Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
Pure Caster

Pure caster build that relies only on spells. Your early focus should be to get Attunement up to 16 as quickly as possible. Your aim is then to get INT 20 and FTH 20. Your progress should bring you the forest of the fallen giants.

From here progress to the second bonfire, from Merchant Hag Melentia, where you can buy your second soul arrow thus making you have 60 uses. Progress up the through the open passage from there until you reach the room with ballista traps. Progress forward until you can enter a room on the right. Here you will find the spell Great Soul Arrow. You are now ready to tackle the world. Your first agenda should be to leave the forest unless you want to kill the area's boss and/or level up a bit.

Head back to Majula and go down through the tunnel on the right from Sweet Shalquoir. Go through the tunnel till you reach Heide's Tower of Flame. From here progress until you defeat Dragonrider. He is found by going right from the three stone giants. I would recommend clearing the area and pulling the levers to make the boss fight easier since they make the area you fight him in bigger.

After defeating him head upstairs to meet Licia of Lindeldt. You can use her to buy some miracles if you want but the most important part is to exhaust her dialogue so that she moves to Majula. After doing that and head back to Majula and talk to her in the tunnel you recently went through. Pay her 2000 souls to open a new route. Go through the new tunnel until you get to the exit where on the right side will you find Felkin the Outcast. If you have 10 INT and 10 FTH he will sell you hexes but most importantly if you have 20 INT and 20 FTH he will gift you the full Hexer armor set. You might need to rest at the bonfire just next to him. This is one of the best caster armor in the game and will stay with you for a long time. The head will increase your casting uses. My caster with 60 INT/FTH and the hexer chest piece got a bonus +1 INT/FTH. You also get one of the best staffs in the game for sorc and hexes, it has A sorc and S hexes so you should quickly discard the sorceror staff you started with.

From here I would recommend getting attunement to 25 and buy the spell Dark Orb from Felkin and Lightning Spear from Licia. Not only are these great early spells but having different dmg types. At this point you can basically choose to do whatever you want. You can find a Sorcery trainer would by progressing past where you first found Licia and intoNo-Man's Wharf. but you will also find the Pyromancer flame if you defeat this areas boss thus making you able to cast all four different spell types from this point forward. You will also have a hex/miracle/sorcery trainer unlocked at this point to mix and match however you like.

My end game stats at SL 150 are VGR 11 END 6 VIT 8 ATN 40 STR 3 DEX 7 ADP 8 INT 60 FTH 60 these stats makes my character a beast in both PvE and PvP. You will be very squishy and have to dodge but I have had no real issue yet in NG or NG+ and I can just tear apart anything that stands in my way. You can of course skip the 3 points I put in VIT and put them in VGR instead. You could also lower INT/FTH all the way down to 45 if you want to be at around SL 120 instead. I usually carry all 4 dmg types on me to check the areas weakness and then switch to that specific dmg type.

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