlan.



Farming Strategies:


  • Follow the Loyce Knights so you won't get crowded by Charred Loyce Knights that easily, and you can sweep the enemies when they're staggered.
  • Loyce Knights are acted as distractions rather than actual help, treat them as human shields and sweep the charred knights behind the crowd.
  • If your health is halved, hide behind the crowd but don't go too far, drink your Estus Flask twice or more to heal faster.
  • Once the portal of the Burnt Ivory King appears, quit the field with Aged Feather
  • Rinse and repeat, they drop Loyce Souls regularly under this condition.


  • It is possible to summon phantoms at the Grand Cathedral bonfire. After the fight and before the boss appears, when the floor starts shaking, use the Black Separation Crystal to banish any summoned phantoms. This will give the host enough time to use the aged feather. This strategy allows both phantoms and the host to farm souls quickly.
  • You can also summon the NPCs near the bonfire and the drop rate seems to increase by quite a bit with them present. When all the knights are dead cast yourself off the edge. This strategy works best with Vendrick's Blessing so you don't turn hollow or if you have an excess of human effigies to spare.


  • It seems that Loyce Souls drop more often on higher NG+ cycles, especially when Burnt Ivory King is alive.
  • They can still be dropped from Charred Loyce Knights whilst summoned as a phantom.
  • Much higher drop rate if help as phantom, even without farming gear.
  • Using the Symbol of Avarice, will allow you to farm both souls and items with better rates. Get yourself summoned and farm the knights.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, joining the covenant of champions makes the knights spawn infinitely.

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    • Anonymous

      09 Jul 2021 14:17  

      I've just finished to farm them offline a couple of hours ago, it was rough and took almost 4 hours, but it is worth it for the Burnt Ivory King set.

      -Remember to farm the souls before you kill the boss, or the drop chances will be way worse and the knights will eventually stop spawning.

      What I did was summoning both phantoms (apparently they help with the drop rates) and having equipped the Symbol of Avarice, Prisoner's Tatters, Watchdragon Parma and Gold Serpent's ring +1.
      Go in with the 4 Knights and your 2 summons, kill everything, loot the drops and use the Black Separation Crystal on both summons, then Feather/Bone out.
      Reset the area at the bonfire, rinse and repeat until you have at least 50 souls in your inventory.
      Note that in order to get your rewards, you'll have to kill the Ivory King and then talk to Alsanna (for the Loyce set + her soul) while for the Ivory king's set you'll have to purchase it from Maughlin in Majula.
      I was kind of lucky with the drops, but the most souls I got from a single run were 5 while I also had several 0 souls runs.
      In 3 to 5 hours at worst you'll have your shiny Loyce set alongside the Burnt Ivory King set and the soul of Alsanna without having to kill her.
      It's a big farm but it's worth it.

      • Anonymous

        26 Apr 2021 20:14  

        The knights aren’t spawning anymore for me, even though i’m part of the covenant of champions. Is it an old-gen glitch or something? I am playing on an Xbox 360 if that helps.

        • Anonymous

          18 Apr 2021 16:49  

          Im so f ing pissed off they ruined one of the best boss fifhts by making it grinding bullsh t. Cool entrance, now lets repeat it 200 times until you hate it. F king DS2

          • Anonymous

            08 Apr 2021 03:40  

            I just got a bug on sotfs ps4 that gave me back all 50 souls when i logged on the day after farming and spending them all xD

            • Anonymous

              31 Mar 2021 03:12  

              Nevermind, finally re-got Charred Loyce Leggings after stupidly/accidentally selling them. Took over an hour.

              However, I have to echo others comments, once you’ve beaten the Ivory King, they continue to spawn.

              Enter room, kill the three, and leave. Repeat. Sometimes not all three spawn but they usually do. Nonetheless, this is infinite farming as far as I’ve experienced. Moreover, I got way more Loyce souls than I did Charred gear, for whatever it’s worth. Good luck all!

              • Anonymous

                31 Mar 2021 02:07  

                Hi all, accidentally sold my Charred Loyce Leggings. Willing to trade 5 Loyce Souls for a pair. Playing PS4.

                • Anonymous

                  13 Mar 2021 00:52  

                  They carry over into NG+ so you can get the armors again without the need to farm twice (drop rate in NG+ does not seem any better btw)

                  • Anonymous

                    22 Feb 2021 18:51  

                    7 loyce souls as a phantom, with host, 2 other player phantoms and just 1 knight. No item find gear. Should I play lottery?

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Dec 2020 16:18  

                      Farmed for about 1.5 hours on NG with symbol of avarice and gold serpent +1 and only got 7 souls. Did the last 30 mins without farming gear and didn't notice much difference but the drop rate is so low anyways that it's hard to say.

                      • Anonymous

                        16 Aug 2020 20:28  

                        Killed at least a 100 after beating the boss and they keep respawning.
                        Sometimes only 1, sometimes 2, sometimes none, but after resetting the area they come back eventually.

                        • Anonymous

                          31 Jul 2020 09:31  

                          I got 96 Loyce Souls. Mostly by aiding my covenant in this fight. Got tons of souls too. You dont need a special tactic in my opinion. Just get summoned

                          • Anonymous

                            25 Jul 2020 07:53  

                            I guess you are in this page for some tips for farming the souls too. Well, after reading all the tips in Reddit and in this page, so far, this is what worked in my 5-6 hour run (with snack breaks in between of course. Farming can get boring)

                            1. The technique where you go to the Old Chaos, kill the loyce knights, and feather out when Sauron starts entering the battle, is what I did. As the guide says, they spawn infinitely this way, unlike when the King is dead where they only spawn 12 times and stop.
                            2. Having summoned phantoms did make Loyce souls spawn more commonly. I didn't know this at first and I got around only 5 Loyce souls in the first hour. But when I summoned phantoms, I noticed that I sometimes get up to 3 Loyce souls in one run! I play offline so I summon the NPCs Lucatiel and Twiggy.
                            3. Despite what others may claim, I noticed that I did get more Loyce souls when I wore Item Discovery boosters like Symbol of Avarice, Prisoners Tatters, Watchdragon Parma, and Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+2.
                            4. To make each run finish faster, I needed to quickly kill the Charred Loyce Knights. I settled with the propeller, Red Iron Winblade buffed with Sunlight Blade because they can get close to 2k damage with two R1 moves. It drains stamina fast though so I try not to overdo it.

                            In the end, I ended up with 50 Loyce souls along with 10 Charred Loyce Helm, 10 Charred Loyce Armor, 8 Charred Loyce Gauntlets, and 11 Charred Loyce Leggings.

                            • Anonymous

                              11 Jul 2020 11:51  

                              How to get loyce souls fast
                              1. Find all the loyce knights
                              2. Descend into the old chaos
                              3. Slam a 2x4 into your skull until you die of brain trauma

                              • Anonymous

                                12 Jun 2020 16:04  

                                If you are new to the game (like me) DON'T trust the farming gear strategy! If tried every single gear they told me to use and after many tries I didn't get nothing at all. My theory is that the gear increase the chance of dropping their respective Armour and Weaponry, NOT the souls. I can somewhat confirm this because I started a new farming session without ANY of the item discovery gear. I just went in there with my regular Armour, my weapon and a normal shield and suddenly I got 3 souls after 5 runs again. I have to admit that the wiki (might) be right about the Droprate decreasing after killing the enemies over and over again. I didn't used Ascetic and currently I'm farming them after Ivory King and with CoC equipped. But with farming gear I didn't got anything besides some Armour now and then. Now I'm farming without the gear, after killing Alonne Knights for confirmation and... As I said, it worked for me. So again, don't let yourself fool by the advice on this page, do it like me. If you recognize no drops anymore, kill some other enemies to recover the drop rate. (Again!!! This part is somewhat confirmed! It's possible that it's just a coincidence)

                                • Anonymous

                                  10 Jun 2020 23:57  

                                  Untested Loyce Souls Farming note: Using "drop rate" equipment and/or items may in fact lower chances of Loyce Souls drop due to an obtuse mechanic. Point of reference:

                                  • Anonymous

                                    27 Apr 2020 11:36  

                                    Should I be getting less than one per run? Using solo strategy with the 4 knights since summons don't do anything (this wiki has tons of fake info)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      09 Nov 2019 10:29  

                                      Not that hard and a reasonable good soul farming spot. Just equipped symbol of avarice, prisoner's tatters, gold covetous ring +2 and watchdragon parma got around 1 soul per run and plenty of levels. Summon the two NPCs and have all the white Loyce knights and you can beat the enemies quite fast, banish your helpers and feather back to the bonfire while the boss gate is arising.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        06 Sep 2019 07:47  

                                        Pro-tip: if you farm after you beat the Burnt Ivory King you can make knights spawn from the gates without having to wait a few minutes by quitting to the main menu and logging back on. If knights stop spawning join Covenant of Champions.

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