Parry Frame Data in Dark Souls 2 compiles data attained from testing different Weapons and measuring the frames it took to complete their moveset. These are measured in 3 sections from the Start up period, active period and recovery. These are then totaled to give the final number of frames. Use this data and implement it when creating builds and going into Combat.


Dark Souls 2 Parry Frame Data

All testing were done for Patch 1.04 Calibration 1.08 on PC 60 fps in PvE. Not all weapons were tested, but the most noticeable members in category. All categories were covered though (Straight swords, Small shields etc.)



Parry Window Graphics

by TheHolyChicken86


DS2 Parry Frame Speculations

  • Testing of "Hilt parry" was done only with Washing Pole and Blue Flame weapons, so it is only assumption that the rest of weapons from "Hilt parry" category have the same parry frame data based on the same parry animation
  • There was no testing for PvP, but most likely the frame data is the same, but you need to add latency delay to startup frames.

DS2 Parry Frame Conclusions

  • Unless small shield has "make parrying easier" property in description, it does not have more parry frames even with "fancy" parry animation. In fact it makes startup and recovery longer. Thus Llewellyn Shield is the best alternative to Target Shield.
  • Black Knight Greataxe (Greataxes category) has "Hilt parry" animation, but Gyrm Axe (Axes category) has Greatswords parry animation. Looks like both Greataxes and Axes have "Hilt parry" if they have long enough hilt and "Greatswords parry" if they are short and somewhat massive.
  • If the item has "Spell parry" property, it has the same spell parry frames as for weapon parry.

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    • Anonymous

      This looks accurate:

      • Anonymous

        I was recently testing scimitar (curved swords) parrying. They're horrible -- the information here is definitely not accurate for them. They're more like normal dagger parries than anything else.

        • Anonymous

          I cannot find a conclusive answer about this. (Currently on calibrations 2.02) Has the monastery scimitar been "re-patched" with the good parry or is it still garbo? The fextralife page made it sound like it has the good parry rn

          • Anonymous

            Its soo ****ing stupid, you can parry an enemy but then the riposte wont happen because of the clunky mechanics

            • Anonymous

              Whats the point of parry dagger if the target and buckler shields cab block and have better parry timing?????

              • Anonymous

                You can still get a parry from some weapons with a custom R2 move like ricard's or ice rapier, 2 hand them and then L2

                • I believe the new parry frame data is about 6 frames for startup and still 18 frames of active parry. Seems to have a longer recovery than the super parry. Further testing is requested because the is is just what I have eyed using steams built in FPS measuring tool.

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