Old Sun Ring is a situational attack ring in Dark Souls 2.
old_sun_ring.png "An odd stone ring containing a fiery heat. Accumulates power as the user is harmed, then explodes damaging surrounding enemies while leaving it's wearer unscathed.
Our deeds will come back to us in some form or another, both good and bad"


  • Explodes after taking damage, following a brief audio cue. Explosion AOE is centered around the wearer.
    • Deals close to 300 damage to targets with low defense.
    • Has a 10-30% of causing an explosion once it reaches the damage threshold. The probability degrades rapidly as the durability decreases.
    • Each explosion lowers the durability by 10, not including the damage done to activate.
    • Will explode multiple times before actually breaking. Multiple activations can stack through receiving repeated instances of durability loss, such as the fire pits in the rotten boss room.
  • Durability: 75
  • Weight: 3.0


  • Shaded Woods: From the Ruined Fork Road bonfire, enter the fogged forest, hug the right wall until you reach the chest containing the ring. Be wary of the Shades guarding it.


  • Repair Cost: 5250 souls
  • The delay between the explosion and the activation is significant, lowering overall usefulness in PVP.

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