Hi everyone!
I'm back, and that's my new build and I also really suggest for any newbie player, it's easy to mange and quite hard to die.
The Items it's cleary but I will also write here:
third dragon's ring, ring of steel protection +2, ring of blades +2, cloranthy ring +2.
Full Alvia set +10 exept for the guantles, I choose the Faraam due the fact with 35 VGR points you still have 3 points to use in weight (with that you will reach 49,7).
Mastodon Halberd +10 and Denfender's Shield.
I make a videos (like always) using the build and explain more easly what I try to explain here.

So, if you want to ask me everything about the build contact me on steam! (just google "pr0andry steam")

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