Manliest Fairy Princess


Head: King's Crown

Chest: Moon Butterfly Wings

Hands: Moon Butterfly Cuffs

Legs: Black Witch Trousers

All right guys, it's time to get down to business. This builds theme is to crush and maim your sissy opponents in the manliest way possible. And the best way to do that is by looking swagger as hell while you show them their entrails. The Rings and Weapons are up to the individual, but personally I go for a strength build with this set. Standard STR weps and great shield's to bash your targets skull in. Disorientate the foe by constantly applying poison thanks to your magic fairy dust. Keeping up a good offence is key with this set because one hit on the princess leaves her open to attack from all manner of nasty suitors. Show the world you arn't just a helpless princess. Cut, stab, and slam your enemies like the foreign scum they are. Show your dominance as the Fairy Princess and protect your lands as the next heir to the throne.

My personal Set up: Bandit class.

Right hand: Greatsword +10/ Lightning rapier +10 or lightning falchion +10

Left hand: Gyrm greatshield+10 or Drakekeepers greatshield+10 or magic Mirror shield+5, depending on the fight

Rings: 3rd dragon ring. Royal soldier's ring +2. Old sun ring. Stone ring.

I use the rapier for catching low poise mage's with their pants down. The stone ring lets you hit stun more reliably with the rapier which is handy against a multitude of armors. The greatsword is a tried and true murderizer against just about anyone. I have my Vigor/endurance/vitality at level 40. Strength at level 42 and dex at 18. other stats are at base value.

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