Moonlight Battlemage - SL150

This build focuses on both spells and melee. Although it centers around the Moonlight Greatsword, there are several other weapons you have at your disposal with those stats. However, even with the nerfed MLGS, it dishes out tons of damage and shouldn't be overlooked. You're killing two birds with one stone because your INT stat is what the MLGS scales from, and you can utilize the most powerful sorcery spells of the game. Crank up your attunement to 30, and you have six slots to utilize. I also take advantage of the pyromancy flame +10. This is awesome if you want to do a little PvPing. These is a great build for those that dislike being a glass cannon and would like the option of getting down and dirty, or sitting in the background and lobbing spells.

Sorcerer Stats:
  • VGR: 40 (plenty of life for survivability)
  • END: 20 (No need to increase more than 20 as it'd be a waste)
  • VIT: 13 (Increased to 13 to allow for Faraam armor and still be under 70% equip weight)
  • ATT: 30 (This increases your spells slots, AGL, and defenses)
  • STR: 18 (MLGS requirements)
  • DEX: 18 (MLGS requirements)
  • ADP: 8 (Leave at base. Attunement will bring you to about 93 AGL)
  • INT: 52 (you can use spices to lower spell reqs for geyser which is what I did here)
  • FAI: 4 (leave at base)

  • Black Hood +10
  • Faraam Chest +10
  • Faaram Gloves +10
  • Faraam leggings +10

  • Third Dragon Ring
  • Clear Bluestone Ring +2
  • Chloranthy Ring +2
  • Ring of Steel Protection +2

  • Moonlight Greatsword +5
  • Staff of Wisdom +5
  • Pyromancy Flame +10

  • Defender's Shield +5

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