Ring of Whispers


Ring worn by Rhoy the Explorer. Hear the inner voices of surrounding foes. Useful for locating hidden enemies, and perhaps for a few other things, as well."

Ring of Whispers is a Ring in Dark Souls 2 (DKS2). The ring allows the player to hear "growls" from most (but not all) enemies. The ring can be purchased from Sweet Shalquoir in Majula for 5800 souls. 


Ring of Whispers Effects

Durability: 130

Weight: 0.5 

  • Allows the player to hear the "growl" of most enemies making them much easier to detect.
  • Works through walls and closed doors as well. 



Ring of Whispers Locations







  • Can not be used in PvP. Controlled testing has proven this rumor to be false; you cannot use voice chat outside of regular co-op. can NOT drop for another player when summoned. it disappears.
  • The growl plays in the Grave of Saints as well. The ring is linked to Rhoy The Explorer (however, the ring does not allow you to speak with the invading NPC).
  • Allows you to talk with Manscorpion Tark, husband of Scorpioness Najka
  • The "growls" are thought to be them saying "I'm hungry." or "Come over here." 
  • Allows you to hear a strange growl in the Queens throne room (Not Confirmed, I went in there NG + no growl)?



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    • Anonymous

      30 May 2019 06:00  

      5800 souls to trivialize a boss fight, get a fragrant branch of yore, and the warmup gesture? Even though the "detect enemies" schtick is way less practical than it claims (you can't tell where the enemies are or what they are, just that they're somewhere around you), this ring is still worth getting if for Tark's quest line alone.

      • Anonymous

        will this alert you that an invader is nearby?03 Oct 2016 23:21  

        i am aware that you cannot voice chat with invaders but will a nearby invader trigger the growling sound effect?(just thought it could make pinpointing invaders a little faster, as every advantage helps)

        • Anonymous

          It can be dropped29 Aug 2016 10:56  

          A summoned friend of mine recently dropped it for me to use it and later I gave it back while being a phantom.

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