Redeye Ring


"A cursed ring depicting a demon eye. Becomes easier to be detected by enemies. If it is tranquility that you seek, then you should never have left your home. If you seek strife, then fair enough, but no need to overdo it."

Redeye Ring is a Ring in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). Players can equip up to 4 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible. Some rings have upgraded versions, having a maximum of +3. Some can only be found in NG+. Rings can be repaired at a blacksmith, but not upgraded. Upgraded versions must be acquired throughout the game from corpses, chests, bosses, etc.


Redeye Ring Effects

Durability: 130


  • 0.2



  • Easier to be detected by enemies and draws their attention.
  • Can be used for most bosses to direct the fight (very useful to help others)
  • Adds a fiery red effect to your head around the eyes.




Redeye Ring Locations







  • Does not generally extend enemies' aggro range (the range an enemy will pursue the player)
  • Causes all enemies in area to focus attention on you.
  • May result in enemies noticing you more easily or from a greater distance (note that this is different than aggro range as they may not pursue for greater distances, they just notice you from further away)
  • With the ring equipped, your eyes glow red. This is purely cosmetic.
  • Does NOT increase chance of being invaded.
  • In Coop it can be used with a 100% shield to block all the enemies attacks while the other player attacks without worry. The attacker should be careful not to get hit from crossfire though. Shield should watch the enemy for a chance to let down their block to properly keep up stamina.
  • Highly effective for many boss fights (see table below)



Utility in Boss Fights:

The effectiveness of the Redeye Ring in taking heat away from a host/phantoms in a boss fight. The information below is based on the intended goal of making fights predictable by having Bosses consistently focus on one player. Any fight in which the Redeye makes bosses CONSISTENTLY focus on that player will be labeled as an "effective" or "very effective" use of the ring. There are some boss fights where the Redeye Ring MAY draw their attention or has some effect. In these instances, other factors as applicable will be listed. However, despite having some effect, unless it consistently draws the attention of the boss the ring will typically NOT be recommended as it does not fulfill the intended goal as stated above.

Boss Effectiveness
The Last Giant Needs more testing. Does not appear to be very effective from preliminary results.
The Pursuer Seems to be completely ineffective. The Pursuer, like the name suggests, does appear to primarily focus on the host. While there may be some effect of the ring when combined with proximity or damage dealt factors, there's seemingly no objective reason to not use the ring slot for something else.
The Executioner's Chariot Skeletons are affected as ordinary mobs but must either see or be struck by wearer. The horse seems somewhat affected by the ring, but due to space constraints may target other players. Not really too helpful here
Looking Glass Knight Looking Glass Knight is arguably the single best boss to use this on. Apart from the first attack to the host (as a Redeye phantom wouldn't be in the arena yet) the Knight will fixate 100% of his attention on the Redeye. Caution is advised however, as the lightning attacks in particular can be easy to place your host in harm's way. Trying to flank around him to avoid the lightning slash for instance will make him turn toward you. If the host was behind him, the host will now be in the path of the blade. Bring a good lightning resist shield to soak the damage and maintain space to avoid this. Summoned Squires also seem to fixate on the Redeye, but due to them dying quickly, further research may be beneficial.
Skeleton Lord Lord skeletons seem mostly unaffected while all other skeletons react normally. Must be either very close to them or hit them to draw their attention but can be VERY effective here. Be careful though as four Bonewheel Skeletons all rolling at you at one time is a possibility. Alluring skulls will have a similar effect (though short lived) and direct the fight away from all parties if desired.
Flexile Sentry In NG this is a recommended boss to use the ring on. The Sentry does fixate significantly on the Redeye. However, in NG+, so do the Sentry's friends. This can lead to situations where the Redeye is engaged with one mob and the Sentry leaps across the arena to land a devastating attack to be followed by a triple team. Unless you have faith that the host or other phantom will be aware that you are wearing the ring AND will act to take out the little guys immediately, this is a very dangerous boss to use the ring on. In NG+ cycle or beyond, the ring is likely to increase the difficulty. Recommended for challenging your skills.
Lost Sinner Totally focuses on the wearer. Except if a NPC/Player is strictly between the Sinner and the wearer (tested in NG and NG with Ascetic). Due to the Sinner leaping around a lot, there can be a temporary fixation change from this as well. The pyromancers in NG+ also seem to be generally fixated on the Redeye. While they are not guaranteed to do so, it should be cautioned that you are likely to take a fireball from across the arena if you aren't careful. Once the pyromancers come out to play, the challenge to survive increases.
Belfry Gargoyles Extremely Effective, The Gargoyles will all focus on the ring bearer letting others attack when needed.
Ruin Sentinels Sentinels are attracted to the ring but may demonstrate it randomly. For instance, they may choose to engage another player briefly and return to the ring wearer on a whim. May use their jump attack(s) to close the distance quickly. Other times they may show dogged perseverance in attempting to get to the wearer, even ignoring someone else that is causing high damage. While fighting Yahim on the ledge, Ricce and Alessia won't behave differently (which is good).
Royal Rat Vanguard Can't summon or be summoned here. Rats are all aware of your presence anyway.
Royal Rat Authority Can't summon or be summoned here. Untested to see if smaller rats may aggro easier.
Scorpioness Najka Limited effectiveness. Seems to focus on hosts first but if a Redeye wearer hangs close enough she may temporarily focus on them. Better uses for the ring slot exist.
Duke's Dear Freja Can be very effective. Maintaining distance from her can result in her looping the laser attack. Closer range can lead to repeat stomp and vomit attacks. As the little spiders will also likely engage the Redeye, this can be a challenging fight.
Mytha, The Baneful Queen Mytha is easy to convince that the Redeye ring wearer is the true enemy and will often focus solely on that player. The Redeye may even be able to direct the fight to the degree of getting her to turn and expose her back to the other player(s). Very effective use of a ring here.
The Rotten Will almost always fixate on the Redeye. On occasion he will target another player but the odds that this will be effective are in your favor.
Old Dragonslayer Very effective in this fight. Confirmed that, on occasion, he will ignore the host even for his opening dash attack despite a Redeye phantom entering the mist later. Heavy damage from another player (especially right at the start of the fight and from melee) can lead to him choosing another target, but he will regain the Redeye focus easily. Same effect with host fixation (if he chooses the host first, you may have to encourage him to choose someone else). However, once fixated, he seems to remain locked on better than most enemies and will often ignore everyone else.
Covetous Demon Needs to be tested. However, a more potent effect than the Redeye can be achieved by shooting the urns above him hanging from the ceiling (iron arrows work well). This drops a hollow who the Covetous Demon will completely fixate on to the exclusion of all else. There are several hollows that can be dropped in.
Smelter Demon Limited effectiveness due to location. All other things being equal (damage, distance from him) the Smelter Demon will probably choose to engage the Redeye wearer. However, as the room is small it's hard to have players distance themselves far enough away to have him lose track of them. You could find a better ring than this to help.
Old Iron King There are some limitations to this due to arena size. Many attacks have a chance to damage all players regardless of who the King is focused on. However, he will nearly universally target the Redeye with his melee attacks. While the sweeping arm is still a problem for everyone, the follow up vertical smash (or the standalone two handed vertical smash) will be aimed at the Redeye. What this means is that ONLY the Redeye will need to dodge this or is at risk for a follow up attack, allowing players that got hit a chance to heal or get some space. Effective use of a ring slot if you're good at dodging him and don't need it for something else ("don't use this ring if you don't know the boss" is good advice no matter what).
Guardian Dragon Does not appear to be particularly effective. Seems to lose focus on the Redeye often. This is possibly due to the nature of him jumping up and flying, maybe in excess of certain proximity triggers. Further testing required.
Demon of Song Quite effective in this fight. The Demon of Song (DoS) will generally target the Redeye wearer first. If the Redeye wearer is the closest combatant initially (runs in first) it's even more likely. Once focused on the Redeye, the Demon of Song has a good chance of targeting that player for the rest of the fight, regardless of damage output or proximity. Ex: Redeye runs in yet caster causes heavy damage before Redeye reaches the boss, DoS still targets Redeye. Alternatively, Felicia (who is very aggressive and maintains close proximity) but DoS still targets Redeye. Redeye wearer can move to the side of the boss which will often prompt the DoS to turn and change direction to the desired one. This is useful for keeping the fight away from the walls where heavier attacks can make short work of players.
Velstadt, The Royal Aegis Can be effective. Velstadt has a good chance of focusing on the Redeye, especially if the Redeye causes damage to him quickly. Staying at mid-range can result in him using his sweeping attack frequently. Backpedaling and stamina are important to draw attacks and then defend them successfully. Particularly after he buffs himself.
Vendrick Cannot be summoned or summon others but needs testing to see if it alters his tracking or perception of you.
Darklurker Cannot be summoned or summon others. The Darklurker knows where you are the whole fight.
Dragonrider Very effective. Will almost always focus on the Redeye Wearer to the exclusion of all else.
Twin Dragonriders Incredibly effective in this fight. The Redeye wearer needs to be careful however, as BOTH Dragonriders will focus on the Redeye to the exclusion of all else, as soon as the fight starts. Due to the bosses' starting locations, it is rare for the host to even draw aggro before the Redeye becomes the target. This means that the Halberd Rider will try to physically push his way to the Redeye while the Archer will target all shots at the Redeye as well. Example of effectiveness: Redeye does not attack and uses only shield, host and other phantom attack archer first (confirmed in several near identical attempts), BOTH Riders will still doggedly pursue the Redeye and ignore the other two players.
Magus and the Congregation Very little utility in this fight due to the large number of enemies. While some enemies will target the Redeye under normal conditions (proximity, damage, etc.) it's faster typically to just kill the enemy whose attention you'd want to draw. This is particularly true as the three main enemies will often divide their attention unless attacked by the Redeye. If you're looking to control the fight with the color red, Chaos Storm is a better option.
Giant Lord Can't summon or be summoned here.
Ancient Dragon Seems to have no effect. The Ancient Dragon will still target other players, and most notably, the flying breath attack will still seemingly be directed at random. Since pretty much no rings are going to help you here (short of Gower's I hear) you might as well still wear the Redeye since it looks awesome.
Throne Watcher/Throne Defender Does not seem to be effective at all here. Defender/Watcher seem to enjoy divide and conquer approaches with them often selecting different targets when two or more players are present. In addition, it is common for them to switch targets.
Nashandra May be hit or miss. Sometimes with her focusing the entire fight, and other times not. Maintaining distance from her when she's focused on you can lead to her using the beam attacks extensively. The ring is worth it, if it isn't replacing something more effective.
Elana, The Squalid Queen Elana is hard to predict the effectiveness of the ring with. Sometimes she will fixate significantly on the Redeye and other times there does not appear to be a difference. Most often she will fixate when the player is at a distance, choosing to use her ranged spells on the redeye. Skeletons in this fight don't have any particular affinity for the ring and do not generally seem to be affected. Velstadt has a higher chance to fixate on the redeye than Elana but is also not guaranteed. It's a bit of a gamble but when the ring works, it can lead to an easier time separating enemies.
Sinh, The Slumbering Dragon Sinh is mostly unaffected by the ring. With ranged attacks he does seem to have a slight preference for attacking the Redeye wearer. If there's no ring that will lead to a guaranteed better chance of victory this can be semi-useful. A player used to dodging the jets of fire and fireball might give a host a couple extra chances to attack or heal if needed.
Afflicted Graverobber, Ancient Soldier Varg, Cerah the Explorer The ring usually makes a difference in this fight. There appears to be a heavy emphasis on proximity for attracting the attention of the enemies. Also, enemies will often swap targets throughout the fight. However, the ring works because they will frequently switch targets to engage the redeye. A savvy host or phantom will then see an exposed back instead of an enemy going for their jugular and capitalize on it. It can be difficult to predict when a target switch will occur but the closer you are to an enemy the more likely it is to occur. From a probability standpoint, at some time during a longer fight you may have all three fixated on you. This can lead to an early exit without your teammates acting on it.
Fume Knight Seem to have no effect, the Fume Knight will react as if none of the players has the ring and will most likely attack the last player that hit him.
Sir Alonne Seems to have some effect upon his aggression, though he is liable to engage other players at random. This target switch seems to prioritize the last player who damages him, which can lead to an early death for supporting casters and archers alike.
Smelter Demon (Iron Passage) The Smelter Demon in the DLC appears to act the same as the other version. There doesn't seem to be a significant enough effect to warrant use of the ring.




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      strike fear into your enemies by wearing this, gower's ring, the most egregious armor you can find, and casting affinity

      • Anonymous

        Im not sure why but i used the ring in lost sinners fight(ng+) and she rarely focused on me same goes for the pyromancers. I still won but it felt extremely unsatisfying

        • Anonymous

          On DS2 support page there is written:
          'Wearing rings - There are certain rings that can be equipped that will improve your chances for connecting to players that are in the same covenant as you (such as the "Name-engraved Ring") or others (such as the "Redeye Ring") which will improve your chances for being invaded.'
          Does the Redeye Ring increase invasion chances?

          • Anonymous

            I would like to point out that this info in my experience is incorrect, after many hosts being unable to last against him I equipped this ring and noticed a significant increase in aggro. Where I bare fist and do less than half the dmg of others I held aggro for at least 90% of the fight (video confirmation that I was not the final hit either)

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