Maldron the Assassin

HP ??
Weakness ?
Resistance ?
Respawns YES

Maldron the Assassin is an enemy in Dark Souls 2.


Maldron the Assassin Information

The armor set he wears is a combination of the Alva Helm, Royal Swordsman Armor, Heide Knight Gauntlets and Royal Swordsman Leggings. He also uses the Rebel's Greatshield and the Heide Greatlance.





Strategy Tips

  • Using a weapon that can flatten or knock down humanoid enemies works against him.


Move Set

  • ??



  • In Brume Tower, this red phantom will run downstairs towards the Ashen Idol to heal up when his health is around 50% (luring you into an ambush/cursing area if not cleared beforehand). It is possible to kill him on the way down.
  • His Heide Greatlance does not deal lightning damage.
  • He's also able to guard break and backstab you.
  • Will perform the "Mock" gesture if he kills the player in Brume Tower
  • In Eleum Loyce, he has quite the behavior. Upon encountering him, he will do the "Righty-Ho" or "Wave" gesture followed by the "Welcome" gesture. After that he will stand in front of you until he finds an opportunity to backstab you. He will do the "No Way" gesture if you take a while looking at him and then you get one-shotted by his backstab or he will do the "Decapitate" gesture after he one-shot backstabs you right away, one-shot backstabs you after turning the lever ahead of him, or attacking him then he kills you in any way. If you do attack him, he runs away to a dead end by the gate to the Covetous Demon where there's an Ice Hedgehog there so he can drink Estus, or if you've already opened the gate he runs through and he hides by the demon. If you fall down the ledge before you find him he somehow manages to lure the nearby white Covetous Demon to you where he now makes his final stand against you. If he wins he will do the "Mock" gesture or the "Decapitation" gesture depending on how much HP he and the Covetous Demon have remaining. He does "Mock" if they both have 50%+ HP left upon your death or "Decapitate" gesture if both have below 50% HP left upon your death.
  • Be wary of his dashing attack since it can knock you down the tower, leading to your death.
  • Possible to have enemies turn against him with a Seed of a Tree of Giants at Brume Tower encounter, but not during second encounter in Crown of the Ivory King.
  • However he can be used for turning against invaders along with other non-phantom enemies with Seed of a Tree of Giants at Crown of the Ivory King. 

    • Anonymous

      13 Jun 2018 23:19  

      I blocked his way out after using a great lance to back stab him instantly then blocked his path till the two ghost came one up the stars one behind me. Maldron was dumb founded and tried to run into the ghost behind be with the little bridge and i could back stab him until he died. So that is one way i killed Maldron through him getting stuck.

      • Anonymous

        21 Apr 2018 00:04  

        If you are having trouble againt this guy in Brume Tower and you don't have a Giant Tree Seed, try the following. Once he's invaded simply close the game with alt+F4. Open the game and load again and his phantom will be no more. Now you have to rush down the stairs and destroy the Ashen Obelisk. You'll probably be cursed and die once you've destroyed the obelisk but that's ok.

        Once you respawn the curse effect of the area will be gone and the ghost kinghts won't revive as they did before so you can take your time down the stairs in case he runs away again.

        • Anonymous

          26 Feb 2018 19:38  

          I used a seed after beeting him with Dark blacksmith Hammer +10 to ca 50 %health,then the run like the coward he is dawn the stairs and i used the seed ,best moment ewer in DS history standing and looking he been beated dawnstairs...

          • Anonymous

            27 Jan 2018 05:04  

            If anything was ever OP in this game it's Maldron and his seemingly infinite stamina bar. He attacks once, then twice then in succession a third attack that deals about 1500 damage to my guy wearing Alone captain armor +6. Backstabs for over 2,000 dmg and his Lance tracks you like a heat-seeking missile.

            He seems to have quite a lot of poise too. I could only beat him with a Gyrm great hammer using the strong attack to knock him down. In hindsight, the Great club strong attack might be the perfect counter to him. I don't personally use shields, so it's possible that he would be much easier when using one. Rolling at under 50% encumbrance, even with moderately high ADP is generally a suicide mission against him though.

            I died so many times in the area he first spawns. First to Maldron and then 10 more times fighting my way down the tower. If you are struggling with Maldron, one tactic that can work is to just ignore him when he spawns, run straight for the crevasse and do a drop-down attack onto the platform below. Most of the time, Maldron won't move from his spawning position if you rush past like this. 20% of the time he will follow either immediately or after you cause a commotion on the first platform.

            • Anonymous

              07 Dec 2017 03:41  

              I think this is the worst enemy in the game. Nothing else tracks dodges like he does. He can change trajectory MID JUMP ATTACK.

              • Anonymous

                08 Oct 2017 07:28  

                so i killed Maldron right and i warned my mate about him and where he is on the character i made i name him Maldron the assassin just to ***** with people so i join my mates game and as soon as i show myself he runs off and he uses the prey taut cause the thinks it gives him a boost XD anyway i kill him and use his taunt and i join my mates game like maybe 7-11 and when i see him the next day his talking***** about Maldron and im agreeing and then i told him that was me and he whacked me and then i told him im only a quarter as strong as him.

                • Anonymous

                  08 Oct 2017 07:05  

                  yk whats funny even though hes an npc he knows hes a pussy gets low heath runs away kills you and mocks you bro you just ran away you little *****

                  • Anonymous

                    11 Jun 2017 19:34  

                    In Eleum Loyce, after wounding him until he runs to the dead end corner (assuming you haven't opened the gate to Jabba yet), you can lure him to the elevator room you first came down in. He won't be able to get through the door (Note: Not tested in Scholar of the First Sin). Using a long weapon and good timing, you should be able to dodge his attacks and chip away at him allowing you a relatively painless kill. I've only done this once, so I can't attest to this strategy's reliability.

                    • Anonymous

                      11 May 2017 18:12  

                      For the Ivory King encounter, if you don't feel the need to kill him you can make sure you've lit the bonfire near there (it's across the bridge in a house a bit further back) and hit him until he runs away. Pull the lever then feather/bone/run back and rest. Then when you've reset, run across the bridge without entering the house he's in and drop down so you can run straight through the open gate. if you run and dodge well enough you shouldn't take any damage (the hedgehog things are the main issue so be careful). If you keep running the enemies should stop chasing after that. You can progress comfortably from there with no stupid assassin making your life difficult.

                      • Anonymous

                        02 May 2017 08:43  

                        If you're having trouble with Frozen Eleum Loyce Mauldron, even after opening the gate, there is one thing you can do. Once you get the free backstab in the room you meet him in, just stand in the doorway that he runs through. He cannot phase through you, and he will not attack you. You can body block him and just keep attacking. If you do it right, you'll kill him before he even gets a chance to run to Jabba. I found most success sticking to the left side of the doorway.

                        • 25 Mar 2017 09:47  

                          I suggest using toxic mist. It will take all 3 uses, and he won't attack you during; he will only try to run. This will allow you to chase him and simply wail on him while he's wide-open and attempts to use a corrosive urn. May take 2 chases, but he still won't attack you, because he's set on running away to heal.

                          • Anonymous

                            he still heals after getting rid of the ashen idol29 Aug 2016 10:59  

                            I might just use a seed of the giants tree, dince this guy is such a pain in the ...

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