Magic Zweihander PvP Build

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This build is really great for low level duelling and even newbies can jump in on it because the build is very easy too set up, all items can be obtained within a few hours of starting the game. Before jumping in to the specifics, I'll list a few quick pros and cons to the build.

Very high damage output.
The Zweihander has very slow attacks.
Can stun-lock most opponents with ease.
You can be parried easily if you're hasty.
Wide swings with far range.
Fast weapons like caestus can be tricky to fight.
High rewards for getting your hits in.

Can kill most other players in 1 or 2 hits, super strong.

Join me in the Bell Tower, my brethren, and may the magic swords flail proudly.

This is a very easy and quick to make PvP build that uses the Magic Zweihander and the spell Magic Weapon. It is a very high risk and high reward build with probably the most fun weapon in the game (but that's subjective, I suppose). You can have the entire build ready in 3-4 hours (less if you're familiar with the game already).
Soul Level at completion: Between 75-85 (I 'finished' it at about 300k soul memory and then went straight to PvP where I acquired more) Starting Class: Sorcerer

Soul Level

If you want to add points afterwards, just stick them into Intelligence, Vigor, and Adaptability (only up to 20-22 for ADP).

Equipment and where to get it:
The Zweihander - Find this in the Iron Keep. To locate it, cross the bridge at the start of the Iron Keep and make your way into the next open area. A lever next to the blazing furnace room will lower a bridge. Cross that bridge and the Zweihander is in a chest to your right. IMPORTANT!! Not more than 10 feet away from the Zweihander is the DULL EMBER which is required for McDuff the Blacksmith to infuse your weapons so make sure you pick it up!
Faintstone (use this to infuse the Zweihander into a Magic weapon) - There are a number of ways to get one. You can get one as a drop from Dyna & Tillo by trading smooth and silky stones but the way I will describe is non-RNG dependent. You will need a Pharros Lockstone, and access to the Gates of Pharros. In the Gates of Pharros there is one main ladder you climb that brings you from the water level to the upper level, and the lockstone contraption you are looking for is the very first one on the right after climbing up that ladder. Then drop down to the water and you'll see a doorway you just opened. The Faintstone is within this room in a chest.
The Black Set - A set of armor that is perfect for our character. To get this you need to first have access to Straid of Olaphis. You can find Straid just before the Sinner's Rise, he is petrified in a room with 5 enemies who do the jump/suicide explosion. To un-petrify him you will need a Fragrant Branch of Yore, and one can be found directly after beating the Lost Sinner. After you trade ANY 4 boss souls to Straid and select the 'Talk' option, he will give you the Black Set free of charge. The Black Set offers great elemental and effect resists, which is what we really want. It's extremely light and allows us to keep a light equip load in order to have a fast roll and recover our stamina quickly.
Stone Ring (optional) - This ring can be found in Things Betwixt, at the very beginning of a game, and is held by the big ogre looking thing just before the Old Witches' Hut. It deals additional poise damage, allowing you to stun-lock opponents a little easier.
Chloranthy Ring +1 - This ring can be found in the Shaded Woods, in that foggy wooded area with ghosts. The easiest way to find it is sticking to the right until you reach the cliff. Then just follow along, keeping to the right, until you start to go up a slope and this ring will be in a chest at the top of the slope.
Ring of Blades - This ring is found by defeating the Pursuer in the Forest of the Fallen Giants.
Bell Keeper's Seal - This is your PVP ring, you can not invade without it. Obtained by speaking to the bell keeper dwarf. After beating the Ruin Sentinels boss, there is a ladder in the room with the next bonfire. The Pharros Contraption below opens the way to the Belfry, your new home.
Magic Weapon - This is the sorcery you will cast ASAP when you invade. It adds 50 magic damage to your weapon and then a bonus 10%. In our build it's adding 80 damage! There is also Great Magic Weapon and Crystal Magic Weapon but they require considerable more progress in the game to obtain. To get Magic Weapon, simply speak to Carhillion of the Fold, who is located in No Man's Wharf, on the pier. He sells it for 2000 souls. You will need a catalyst equipped in your left hand to cast it. IMPORTANT Make sure you do NOT switch your right hand weapon (your Zweihander) because buffs go away if you switch your weapon.
Upgrade materials:
Titanite Shards - The Blacksmith in Majula sells 10, you will need 6 to get your Zweihander to +3
Large Titanite Shards - The Blacksmith in Lost Bastille sells an infinite amount, you will need 6 to get your Zweihander to +6
Titanite Chunks - You get this for defeating the host during a Bell Keeper invasion. How convenient. Just start PvPing to get them. You will need 6 to get your Zweihander to +9
Titanite Slab - You get this for ranking up in the Bell Keepers covenant as a one-time reward after 10 (or possible 15, I forget) successful invasions. Just talk to the dwarf dude and he'll give it to you. This will max out your Zweihander at +10.

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      very cool build! strength builds are some of my favorite because of there high damage, so adding in the magic weapon is a nice splash.

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