Rise of the Dead



After finishing off the Demon of Song in the Shrine of Amana, you will notice a path off to the right as you head towards the Undead Crypt (it may be easier to see and follow when holding a torch). Follow this path into the tower. (Sotfs: The doorway is blocked by petrified hollow that you need Fragrant Branch of Yore for). Inside you will find the bonfire on the bottom floor. There is a locked door up the spiral staircase. (rescue the 2 Milfanito to unlock the door {the one before the demon of song, and one from unlocking the embedded})
NOTE: You must not be human to unlock the door.



Bonfire Ascetic Use:

Burning a bonfire ascetic here respawns the following items/enemies


Special Notes:

This area contains the Fire of Nito which the Milfanito pray to. If you pray to the fire (upon prompt) when you are hollow and have no human effigies in your inventory you will become human again. It is the game's fail safe to allow for becoming human when all other options are unavailable.

Notable Summoning/PvP Spots:

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    • Anonymous

      I wonder if I'm out of using this thing because I foolishy lured the two pyromancers up the stairs only to realize their AoE attacks can kill her and they sure did, in matter sure of second to be exact. Never felt so dumb in my life. Not the biggest loss since I'm not planning on throwing away my 50 human effigies but sucks anyway

      • Anonymous

        Ironic how bullshit this place is. It is supposed to HELP the player, but then they fill it with pyromancers who break all of your items with spells. Controversial.

        • Anonymous

          To unlock the door you need to be hollow (and have rescued the 2 Milfanito). Took me more then i care to admit to figure it out

          • Anonymous

            Killed the Milfanito outside of the Demon Song boss fight and now the door in Rise of the Dead won't open.

            • Anonymous

              So i cant use this and i have no effigies. It say "Alas, nothing happens" and i dont know why. I got all 4 of the singing ladies and i am 100% hollowed. I read somewhere that if you have sin you cant use it. Is it a bug or no?

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