Master Dex Build (Updated Currently)

Dust or
icon-lvl.png 220+
icon-vigor.png 20+
icon-endurance.png 40
icon-vitality.png 39
icon-attunement.png 6

icon-strength.png 30-60

icon-dexterity.png 99
icon-adaptability.png 32
icon-intelligence.png 7+

icon-faith.png 5+

Wiki Calculator Build Ideal!
Covenant: Sun Covenant
  • Build Name: Master Dex Build
  • Starting Class & Gift: [Santa-] Swordsman - Bonfire Ascetic
  • Build Focus: PvE

Build Equipment

Build Strategy

  • Swordsman Class
  • Sun Covenant/Victor's Covenant (PvE)
  • No Sin
  • Dex Max-Capped
  • Stats -
  • Level - End-game - 220+
  • Vigor - 20 (Post-end-game 20+)
  • Endurance - 40
  • Vitality - 39
  • Attunement - As Default
  • Strength - 30 (Post-end 45+ to Dual-Wield)
  • Dexterity - 99
  • Adaptability - 32
  • Intelligence - Default (Post-end 20+)
  • Faith - Default (Post-end 25+)

In-depth Build is as follows:
Focus all your attention to first put your defensive stats at a minimum of 20,(VGR First, END 2nd, VIT Third, then STR or ADP.) then attach the rest to DEX immediately after reaching 16 or more STR for whatever shield (Drangleic e.g.) or weapon (Halberd ex.) you use this build for. Now, put dual-wielding aside for now, and go obtain at least Royal Kite Shield from McDuff, Uchigatana, Long Bow, Iron Arrows (A la Breakables), and Large Titanite Shards (No Quantity). It is wise to save up for that and the rest (levelling). While on that note, levelling is primary, so once you get enough levels to waste 5k on rings from Shalquoir or equipment/ugrades from Lenigrast/McDuff, then do so as one purchase is not always the goal intended. Remember, if you level up a series at once, this is the best habit. After a series, go for equipment same soul range from your single or double-level up soul range. That's the best way to conserve souls, making sure not to ruin characters. Look for the proper walkthrough to get through each area on this wiki, but make certain that you pick up each treasure along the route you choose. If you come up to any blocks, backtrack and farm if need be.

Always remember to include your wiki for additional info, the guide can't do more than much. However, proper playing and viewing/inseeing the game is proper and ultimately important. By the time you get to the Gyrm (You Wheel Deal) Gavlan in No-Man's-Whorf you should be able to sell tons of treasure for a small to big amount'o souls. Then, go forth to Lost Bastille and Harvest Valley, Shaded Woods, Iron Keep, Etc. But Don't do it all at once, keep a confidence level to your goals. That will get far.
Also remember that you are aiming for Dual Wield Blacksteel Katanas, 4th ring Utility(utilitization) , At least 30 STR for Curved Dragon Greatsword, 32 ADP for the maximum agility thats feasible below Seventy (70+) ADP; and mostly end-game DLC stuff for Dex users, and the Ancient Dragon Greatsword/Curved Dragon Greatsword. This, along with some extra armors and vanity are a good goal. Moreover, the best to have weapons include the Drakewing Ultra Greatsword and prior ones, some shields include the Drakekeeper Greatshield, and a few others like Raime's Greatshield, and Gyrm Greatshield.

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