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Other NPCs


The Green-Clad Pilgrim (Emerald Herald)

Very little is currently known about this NPC. All we know is that "She is a mysterious girl in green robes. She serves as a guide to the player in Drangleic. She serves as a fire keeper in Majula.
NA Facebook "
Emerald Herald. A mysterious lady wearing the Emerald Robe."


Unknown Characters


Old Fire Keepers and their Maid Millibeth (Old Ladies and Milibeth)

"Three crones whisper out to the player when he/she sets foot in Drangleic. Under the care of Millibeth, Who are they? What do they have to say...?"
NA Facebook "
The 3 old ladies and the housekeeper, Milibeth. They welcome you when you wake up in Drangleic."

Lucatiel of Mira (Mirrah)

external image 1555465_597490456990669_1841954386_n.jpg
"A warrior of Mira. Despite humble birth,she came close to knighthood through great feats of arms on the battlefield. Then the mark of the curse took her. she has come to Drangleic seeking a cure."
NA Facebook "
Lucatiel of Mirrah. She is from the land of Mirrah, the far east, known as a land of knights. Although she was born in an underprivileged social rank, her skills on the battlefield let her become a knight. But then the accursed sign appeared on her body. She came to Drangleic to find a way to undo the curse."

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    • These page is incedibly bizzare and odd
      It appears to be obsolete with lacking images as many of these NPCS have their own page in the website
      I believe it should be removed in some way for the information
      Although I do like the name Green Clad Pilgrim anyway

      • Anonymous

        The Green Clad Pilgrim?! Fucking hell, thats not her name. She's the Emerald Herald aka Shanalotte, she's the newest Fire Keeper compared to the 3 Old Fire Keepers and Millibeth.

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