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An NPC phantom that can appear in Belfry Sol if you have joined the Bell Keepers covenant (rare spawn). Has a rare chance to drop the Mad Warrior Set and Berserker Blade. A group of mad warrior invaders can be found in the Crown of the Old Iron King DLC before the entrance to Sir Alonne's memory and also have a chance to drop the set items, however fighting a large group in a small area may prove to be very difficult. (Invaders do not require Bell Keepers membership, currently unknown if the invaders drop rate differs)
  • Drops the entire set and blade once per NG, However using a bonfire ascetic will count as going into NG+ for that area thus resets the loot table, allowing the player to get the armor set and blade again. He only drops one item at a time.
  • In order to force a respawn. You need to rest to clear the memory and reload the level.
  • Using a Homeward Bone or the Aged Feather will count as resting at the Bonfire for spawning purposes.
  • The NPC will also spawn in Offline mode, negating any potential invasions from Bell keepers. (It spawns in online mode too)
  • Using Item discovery gear allows his drop chance to be higher, but does not increase his spawn rate.
  • Drops the Berserker Blade fairly early on, then followed by the set one piece at a time - note, this is not necessarily true. I farmed the entire set twice and each time the Berserker Blade was the LAST item to drop. Once the set is obtained, he won't drop anything else no matter how many times he's killed. Using a bonfire ascetic after he's dropped everything once will make killing him 100 times for the covenant much more enjoyable.
  • Killing the Mad Warrior counts towards The Bell Keeper's Kill total.
  • The best procedure for external image arrow-10x10.png seems to be running offline in windowed mode and opening the Windows Task Manager to the side just so you can see the games process memory value, then:
    1. Enter Belfry Sol,
    2. Go check to see if he's there, if so fight him, then travel from the bonfire back to Belfry Sol and repeat, OR
    3. If he's not there, walk back to the bonfire to let your memory numbers settle. Look at the number in Task Manager (Dark Souls 2.exe memory) which appears as you rest and make a mental note of it. Then travel from the bonfire back to Belfry Sol,
    4. After returning from travel wait for a few seconds to allow the memory to settle. When you see the resting number increase by 10,000 K (depending on graphics quality setting can go up to 20,000 K or as low as 300 K) from what you noted go up and fight him.
    5. After fighting him, return to the bonfire any way you like, then travel to Belfry Sol again. If the resting number is around the same value as when he was there (based on the increase noted), go and fight him. If not, travel again and repeat the process. This increase in memory is due to his textures (mostly, some extent his model but mostly textures) being loaded into memory as they do not appear anywhere else in the game.

  • Approximately 16.87% (Based on my own findings (He spawned 14 times out of 83 attempts) when I was grinding for the Bell Keepers Covenant in Offline Mode. external image arrow-10x10.png , May 15th)
  • Possibly influenced by the amount of Bell Keepers within the area, if all Bell Keepers are cleared out, he will spawn more regularly.
  • Wearing items which boosts item discovery, especially Symbol of Avarice, seemly helps on spawning him.

  • For me he spawned approximately 10% without the Delicate String, ~25% of the time with the Delicate String, ~30% of the time using Delicate String and constant memory checking. (He spawned 16.67% without Delicate String for me [50 out of 300 attempts] and 23.81% of the time with Delicate String. [50 out of 210 attempts])
    1. Approximately 10%, using Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1 and Jester's Hat (Confirmed 7.25% for me, or 69 kills [383 attempts] for the full set)
    2. Highly recommended to wear Symbol of Avarice, Prisoner's Tatters and Covetous Gold serpent Ring +2 to maximize the drop rate.
    • This means you have a chance of approximately 0.13% chance of him spawning AND dropping an item, or with the Delicate String a 0.34% chance.

SotfS Update:
  • The Task Manager method still works, but the change is smaller (around 5MB), and just for a split second. Change Task Manager's update speed to High for better results.


  • Delicate String does affect this spawn rate.
  • If you are playing on a PS3 (DOESN'T work on xbox.), when you rest at the bonfire, you can hear the laser in the PS3 move twice. The trick is to keep resting until you hear two slower movements after the first two. These two extra laser movements are indicating that Mad Warrior has spawned. (confirmed) [this strategy is excellent; max times I had to rest was 7-8; average was 2-3; took about 45 minutes to kill him 30 times] (Some suggestions for this method: start by playing in offline mode with the sound muted. It also helps to be in a quiet place. Then rest at the bonfire a couple times in rapid succession before you start listening for the sound. This gives the PlayStation time to finish loading everything. You'll notice that after the first couple times you rest, every subsequent rest will cause the PlayStation to produce two "loading" sounds [a short, low grind or whir] over the course of a little less than a second. If the Mad Warrior has spawned, it will produce one [it's one for me, anyway; perhaps it's two for others] additional "loading" sound a second or two later. If you have just used Homeward, a Homeward Bone, or the Aged Feather to fast travel back to the bonfire, repeat the first step of the process, where you rest a few times in a row before you begin listening again. This really is incredibly convenient.)
  • (FOR PS3 ALSO) For those who want to grind with headphones on, watch for the flash of the yellow light on your PS3 to indicate that the Mad Warrior has spawned. Usually it is a single, bright flash just as you stand from the bonfire during your sitting-cycle that foretells the Warrior's appearance. Be sure that the time of the yellow flash is approximately the earliest time you are able to stand after resting.
  • Sometimes he wont appear for more than 20 times (NG+ tested) then suddenly appear several times in a row, or every other time for several times, remember that it is a CHANCE to spawn and so sometimes you are more lucky than others (he once spawned 5 times in a row then nothing for thrice that amout).
  • I found that he actually spawned more frequently when i used the Homeward miracle, then rested at the bonfire to replenish the miracle, than he did when I used Homeward miracle once (which itself allows him to respawn), ran up to check, then dropped back down to the bonfire the second time, then rested, alternating manual and miracle returns. this contradicts information stating he will despawn unless checked every single time.
  • If you Clear the room Where the bonfire is located and all the enemies in belfry sol you can use unveil at the bonfire to see if he has spawned.


Belfry Sol, in the corner in front of the tower with the ladder for rooftop access.
Join the Bell Keepers, will randomly spawn (rarely).


Mad Warrior Set (Very Rare)

Berserker Blade
(Very Rare)

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    • Anonymous

      09 May 2021 10:49  

      maybe delicate string works on increasing the chance of him spawning because he is an special invader? idk.... just guessing.

      • Anonymous

        22 Aug 2020 23:28  

        Today I realized that he spawns much more frequently when I use the aged feather/ homeward than by jumping down the ladder and sitting by the bonfire manually

        • Anonymous

          10 Aug 2020 05:09  

          I don't know the rates of this, but I did it in about 5 hours yesterday.

          For the first 20 or so Mad Warriors, I was literally spawning them every 2 or 3 runs. Sometimes back to back. I had no luck items equipped either. This is on PC, I've done it before on XONE so this has possibly been nerfed to be easier? Perhaps since DS2 isn't making much money anymore and maybe they want people to fini***** as soon as possible lol.

          In the last 5 mad warriors, they started spawning very infrequently (once every 10 runs or so). I wonder if this is a feature, it seems like it's harder to spawn them as you get along.

          • Anonymous

            04 Jul 2020 17:30  

            Just a small time comparison of unveil vs checking manually, with 5attunment (ring for slot), and 10 faith; it takes roughly 5-6sec to check and rest vs 15-18sec to check with aged feather. When you pair this with say 10 checks of nothing, you are looking at a possible 60secs vs 180secs, saving you 2 minutes of time. It may not be worth it the first 10 kills, but after that the time spent killing the nearby enemies to exhaustion will be returned and then some while farming the 2nd and 3rd ranks.

            • Anonymous

              01 Jun 2020 17:36  

              This is the most useless fandom wiki I’ve ever been on. Every single page has conflicting information, what’s even the point of looking on here sometimes?

              • Anonymous

                14 May 2020 23:04  

                People complaining about this grind haven't suffered the silver knights of anor londo. P.s. unveil method works ps4 when u cast when u walk in belfry sol

                • Anonymous

                  10 Feb 2020 02:28  

                  The unveil method does not work on XBOX 360 1.00 version. Not sure if its the version or the platform that is the issue since I cant find confirmation that it works on other versions on xbox 360. I even stood as close as possible without agroing him and used unveil and it just went straight up. So I have a feeling he's not flagged as the same type of enemy in 1.00.

                  • Anonymous

                    16 Jan 2020 15:51  

                    What's with all of this speculation and confirmation bias on this page? If you don't have proof that something arbitrary like killing all the Bell Keepers or increasing your item discovery increases the spawnrate then don't list it here, especially not as if it's a fact. And no, tests that have a very small sample sizes and weren't even recorded don't count. The only thing I can actually see boosting the spawnrate is the Delicate String, everything else seems like nonsense.

                    • Anonymous

                      26 Dec 2019 19:09  

                      The first time I defeated him the rank went up, but then I defeated him like 5-6 times and the rank doesn't seem to go up. Is it a bug?

                      • Anonymous

                        29 Nov 2019 02:01  

                        Bought this game in 2016, at that point the vanilla ps3 player community was on its way out. First DS game. Love the series now, even own demon's. Finally got my platinum this week and all I have to say is screw this guy. Only-invading-when-he-feels-like-it ass loser in a walmart predator costume

                        • Anonymous

                          22 Sep 2019 21:01  

                          Dear god, this guy If i didnt encounter him the first time i got to belfry sol, i wouldnt have know about him, ***** is wrong with you, B Team?

                          • Anonymous

                            08 May 2019 05:54  

                            went up there 25 times, didnt spawn a single time. Even reset the area with a bonfire ascetic. Still nothing

                            • Anonymous

                              22 Aug 2018 19:49  

                              Has no one pointed out that the chance of getting an item would be 1.3%, not 0.13%? 0.13*0.1 = 0.013 = 1.3%

                              • 20 Apr 2017 17:02  

                                Honestly, its easier to just kill the prowlers in Brume Tower (DLC) for the set. Theres no fuss to get them to spawn (Foyer Bonfire ascetic) and there are 5 guys for the drop.

                                • Anonymous

                                  26 Dec 2016 02:17  

                                  I managed to get the set and the blade in 20 mins with homeward bones. Did 50 attempts maximum. Wow! Am I that lucky, or is he changed now?

                                  • Anonymous

                                    16 Nov 2016 04:55  

                                    In Xbox 360 when you are climbing the ladder and the lava go Black for a fraction of Second and the flame of save game appears he spawn. It work like this for me but maybe be different for others

                                    • Anonymous

                                      15 Nov 2016 11:42  

                                      "If you Clear the room Where the bonfire is located and all the enemies in belfry sol you can use unveil at the bonfire to see if he has spawned."

                                      Thanks for the advice, this worked. Now I won't have to climb the ladder every time like an idiot.

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