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memory of orro



  1. Benhart of Jugo





  • Royal Soldiers
  • Warrior Giants
  • Normal Giants
  • Sorcerer Giants

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Memory of Orro Walkthrough

To access this memory you must go to the tree in the area after the Pursuer boss fight, where you can ride an eagle to Lost Bastille. To do this, you must have obtained the Soldier Key and find the locked door just to the right after defeating the Old Ironclad Soldier near a set of explosive barrels and firebomb-throwing hollows.

Note: You will need the Ashen Mist Heart to access memories.

When you enter you will immediately see your old friend Benhart of Jugo across the room (presuming you did not kill him earlier), a staircase to your left and a small passage to your right. Right leads to the courtyard, and left leads to the rooftop which can also drop down to the courtyard.

Up the staircase to your left, are four normal soldiers that will attack you. They are normal size but hit much harder than you might expect, so be careful. Behind them is a corpse with a Fading Soul. To the right of where you entered the room is a Pharros Contraption; if activated, it will reveal a secret wall at the end of the room. Behind that wall is another Pharros Contraption and a trapped wooden chest containing Soul of a Hero x3. You do not need to open the second Pharros Contraption, as it only turns on a spinning blade on the wall that spins across the wall whenever you approach it. Directly to the right of the Pharros Contraption is an illusory wall. This hidden room contains two iron chests, one of which contains the full Steel Set armor and the other contains a Fire Seed .

Turn around to where the four soldiers were and take the staircase leading up to the top level of the castle to find two giants (one throwing fireballs, and the other using a giant club) fighting some Royal Soldiers. Try to help them all kill each other to make grabbing some loot easier, but be wary of the soldiers firing ballistas.

In between of these two Giants (fireball and club) is a drop on to a small bridge with a corpse with a Soul of a Brave Warrior. On the other side of the bridge is another drop leading to another drop off a small roof down to a fight and the Soul of a Giant on top of the staircase (examine the giant's body). You can also get to this place by taking the first passage to your right when you enter the memory, but then you may have to fight your way through the giants in the courtyard.

Down here are one normal Giant using only fists and a Warrior Giant with two clubs (beware as the warrior giant swings will go through your shield) as well as two soldiers who will fire at Giants with ballistas dealing lots of damage and going through your shield.

To the immediate right of the entrance from the passage in room where Benhart of Jugo is. A corpse with a Soul of a Great Hero and a Soul Vessel is also nearby. Across the courtyard is a ladder up to a scaffold with a Soul of a Proud Knight, and at the other end you can drop down to a roof to pick up some Wilted Dusk Herbs. The Soul of a Giant is at the other end of this courtyard on top of a small staircase (examine the giant's body). If you examine the giant's body again after already collecting its soul you will be teleported out of the memory.

On the top floor where the fire and club giants were there is a crane against the far wall hanging down toward the courtyard. Attack it to lower the small platform suspended from it. You will have to drop down to it, but be careful. Try to use the hanging rope to gauge your drop. Try to position yourself so that you are against the edge but not over the edge and then walk off toward the platform. If you do it from too far back you'll accelerate to full speed and then either overshoot and die or automatically roll (off the platform) once you land on it. If you lightly tap / don't go fast enough you will drop straight down and die. It might be easier if you position yourself diagonally. This next part is only tricky because of how small the platform is, and how you need to build up speed sprinting to jump. Once safely on the platform, toggle your "walk" key so that you can inch yourself into the platform's corner, as far away from the hole in the wall as possible. You should be hanging off the edge as much as possible without actually falling. If you position yourself right, you can sprint from corner to corner of the platform and jump straight into the hole. If you fail the jump, try going farther off the far edge next time so you can have more distance to build up the sprint.

Note that there is a club giant just inside. If you wish, it is possible to snipe it from the courtyard rooftop before you jump inside the room. His attacks are very telegraphed but can damage through shields, so dodge and roll instead of blocking. Inside the room are 2 iron chests, one with a  Simpleton's Spice and  Skeptic's Spice, the other with Bonfire Ascetics x3.

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Video Walkthrough

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