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Full Dragon's Sanctum Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details. 

Once you enter Dragon's Sanctum you have a closed door on your left, and a corridor in front of you. You need a key you will find later to go through that door, so for now, go down the corridor and you will see a switch on the left side, hit it and pick up a Soul of a Great Hero and 3x Dragon Charm from the body.

Go towards the illuminated room on the right, there are two Ghost Sanctum Knights and two bodies on altars. Attack the bodies on the altars, or hit them with arrows from the doorway, so the Knights turn visible and will take more damage. Kill the Knights and loot the chests for 5x Old Growth Balm, 1x Titanite Slab, 1x Soul Vessel, 50x Destructive Greatarrow and one Catarina Helm.

Exit to the hallway and continue going forward to the next division. A Sanctum Soldier will attack from the left, and there is another one on the right. The raised floor tile triggers a crossbow trap which can be used to kill the Sanctum Soldiers. Two more soldiers are on the floor and rise when you approach. At the end there is a chest (trap chest) with a Bonfire Ascetic. Look at the ceiling and shoot an arrow to the switch, a wall panel will lift revealing a chest that contains 5x Twinkling Titanite and 3x Petrified Dragon Bone.

Kill the Sanctum Priestess and the Sanctum Soldier in the room on the left, pick up a Human Effigy and use the pressure plate to rotate the contraption until you can get through (careful with the Sanctum Soldier waiting). Keep going forward until you reach a junction. To the left there is a body with 1x Repair Powder, to the right there is a wall that will be a shortcut later. Keep going down and jump over the hole. You will reach a closed door. Shoot an arrow into the switch in the hole on the left to open a passage on the left, but before you enter, go down the end of the hall and shoot an arrow on the switch above.

Kill the Sanctum Soldier on your left and before going down the stairs pay attention to the spike trap. Kill the 2 enemies there and loot the 2 bodies for a Soul of a Hero and a Human Effigy. Open the 3 chests in the end for 3x Boltstone, 3x Twinkling Titanite, 3x Bleedstone, 3x Petrified Dragon Bone and a Puzzling Stone Sword.

Go back to the hole in the stairs you jumped over before, and fall through it. There will be a Corrosive Egg Bug on the right, kill it and equip the Cat Ring or any gear that lowers fall damage. Fall through the hole and you will be surrounded by Egg Crawlers. The best way to deal with them is to quickly run up the stairs and deal use spells or deal with them in small groups. After you kill them all you can loot the bodies in the area for 10x Dung Pie, 20x Poison Throwing Knife, 5x Lifegem and a Old Growth Balm. Go up the ladder on top of the stairs and open the metal chest that contains the Flynn's Ring. Go through the exit, you will drop where the body that had a Repair Powder is.

Again go down the stairs and drop in the hole but this time go left and you will find a room with the floor covered in spikes. There are 2 Ghost Sanctum Knights there and a Sanctum Priestess above. There are some bodies in the spikes that hold 3x Twinkling Titanite, 1x Human Effigy, 5x Torch and 5x Holy Water Urn.

Hit the switch in the pilar in the end of the room to open a door on the right to a small room with a metal chest, the chest contains a Dragon Stone that you will need later.

There will be Ghost Sanctum Knights that you can not kill yet, so run into the room on your right. At the end of this room, there is a carved ladder that allows you to climb to where the Sanctum Priestess is. Kill her and hit the switch on the ceiling to remove the spikes below. Ahead is another Priestess and another Ghost Sanctum Knight, kill the Priestess and ignore the Ghost Sanctum Knight and hit the switch to open a shortcut. Go back to near the pillar with the switch for the Dragon Stone, keep going forward and you will reach a set of stairs going down. Go down a few steps and look back, on the wall on the left there will be a switch, hit it with an arrow and it will open a hidden wall that leads to a bonfire. Go back up and up the ladder on the right side, near the chest that had the Dragon stone. Run and jump the gap to light a bonfire, the Hidden Sanctum Chamber bonfire, and pick up a Sanctum Crossbow. (If the Ghost Sanctum Knights are causing too many problems, you can run back up the stairs and lure them into the room where the bugs were, then run up the stairs in that room and climb the ladder back out. As the knights can't climb ladders, they'll be trapped.)

Now to solidify the ghosts so you can kill them. From the Hidden Sanctum Chamber bonfire, jump back to the other side and take out the Priestess on the bridge. You'll see another bridge off to your right, that's where you need to go. (You can ignore the Priestess and the Ghost Sanctum Knight by running past them). Go down the stairs and you will find a room with 3 Ghost Knights. Destroy all the "statues" in the walls in this room (there will be a "statues" on your left and right when you enter this room), this will make all Ghost Sanctum Knights in the Sanctum visible and weaker. Kill the Knights and pick up the Eternal Sanctum Key and a Sanctum Knight Helm. Once you've finished what you needed to do here, go back up the stairs and drop off the ledge on your right for a chest that contains a Bloodbite Ring+1. Now you can kill the Sanctum Knights, so go ahead and dispatch them to pick up the items where the spiked floor was and the chest that contains a Dragon Stone.

Go back to the bridge where the Priestess stood. Walk till the middle of the walkway and on the left there will a rotating stone with a large and a small hole, like the one you found earlier. Shoot an arrow to the switch you can see inside to rotate it. Drop down and get closer to the small hole, shoot another arrow to the switch. Go back up the ladder and to the end of the walkway, shoot a final arrow to the switch. Drop down and enter that room, inside there will be a chest that contains the miracle Denial.

Head back to the room that had spikes on the floor and this time go down the narrow steps on the left side. Kill the Sanctum Knight and continue. Go right, down the stairs and into the corridor on the right. Go through the doorway on the right and down the stairs. Pick up a Old Growth Balm. Down 2 more sets of stairs and you will be invaded by Jester Thomas.

After dealing with the invader, go through the next doorway and you will be in shallow waters surrounded by giant lizard-like enemies, the Imperfects. Keep to your left and fight them carefully, they are tough. Treasure on corpses include: Petrified Dragon Bone x3, Soul of a Great Hero x1, Dried Root x2, Human Effigy x3. Keep going forward, sticking to the left and you will find another bonfire, the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire.

From the bonfire keep going to the left path, you need to kill 2 or 3 more of those enemies, or run by them. When you get out of the water you will see some stairs leading to a circular stone. Use the Dragon Stone here to create a path that will lead to Dragon's Rest. Enter the next building and you will see an obelisk and a cave entrance. Hit the obelisk to enable the elevator and go through the cave. You will find a body that has the Drakeblood Greatsword. Go up the elevator and on the next level you will see another elevator and an exit that leads to Dragon's Rest, nearby is a corpse with a Human Effigy x1. The elevator will take you the first bonfire of Shulva - Sanctum City. Head on up the stairs and enter Dragon's Rest.


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