Resonant Flesh

resonant flesh
Spell Type



11 Intelligence
19 Faith

icon attunementSlots Used

1 Slot

Spell Uses

2 - 4



Resonant Flesh is a Hex in Dark Souls 2. To cast a Hex, you must use a staff/chime or Special Weapons that can cast Hex.



"A hex developed independently by Outcast Felkin. Transforms a certain number of souls into HP over a period of time.

Something gained, something lost

Catalyst: sacred chime"

Acquired From



  • Resonant Flesh will temporarily increase your max HP at the cost of your souls. If you have little to no Souls on you when you cast this spell, you'll barely notice your health bar increase at all, and that tiny increase will only last for 30 seconds. If you have 2000 souls, the increase in health will be around 20% and it will last for 60 seconds. Doesn't stack on itself, but does stack with other items that increase max HP.
  • Note that what will increase will be your maximum HP, but your current HP will remain the same. Therefore you will have to heal yourself after using this spell.


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    • Anonymous

      It increases your max hp, but your current hp remains the same so you need to heal after casting this spell. Just something to keep in mind.

      The usage for this spell? Idk, perhaps it's to survive poison or melted floor a little longer.

      • Anonymous

        Dont know what im doing wrong but for me this lasts about 3 minutes and gives me a solid +600 maxhp (50vit + lifering+3 + Third Dragon Ring at 30|30) Verry underated imo

        • Anonymous

          It's pretty much useless if you're going for an offensive, and playing a defensive cleric or sorcerer isn't very practical. Get the dark orb or the resonant soul combined with the drangleic shield. Much easier if you're a low level but it's not something you should use for pvp.

          • This description is misleading. Makes it sound like heals you for a certain amount of hp over time. A lot of item descriptions in dark souls 2 seem to be lost in translation.

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