(swordsman class) sl150

using bleeding Falchion +10, magic uchi + 1O, black steel katana+10(buffed with resins), dual wielding or not depends on the situation

Vig: 25 enough with third dragon ring

End: 20, third dragon ring...

Vit:18, third dragon ring...

ATN:20--->all you need is two weapon buffs and slots for some usefull pyro (to go threw fire) and great combustion to be annoying in pvp

Str: 15 for the uchi(power stance if dual wielding) or black steel katanas, or two bleeding falchions

Dex: Obviously, 40

AdP: 20, goes very well with the 20 end

Int: 40 (to use the s scaling magic staff of amana+10)

Faith: 5(base)

right hand:if dual wielding: uchi or black steel katana or bleeding falchion and a staff(infused with magic)to buff the magic uchi, plus the pyro hand

+10; if not:uchi and pyro hand

left hand: uchi if you're dual wielding and and hunter bow+10; if not:a medium shield like blossomshield+10 , the staff and the hunter bow

magic slots: Crystal magic weapon, a pyro buff, great combustion, and whatever you want

Rings: blade ring +2; cloranthy ring+2; third dragon ring ; knuckle ring+2(the one that prevents fragile weapons from beeing broken too soon)

Head: heide's one +10

armor: alva's chest and leggings, royal swordsman gauntlets

Need some skills but pvp will be fun and of often victorious^^

Simply a dex/int build in the end. Fancied it in dark souls and still in the sequel

PS: be carefull the amana staff scales well when in human condition but stats becomes more and more bad as your hollowing proceed

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