Offline Covenants

The following covenants can be ranked up to Level 3 completely offline, allowing offline access to the rewards offered by each:

  • Way of Blue: Defeat any 10 invading in-game enemies while in this covenant then talk to Saulden the Crestfallen Warrior in Majula to achieve Rank 3.
  • Bell Keepers: Defeat the Mad Warrior 100 times while you are member of this covenant then talk to either of the Bell Keepers at the entrances of Belfries Sol or Luna to achieve Rank 3 (Does not require Bonfire ascetics).
  • Rat King: Collect 35 Rat Tails from the rats in Grave of Saints while you are NOT a member of this covenant, then offer them to the Rat King in Grave of Saints or Doors of Pharaohs to achieve Rank 3.
  • Dragon Remnants: Defeat the Guardian Dragon in Aldia's Keep 30 times and collect all of the Dragon Scales on the corpse after the fight, then offer them all to Magerold of Lanafir in Iron Keep to achieve Rank 3.
  • Company of Champions: Defeat the Invading Rhoy the Explorer in Grave of Saints 50 times while a member of this covenant to receive 50 Awestones, then offer them to the Victor's Stone in Majula to achieve Rank 3.
  • Pilgrims of Dark: Same as online, only without the danger of invading players: clear all 3 dungeons, light all 3 cauldrons and defeat Darklurker, then talk to Darkdiver Grandahl to achieve Rank 3.
  • Heirs of the Sun: Defeat the Falconers in Things Betwixt or on the way to Shrine of Winter, or the Banediggers in Harvest Valley for Sunlight Medals. (Very rare drop)


  • You can easily level up in 3 covenants at the same time in the Grave of Saints, by clearing the rats and collecting rat tails for the Rat King, defeating Rhoy the Explorer 50 times while in the Covenant of Champions covenant, then defeating Rhoy 10 more times while in the Way of the Blue Covenant, giving you access to all the items offered fairly early in the game.
  • Aldia's Keep is an excellent source of Petrified Dragon Bones and other rare stones, and you can most likely buff out all of your Boss Weapons while you are grinding for the 30 dragon scales found after defeating the Guardian Dragon 30 times (Aldia's Keep is also the only place to collect multiple copies of Soul Geyser or farm the Monastery Set)
  • Completing Pilgrims of the Dark early on will allow you to farm the Bonfire Ascetics needed to level up in these covenants offline.
  • There are several methods for knowing when the Mad Warrior has spawned, to make leveling up in the Bell Keepers covenant much easier
  • Freeing Navlaan the Sorcerer allows you more opportunities to kill invading Enemies for leveling up, but don't do that until you've completed his assassination quests.

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