Mystic Knight

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This is a player-created Build for Dark Souls 2.

  • Build Name: Mystic Knight
  • Build Author: H-A-N-D-Of-God
  • Build Level: 155
  • Starting Class & Gift: Knight, Healing Wares
  • Build Focus: PvE & PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Intelligence
  • Link to Dark Souls 2Calculator: Add link here

Build Equipment

  • Right Hand: broadsword or the morning star / sorcerer's staff
  • Left Hand: Silver Kite shield
  • Head:
  • Chest:
  • Hands:
  • Legs:
  • Spells*: Great Magic Weapon, and Strong magic shield
  • Rings: stacking the ring of Life Plus 2 with the Third dragon ring
  • Items**:


Build Strategy

A High poise, High endurance build that buffs its shield and sword to soak up massive damage and deal good damage. Excellent for Tanking in PVE and PVP.
Your main weapon can be anything, but my perferred choice is the broadsword or the morning star, since you will be close to your enemies most of the time.
Your main armor should be something Sturdy, and with good poise. Like the Royal soldier set or the Alva set.
The first thing to focus on with this build is upgrading your INT, and finding a catalyst of your choice. There is a sorcers staff in a chest behind a hidden wall near the stairs where you fight through the group of enemies to get the white sign soapstone.
The next thing you need is a good shield. The best medium shields for tanking early-game is the Old Knight shield and the . You can also use greatshields if you wish to put a few extra points into VIT.

Next upgrade your main weapon and your shield, then your armor, then your catylyst.

Finally you need to find your spells. . You only need two attunement slots for this, so do not worry about needing the southern ritual band unless you didn't put many points into ATN.
I reccomend for this build.
Since this is not a buff/tank. Infusion is not necessary unless you want to. You should always have a weapon ready to use magic weapon on.
NOTE:You can get the weaker version "Magic weapon "from Carhillion of the Fold in no mans wharf. Strong Magic weapon is sold by Straid, or found in Drangliec castle.

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      Sorry for the random question, but is there a way you're casting both buffs together or do you switch back and forth?

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