Sanctum Soldier Gauntlets is an Attire or Armor in Dark Souls 2.

Sanctum Soldier Gauntlets.png

Sanctum Soldier Gauntlets

Stats Total
icon-physicaldef.png 57 icon-poisedef.png 5
icon-strikedef.png 55 icon-poisonres.png 20
icon-slashdef.png 65 icon-bleedres.png 22
icon-thrustdef.png 62 icon-petrifyres.png 0
icon-magicdef.png 17 icon-curseres.png 0
icon-firedef.png 18  
icon-lightningdef.png 15 icon-durabilitiy.png 80
icon-darkdef.png 17 icon_weight.png 3.5
Requirements & Bonus
icon-strength_22.png icon-dexterity_22.png icon-intelligence_22.png icon-faith_22.png icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png
Armor Type  

"Gauntlets of the sanctum soldiers. Improves effect of poison weapons.
These gauntles are corroded by the poison of the slumbering dragon, making it difficult to discern their original shape."



  • Upgraded with regular Titanite.
  • Upgraded stats are only 50% higher and physical defenses are only 25% higher.
  • Boosts poison buildup on weapons.
  • Stacks with Crest of the Rat.

Piece Information & Upgrades

First row = Regular. Second row = +10

Name & Icon icon-physicaldef.png icon-strikedef.png icon-slashdef.png icon-thrustdef.png icon-magicdef.png icon-firedef.png icon-lightningdef.png icon-darkdef.png icon-poisonres.png icon-bleedres.png icon-petrifyres.png icon-curseres.png
Sanctum Soldier Gauntlets icon-physicaldefbonus_green.png C icon-poisedef.png 5 icon_weight.png 3.5 icon-durabilitiy.png 80
Sanctum Soldier Gauntlets.png
46 44 52 50 12 12 10 12 14 15 0 0
57 55 65 62 17 18 15 17 20 22 0 0


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    • Anonymous

      Just gonna leave it here - both gauntlets and rat crest does not seem to affect poison arrows buildup speed - still takes 9 arrows to poison imperfects.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of people are talking about the whole set of sanctum soldier armour and (correct me if im wrong) I think that the entire set is not obtainable, the reason why i think this is because having the entire set having that one buff and being able to stack would be op.

        • Anonymous

          Can these add poison to your fists when using the vanquisher's seal? I had read that the shadow gauntlets did this for bleed.

          • Anonymous

            Says that it boosts poison buildup on weapons, but by how much? I need charts and tables! In all seriousness, does anybody know the actual numbers for the buff?

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