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Ring of the Dead is a cosmetic appearance ring in Dark Souls 2.
ring_of_the_dead.png "The wearer of this ring appears human even when Hollow.
They say that in the Undead Crypt, we can reacquaint ourselves with the dead. We all suffer loss. And none of us can escape death. Then, what is the fascination with reclaiming that which has already passed into that beyond?"


  • Keep human appearance even while hollow.
  • Durability: 130
  • Weight: 0.2


  • Drangleic Castle: By taking the lift located at the final bonfire in Drangleic, you come to a room with a woman trapped inside a cage. Using the Key to the Embedded, the cage will open and the woman trapped inside will disappear, giving you the Ring of the Dead.


  • After releasing the woman and going down the lift, you'll hear singing, perhaps from the woman. This will only happen once.
  • You can go back to the Shrine of Amana and talk to the singing woman after releasing the girl that gave you the ring. She will give you a fire seed. This girl is located behind the locked door above the Rise of the Dead bonfire. You will need to be Hollow to enter.
  • There is another singing woman in a small hut near the entrance to the Shrine of Amana who will give you 2 Divine Blessings for saving her sister(?)
  • The ring cannot be used to fool Royal Sorcerer Navlaan.

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