Ring of Steel Protection

ring of steel protection

"Wearer gains the protection of steel. Increases physical defense. Said to be the ring of the once legendary Knight King, though his tales are long forgotten, and even the greatly wizened have no recollection of his exploits."

Ring of Steel Protection is a Ring in Dark Souls 2. Players can equip up to 4 Rings, but equipping two of the same item is not possible. Some rings have upgraded versions, having a maximum of +3. Some can only be found in NG+. Rings can be repaired at a blacksmith, but not upgraded. Upgraded versions must be acquired throughout the game from corpses, chests, bosses, etc.


Ring of Steel Protection Effects


  • +0 = 140
  • +1 = 110
  • +2 = 90



  • +0=1.0
  • +1=1.5
  • +2=2.0



  • Increases physical defense by 50
  • +1 = 75
  • +2 = 100




Ring of Steel Protection Locations










Abyss Seal  ♦  Agape Ring  ♦  Ancient Dragon Seal  ♦  Ash Knuckle Ring  ♦  Bell Keeper's Seal  ♦  Bloodbite Ring  ♦  Blue Seal  ♦  Blue Tearstone Ring  ♦  Bracing Knuckle Ring  ♦  Chloranthy Ring  ♦  Clear Bluestone Ring  ♦  Covetous Gold Serpent Ring  ♦  Covetous Silver Serpent Ring  ♦  Crest of Blood  ♦  Crest of the Rat  ♦  Cursebite Ring  ♦  Dark Clutch Ring  ♦  Dark Quartz Ring  ♦  Delicate String  ♦  Dispelling Ring  ♦  Fire Clutch Ring  ♦  First Dragon Ring  ♦  Flame Quartz Ring  ♦  Flynn's Ring  ♦  Gower's Ring of Protection  ♦  Guardian's Seal  ♦  Hawk Ring  ♦  Illusory Ring of a Conqueror  ♦  Illusory Ring of the Exalted  ♦  Illusory Ring of the Guilty  ♦  Illusory Ring of the Vengeful  ♦  King's Ring  ♦  Life Ring  ♦  Lightning Clutch Ring  ♦  Lingering Dragoncrest Ring  ♦  Name-engraved Ring  ♦  Northern Ritual Band  ♦  Old Leo Ring  ♦  Old Sun Ring  ♦  Poisonbite Ring  ♦  Red Tearstone Ring  ♦  Redeye Ring  ♦  Ring of Binding  ♦  Ring of Blades  ♦  Ring of Giants  ♦  Ring of Knowledge  ♦  Ring of Life Protection  ♦  Ring of Prayer  ♦  Ring of Resistance  ♦  Ring of Restoration  ♦  Ring of Soul Protection  ♦  Ring of the Dead  ♦  Ring of the Embedded  ♦  Ring of the Evil Eye  ♦  Ring of Thorns  ♦  Ring of Whispers  ♦  Rings  ♦  Royal Soldier's Ring  ♦  Second Dragon Ring  ♦  Silvercat Ring  ♦  Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring  ♦  Sorcery Clutch Ring  ♦  Southern Ritual Band  ♦  Spell Quartz Ring  ♦  Stone Ring  ♦  Sun Seal  ♦  Third Dragon Ring  ♦  Thunder Quartz Ring  ♦  Vanquisher's Seal  ♦  White Ring


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    • Anonymous

      As someone that prefers light/medium armor, this ring has saved me so many times. It can allow you to get away with a sliver of health in situations where you would otherwise die.

      • Anonymous

        For those who want the +0 ring early, talk to Saulden first. If you die 100 times prior to meeting him, he doesn’t give you the ring until you die 100 more times.

        • Anonymous

          don't be fooled by the "low" numbers this ring boosts your physical defense the stat that scales with the armor you wear. wearing this you will notice a significant decrease in damage taken great for builds that have medium armor (heide, elite, faraam, ) and ofc heavy (havel, steel, Gyrm etc) so the more defenses you get from armor the more this ring will give you. im surprised the wiki doesn't make a point of mentioning this.

          • Anonymous

            I mean you could use it in conjunction with one of the clutch rings to mitigate the decreased protections.

            • Anonymous

              Sobif the difference from Havel's gear to mastadon (roughly double its defense) equates to a 10 or 11 damage difference, does this ring mean jack sh*t?

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