Ring of Blades is an attack boosting ring in Dark Souls 2.
ring_of_blades.png "The Ring of Blades is modeled after the mad knight of Alken's weapon of choice. Increases physical attack.
The kingdoms of Alken and Venn long ago flourished on these very grounds. They were both founded by the same man, but were reduced to rivalry and spite."


  • Increases physical attack.
  • Ring: Physical Attack +20
  • Ring +1: Physical Attack +35
  • Ring +2: Physical Attack +50.

  • Durability (Regular): 110 | (+1): 85 | (+2): 70
  • Weight (Regular): 1.0 | (+1): 1.5 | (+2): 2.0


Obtained by defeating the boss Pursuer in Forest of Fallen Giants.
Ring +1
Obtained by defeating the Pursuer within Iron Keep in the Smelter Demon's room. The Pursuer will spawn after Smelter Demon is defeated, but one must rest at a bonfire/re-enter the area first. (The Pursuer in the Forest of Fallen Giants does NOT have to be defeated.) (You will also not obtain the Ring if he dies while you get summoned.)
Ring +2
Obtained by defeating the two mini boss Pursuers in Drangleic Castle throne room on NG+. (Can be done via bonfire ascetic at King's Gate bonfire)


  • Increases ALL physical damage. This includes fists and bows.
  • As this ring does not provide a percentage increase in damage, it is most effective with weapons that can attack rapidly, in order to proc the increased damage as often as possible.
  • The physical damage bonus provided by this ring is reduced proportionally to the physical damage reduction of the imbuement used for each individual weapon (typically 20%-30%). See the Imbuement section of the Upgrades page for more details.
  • At +2, this ring provides normal, raw and mundane infused weapons with +50 AR, bleed and poison infused weapons with innate bleed or poison with +40 AR, elemental infused weapons will receive +25 AR and weapons upgraded with twinkling titianite or petrified dragon bone +35 AR.

    • Anonymous

      15 Jun 2017 19:09  

      Does this applay its damage to EACH shot of a Avelyn (tri-shot crossbow) or only to an ATTACk (divided over the 3 shots)?

      • Anonymous

        06 Dec 2016 00:12  

        Does this add physical damage the the Moonlight Greatsword, or must there already be some physical damage in order to add the ring?

        • Anonymous

          so hard...29 Aug 2016 10:59  

          Pursuer keeps thrusting his massive sword inside me! I can't get it at all OTL...his sword is too long and too big...

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