NG+ PvE SL 250 Sorcerer Build
Welcome to my first build for a New Game+ PvE sorcerer build. With this build we will be a casting machine from the far,and a nightmare fighter up close. If you want to see my Soul Level 150 build,which is not yet finished,go to .
Stat Distribution
Assuming a starting class of deprived our stats wil be:
VGR 40 END 30 VIT 30 ATN 60 STR 20 DEX 25 ADP 20 INT 62 FTH 6
Equipment and Consumables In your left hand you should have:Magic Moonlight Greatsword+5,Poison Dragonrider Twinblade+5,Magic Alonne Greatbow+10 Right hand:Magic Staff of Wisdom+5,Royal Kite Shield+10
Arrows:Fire Greatarrows and Destructive Greatarrows
Always wear the Black Hood +5 For a caster wear the Lion Mage Set +10 And for a fighter wear the Alva set +10 -the helm

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