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Dragon Memories Walkthrough

The Dragon Memories is a very brief memory event. The ashen landscape is barren except for an ancient Dragon at the far end, who lies deceased. Approach the dragon and examine to receive the Ancient Dragon Soul. Examining it once more transports you back to the cave in Brightstone Cove Tseldora.


  • It's a bit curious that the Ancient Dragon Soul has the inscription: "Soul of the great ancient dragon that stands magnificently, deep within the shrine. This powerful being stands and waits, for whoever may visit him." But upon reaching him he is lying down, long dead and petrified, so it has probably been a while since he had any visitors.

  • It is possible that the petrified Dragon in the memory is the Everlasting Dragon who resided at the bottom of Ash Lake in Dark Souls.
    • The weapon created from the Ancient Dragon Soul, the Curved Dragon Greatsword, is similar visually, functionally, and nominally to the Dragon Greatsword in Dark Souls--which was obtained via the amputation of the Everlasting Dragon's tail.
    • The memory appears to take place in Ash Lake, but far in the future. The lake appears to have dried up, and the Archtrees have been destroyed.

However, the Ancient Dragon seems to vary in appearance from the Everlasting Dragon in the number of wings, number of wing segments, and size/shape of the head/horns. The Everlasting Dragon had four wings with four segments on the front set, a strange, beak-like mouth, and side-swept horns. The Ancient Dragon appears to only have two wings with five wing segments, a standard (if such a standard exists) dragon-like snout, and four back-swept horns.
It hints that the Ancient Dragon at the top of the Dragon Shrine may be the result of successful transmutation of the Lord Aldia's body with this dragon's soul as they look very similar. The Ashen Mist Heart might even be the poor creature's everliving heart. The memory looks less like Ash Lake and more like the dragon roosts, at the top of the stone pillars, where the Ancient Dragon may have died before The Duke's Dear Freja dragged it into the Tseldora mines and strung it up to it's nest to feed on.

Bug: When I left stuff (some Lifegems) near the Majula-Bonfire, that stuff appeared floating mid-air in the Dragon Memories.

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