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boss_soul.png "Soul of the Knights of Loyce.
The Knights of Loyce were taken by Chaos, and lost all sense of purpose and being.
The few woeful souls that trudged back home were guided by some faint vestige of self.
This soul is pure sorrow, and only Alsanna can put it to rest."


  • Bring the souls to Alsanna, Silent Oracle, who will reward you for the amount of souls possessed. The stairs leading to Alsanna, Silent Oracle will open up as you bring more souls.
  • Consumable but it gains no Soul and it is not possible to sell it to Gavlan.



Farming Strategies:


  • Follow the Loyce Knights so you won't get crowded by Charred Loyce Knights that easily, and you can sweep the enemies when they're staggered.
  • Loyce Knights are acted as distractions rather than actual help, treat them as human shields and sweep the charred knights behind the crowd.
  • If your health is halved, hide behind the crowd but don't go too far, drink your Estus Flask twice or more to heal faster.
  • Once the portal of the Burnt Ivory King appears, quit the field with Aged Feather
  • Rinse and repeat, they drop Loyce Souls regularly under this condition.


  • It is possible to summon phantoms at the Grand Cathedral bonfire. After the fight and before the boss appears, when the floor starts shaking, use the Black Separation Crystal to banish any summoned phantoms. This will give the host enough time to use the aged feather. This strategy allows both phantoms and the host to farm souls quickly.
  • You can also summon the NPCs near the bonfire and the drop rate seems to increase by quite a bit with them present. When all the knights are dead cast yourself off the edge. This strategy works best with Vendricks Blessing so you don't turn hollow or if you have an excess of human effigies to spare.


  • It seems that Loyce Souls drop more often on higher NG+ cycles, especially when Burnt Ivory King is alive.
  • They can still be dropped from Charred Loyce Knights whilst summoned as a phantom.
  • Much higher drop rate if help as phantom, even without farming gear.
  • Using the Symbol of Avarice, will allow you to farm both souls and items with better rates. Get yourself summoned and farm the knights.
  • In Scholar of the First Sin, joining the covenant of champions makes the knights spawn infinitely. (Doesn't seem to work after Burnt Ivory King is killed)

    • Anonymous

      17 Nov 2018 07:57  

      just so everyone knows, the burnt ivory king armor is sold by maughlin in majula after you've gotten 50 souls and spoken to alsanna to get the rewards. if ivory king is still alive or you haven't gotten all the loyce soul rewards from alsanna he doesn't sell it.

      • Anonymous

        05 Nov 2018 19:36  

        I really hate the random number theory... I got 4 souls on a run then i get only armor pieces on the next 5 runs...

        • Anonymous

          15 Sep 2018 21:12  

          There is no drop boost, neither being hollowed nor having more or less burnt gear in the inventory. Tested it in SotFS and got even worse drop rates over the course of two hours. I think the authors had just a positive fluctuation. Still might be true for vanilla. But for vanilla there is no higher drop chance for phantoms when both wear full item drop gear - tested it with a friend and we got both exactly the same amount of souls (for all 50 farmed). So just wear full gear and invest time, there is no better strategie. Being human might be useful though, because of the summons that draw the attention from you so you can deal damage. It's frustrating when you're focussed by all enemies all the time.

          • Anonymous

            31 Jul 2018 08:34  

            I note it says five souls for the gauntlets and five souls for the leggings, not five souls for the gauntlets and leggings. So, to clarify: Do I get the rewards based on the total number of souls I hand over, or are those numbers the cost of each individual reward? Because that would mean I have to collect 110 (1) souls to get everything.

            • Anonymous

              11 May 2018 10:55  

              you dont have to use the seperation crystal, if you have the homeward spell memorized, you can quit the field instantly

              • Anonymous

                13 Apr 2018 16:22  

                i may have accidentally glitch ivory king which made him stand and do nothing, might be caused by extreme poise or when i used iron flesh. Someone please test to confirm.

                • Anonymous

                  21 Aug 2017 15:34  

                  This was a mistake by FROM. The idea in theory is cool but with ever decreasing drop rates and (in my opinion) an absurdly high amount of these souls needed it just takes the game from fun and challenging, to tedious and boring. Not really looking to waste 100 runs just to collect 50 items so i can access other items.

                  • Anonymous

                    26 May 2017 07:27  

                    I'm farming these in my first playthrough without using bonfire acetics to revive the burnt ivory king. I've been noticing that the charred knights I kill, the number of "blank" portal animations I get go up. Right now I'm standing in the Old Chaos and every now and then I'll see the portals flare up, but half of the time no enemy will spawn. I wonder if this is a bug in the SOTFS edition, or if it's possible to totally clear the Old Chaos of enemy respawns.

                    • Anonymous

                      28 Apr 2017 13:05  

                      Don't allow your soul memory to get too high either, I'm at 12.5m and I can't join anybody, 2 souls off as well

                      • Anonymous

                        25 Feb 2017 17:32  

                        If I will go to NG+ will souls remain in my inventory? Btw If they do,will 50 still be enough to have full Loyce set,and soul of Alsanna?

                        • Anonymous

                          20 Jan 2017 14:05  

                          Item discovery rate actually harms you here. The lower it is the better your chances if finding souls instead of

                          • Anonymous

                            20 Nov 2016 09:43  

                            Can Confirm that they do respawn infinitely if you have joined the Company of Champions. Was farming them without, and after a while, all three gates would light on fire, but only one would produce a knight.

                            Tip: Use the stone ring along with a fast yet strong weapon with a wide swing (Marakumo for example) to hit multiple of them at the same time.

                            • Anonymous

                              FARMING TIPS:29 Aug 2016 10:57  

                              -farm them before you ***** up the burnt ivory king, drop rate is much higher -at a certain point, the knights will stop dropping their equipment and drop solely loyce souls. This is related to the amount of their equipment you have in your inventory. DO NOT SELL OR PUT THEIR EQUIPMENT IN YOUR ITEM BOX!! - Use ring of life protection to farm these efficiently, killing yourself before you fight the king. The knights that need to be farmed drop much souls and make repairs easy.

                              • Anonymous

                                They still spawn29 Aug 2016 10:57  

                                In SoTFS, joining the covenants of champions actually makes them spawn infinitely even after the Burnt Ivory King is killed. (I'm farming Souls right now) It's harder to fight them but atleast you can still fight them.

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