Scholar of the First Sin is an NPC in Dark Souls 2. He was added with Patch 1.10 in February 5th. aldia.png
Please see Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin for details on the bundle edition and changes to the game, as well as screenshots and notable item updates.


  • Originally found in the room of the final primal bonfire to be lit, if all bonfires have been lit prior to downloading Patch 1.10 he will automatically appear in Black Gulch
  • After exhausting his dialogue he moves to the next location. This is true for all encounters.
  • At Undead Crypt: Undead Crypt Entrance
  • At Dragon Shrine: Shrine Entrance Bonfire - (You do not have to answer 'yes' to his questions to have access to the alternative ending (The normal ending is still going to be available, but you have to fight him later on))
  • In the Throne of Want after the Nashandra boss fight - You cannot see him with a character that has defeated her already, unless you use a Bonfire Ascetic. Vendrick needs to be defeated before fighting Nashandra for the Scholar to appear.


Dialogue & Lore

  • The Scholar seems to have the same role as Kaathe from Dark Souls and tells the Chosen Undead about how humans are inherently dark (as they inherited the Dark Soul), and how the "transient forms" of humans while the First Flame is lit are an illusion.
  • The Scholar loosely resembles a human head covered with branch from the Bed of Chaos, he's also bound by the Bonfire, and the voice of the Emerald Herald can be heard within his voice loosely.
  • The third time you encounter him, the Scholar reveals himself as Aldia, King Vendrick's brother and former owner of Aldia's Keep.
  • In the ending credits of the Scholar of the First Sin, there are three voice actors listed for new update: one for Aldia, one for Vendrick and one for Alsanna. It is likely that the female voice and possibly two male voices heard in Scholar of the First Sin NPC's dialogue are actually all of the three characters (Citation needed, Cut parts of the dialogue with the three voices)
  • He is primarily voiced by David Gant, the same voice actor of Oswald of Carim


Scholar of the First Sin dialogues.
external image 75f8ca6a07.jpg


Aldia, scholar of the First Sin boss fight ng+2 sl1, with alternative ending and new end credit music

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    • Anonymous

      Get this ending once for the experience, but in every playthrough since I've purposely failed his quest to avoid the extra final boss WITH ZERO REWARD.

      • Anonymous

        great character but a horrible fight, his appearance wasted all the potential of the character too, easy fight without any climax

        • Anonymous

          From what I recall, you HAVE to say yes to his last question at the dragon shrine to unlock him as a boss. No alternative ending without killing him too, so I'm not sure what this modified page is talking about. I do remember it stating the same thing I have way back then. And I'm also sure they did not change that in an update.

          • Anonymous

            i'd just finished my playthrough, and this is the last boss ive encounter.
            i followed ENB's walkthrough, turn out that he's playthrough is outdated, that's why he never fight this thing. And that's becoz its a new patch.
            didn't fight the dlc bosses though, might have to turn back.
            i did not go thru NG+ yet.

            • Anonymous

              wait, so, lemmi get this strait. since i defeated nashandra first and Vendrik later, there is NO WAY for me to get to him??? Also, why did he not spawn at ANY of the lokations mentioned above? And last question: where is the last primal bonfire?
              thankful for any useful answers

              • Anonymous

                I have the regular base game, redeemed from a code in collectors edition. And Aldia still appears, is that normal?

                • Thursday 19.2.2015. Started a new character. Killed Lost Sinner and Rotten that day. Friday 20.2.2015. Killed OIK and Freja. Nothing appeared out of the bonfire like it's supposed to. Important notes: I have internet connection, i am on Xbox 360, i have no xbox live gold. ''Please note that you may have to be online to see this NPC.'' as said above in the wiki could be quite true.

                  • Anonymous

                    I was like, super-relieved after beating Freja, and proceeded to the primal bonfire. Just as I was getting comfortable while kindling the final primal bonfire, A *****ING EXPLOSION HAPPENED AND A GIANT MONSTROCITY STOOD RIGHT BEFORE ME, and I almost punched my computer... Maybe they should've just... I dunno, put him in front of the bonfire prior to kindling it? I got jumpscared to death there.

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