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  • ManHunter O'Harrah is an NPC you can summon in the Iron Keep.
  • She wields an Alonne Greatbow, with Fire Great Arrows, and a Light Crossbow, with Magic Darts.
  • Her ranged attacks are effective against the Old Iron King, but this will focus the boss' aggro on her, resulting in O'Harrah being easily thrown into the lava.



Locations Events
In the iron keep Hallway filled with fire statues summon sign in corner of room Helps with old iron king boss fight

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    • Anonymous

      She's also in Brightstone Cove Tseldora, in the room full of spiders with three doors, behind one of which there's a ladder that leads to the room prior the boss arena.

      • Anonymous

        To add info, she is naked with a pharis hat, weapons are an onislayer greatbow and some heavy crossbow, good dps and fires great arrows and fire arrows. Located in a room filled with spiders and 2 switchs

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