The true origins of these Necromancers is unknown, but it is possible that they served the Old Iron King during the Undead Hunts in this forest. They are found near the Skeleton Lords`domain -- perhaps they now serve them as their new masters.

also known as Black Hollow Mage, they will not only cast powerful sorceries at the player but will also reanimate nearby skeletons with necromancy, confirmed to be female according to to item description. They will not respawn so killing them is top priority if you don't want to have to deal with an endless stream of skeletons. however, it implies that getting their hood, robe and staff is extremely difficult. however, they do respawn in Undead Purgatory as long as Executioner Chariot is alive. Their white counterpart can be seen Brightstone Cove Tseldora, although their hoods are entirely different.

  • Homing Soul Arrow - fires magic projectile which chases the target
  • Soul Arrow Barricade - unique to Hollow Mage and Necromancer, fires multiple orb-like soul arrows which does not chase the target
  • Animate Dead - hex/miracle unique to Necromancer, leaves a magic sigil which looks like Heal miracle but it's purple, it reanimates skeletons.
  • Staff bashing - sometimes they'll use their staff to bash you if you get too close too them

  • Bottomless Pit Tactic: use Yearn to lure the skeletons to the edge of a platform, and then use Force miracle to knock them into bottomless pit, in this case not even necromancy can save them.
  • Distraction Tactic: same as above except without the use of Force, simply lure them off and take down the necromancers as fast as possible.


  • their incantation voice clip is played backward and having two seperate voice clips be lower pitched, if you play it backward perhaps we can translate their dialogue.
  • unaffected by Yearn since they're intelligent enemies, however, their minions are mindless.

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