Quicksword Rachel

The armor set she wears is a mix of the Old Knight Set with an Alonne Knight Helm she also wields a Bastard Sword and a Hollow Soldier shield.


  • This phantom spawns in the Smelter Tower across the chain bridge with the fog gate (where you get the Scorching Iron Scepter) after you go down the ladder to the area with multiple doors and 3 oil beacons in Brume Tower.


  • This Phantom will use one of the Pine Resins to buff the Bastard Sword before engaging in combat.
  • A very useful tactic to defeating this phantom is lighting the oil beacons on fire and let her walk trough the flames while you circle around them, this way she will slowly burn herself to death.
  • This phantom can light the oil beacons on fire when the weapon is buffed by a Charcoal Pine Resin and hits one of them.
  • There appears to be a collision issue with the area at the top of the ladder which you climb down on to spawn her. If she follows you up the ladder, go around the other side from the climb point. She seems unable (not 100%) to get around to you, so you are able to attack her with ranged items or weapons without repercussions.

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    • Anonymous

      I got distracted talking to a friend while waiting to slide down the ladder and fight her. After about five minutes she “returned to her world,” so I didn’t have to fight her when I returned to my game.

      • Light one of the braziers and just walk around it in circles. She's dumb and will just walk through the fire until dead. Also, her weapon buffs wear off, and when she goes to re-apply it, you can backstab her very easily. The best way to do this is to put the ladder between you and her. She'll de-aggro for some reason when you do this. The buff on her sword will wear off, she'll go to re-apply it, and you can just run up and get a free backstab. :)

        • Anonymous

          If you take her across the chain she cannot fit through the door near the ladder for the shortcut, at least in my experience

          • Anonymous

            once she spawns quickly go back to the nearest bonfire on the other side of the chain once your near it will say she is returning to her world i did this and she doesnt respawn i did this in SOTFS and it worked for me

            • Anonymous

              If you slide down to the bottom of the ladder, standing behind it makes her idle. If she comes close enough she will still agro though. But if you keep her on the opposite side of the ladder, no matter the angle, from you she will think you don't exist.

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