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Life Ring

I haven't used this myself but it sounds like a good idea for PVE combat. First off this isn't much of a tanking class, but think of it more part way between a duel wielder and healer.
  • Weapons
    1. Caestusx2
    2. Sword you are comfortable with.
    3. Shield you like.
    4. Archdrake Chime, replace later if you find a better one.
    5. Cross bow or Bow
This class is built around the use of powerwielding caestuses, you can strike quick and fast. Yes the caestuses do start out with horrible damage, however they have amazing stat growth for strength and dexterity which gets better as you smith them up. You will be using both defensive and offensive miracles to round yourself out, the sword and shield is mostly for safety like fighting an enemy who is fast, dangerous, and has high poise to where punching him in the loins isn't effective. The bow or cross bow is for first blood if you like to weaken them before pummeling them or drawing one out at a time. Also the cross bow has allot of elemental and specialized bolts for specific damage types so that might be nice.
  • Armor
    1. Medium armor
    2. Alva Set (For light weight)
    3. Elite Knight Set (for heavier more stable armor)
    4. Light Armor
I am not the best to ask about armor sets, and there is allot of options but this one is mostly up to you. This built is primarily built around powerwielding so dodging attacks is important so medium armor if you want to be able to take a few hits and give them back out, or light armor if you like to zip around your opponents and hit them where it hurts.
  • Stats
    • Vigor: I suggest doing this at your own pace it is mostly if you want a heavier tank like build.
    • Endurance: Not that important use it to get some decent stam and leave it for then.
    • Vitality: Depends on if you want to use heavier equipment or not.
    • Attunement: Depends purely on how many miracles you want to carry around, you can also skip a fair deal of points in this later on if you get the southern ritual rings.
    • Strength: A huge must for this build, get it to 40 quickly and than hold off on it for a while do to lower gains after that.
    • Dexterity: Second place to strength, also get it to 40 and than put it off for a while, helps in nice boosts of caestuses.
    • Adaptability: Up to you, does increase invincibility frames for rolling, and speeds up the animations for consumables.
    • INT: Not really important unless you want to use hexes later on.
    • Faith: A must for this build, it is third place for importance as miracles will help your offensive and defensive fighting.
This is more of an offensive build than anything, luckily the strength should cover any shield you wish to use for defensive purposes. Also it is up to you if you wish to play it more safe and bulk this character up.
  • Upgrades
    1. You're Ceastuses
    2. Back up Weapons
    3. You're armor of choice
In Dark Souls your weapon damage takes huge priority so start with them, armor is also kind of hard to upgrade since there is allot of armor sets requiring twinkling titanite.
  • Rings
    • Southern Ritual Band
    • Stone Ring
    • Chloranty Ring
    • Dragon Ring
    • Ring of Steel Protection
    • Ring of Restoration
All of these are suggestions, it depends on how much you wanna alter your stats. Stone ring is always good though since than you can stun lock more enemies and pummel away at them. Chloranthy ring is another nice one for everyone so you can recover quicker. Restoration ring is up to you, since you will probably be carrying healing miracles around anyways.
Tips: Think about faith upgrades for your weapons, most melee enemies don't have much in way of magic or faith protection you may lose some str and dex scaling but your damage shouldn't be to bad after that.

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