Poison Arrow


Arrows imbued with poison.
Tipped with Rotten Pine Resin.

Poisoned foes slowly lose HP over time.

Poison Arrow is a type of Ammunition in Dark Souls 2




  • Takes roughly four to five arrows for the poison to take effect.







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    • Anonymous

      Absolute requirement for many areas of the game. Shrine of Amana and Iron Keep are both super easy with these.

      • Anonymous

        Game is unplayable without these. Ultimate anti gank solution. snipe and poison these a**holes one by one. Boring but still better than 6 ennemies attacking non stop

        • Anonymous

          These make this game so much more tolerable in some of the more egregious places, Iron Keep isn't all that bad (outside of the Smelter Demon runup) thanks in part to these and the traps. Best to have several hundred of these on you at all times, even if you don't have the stats to use a bow properly as the poison will do all the work.

          • Anonymous

            Just gonna leave it here - both gauntlets and rat crest does not seem to affect poison arrows buildup speed - still takes 9 arrows to poison imperfects.

            • Anonymous

              I was able to 3 shot poison most on my swordsman class but on my deprived with same skills it takes 4 shots why is this?

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