Pursuer Build by Hefellmyliege:

Starting Class - Knight

Soul Level: Doesn't matter

Pursuer Build and My Stats
SL: 177
Vigor: 20
End: 25
Vit: 47
Atn: 13
Str: 50
Dex: 28
Adp: 10 (I would increase this a little. Pursuer was ridiculously fast and had a small hitbox at times.)
Int: 15 (use Magic Weapon/ increase intelligence to use Great Magic Weapon)
Fth: 22 (for magic barrier)


Right Hand - Magic Pursuer's Ultra Greatsword +5, Archdrake Chime +10
Left Hand - Pursuer's Greatshield +5, Sorcerer's Staff

Head - Elite Knight Helm +10
Chest - Steel Armor +10
Hands - Throne Defender Gauntlets +5
Legs - Throne Defender Leggings +5 (spikey toes look good :P)

Rings: Chloranthy Ring +1, Redeye Ring (fo dat creepy red glow), Dispelling Ring, Third Dragon Ring

Spells: Magic Weapon/ Great Magic Weapon and Magic Barrier/ Great Magic Barrier
The Pursuer children...that is all. Fight like him. Think like him. Destroy with massive magic weapon.

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