Melinda the Butcher

General Info
Health Souls Location Drops
1900 1,500 The Gutter Raw Greataxe +3
Human Effigy

Melinda the Butcher is an NPC in Dark Souls 2


Melinda the Butcher Information

  • Wears the Prisoner's Set,and carries a Greataxe +3.
  • This Phantom will return to her world if the player jumps to the platform with the two hollows before the Forgotten door.




The Gutter. She invades as soon as you touch the wall ledge with the Ring of Soul Protection chest. Her spawn location is a good distance away, on the wooden platform above the tar pools.




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    • Anonymous

      She has really bad AI. I either jump over to the stone platform with the chest that contains the ring of soul protection and then proceed to spam pyromancies, miracles, sorceries, ranged weapons or go up the ladder, jump off and own her with the jump attack, circle around the tower and go up the ladder again. Really, easiest and dumbest invader in the whole game.

      • Tested the drop rate of Raw Greataxe +3 with change of save file in offline mode. First 20 tries while almost fully hollow with Traveling Merchant Hat an Watchdragon Parma - nothing. Then 10 tries while human w/o item discovery - nothing. Then 20 more tries while hollow with Traveling Merchant Hat + Watchdragon Parma + Prisoner's Tatters - nothing. Then 1 try while hollow with Ring of Soul Protection on and Traveling Merchant Hat + Watchdragon Parma + Prisoner's Tatters got me an axe.
        To bring her down I recommend the same tactic as with heide knights - heavy thrusts to bring her out of poise, while keeping out of range. I two-handed Grand Lance and spammed r1 with stone ring on.

        • Anonymous

          She dropped a Raw Greataxe +3 on NG just now. Don't know how rare that is (if it is actually rare) but my character had no item descovery boosts of any kind on. Just wanted to share.

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