Scorching Iron Scepter

Scorching Iron Scepter.png

A scorching-hot iron scepter.
Used to activate contraptions by
transferring heat to Brume Tower.
When the Old Iron King wrested this
dilapidated region from kingdom
of Venn, the act required all the resources
the enfeebled lord could muster. But with the
discovery of this iron-producing miracle,
he was reborn as a powerful leader."

 Scorching Iron Scepter is a Key item in Dark Souls 2.




  • Placed in a slot in a structure in front of the Foyer bonfire, it activates all the stopped elevators in Brume Tower



  • At the bottom of a tower adjacent to the main building of Brume Tower.



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    • Anonymous

      I ****ing hate how fromsofts B team constantly puts items in really tough areas to get to the next bonfire
      why make a dlc that most people won't get to even harder for the ones that will actually play it?

      • Anonymous

        I actually really like the lore implications that the sceptre itself is what produces the iron in addition to being an eternal heat source. This makes it very different from other artifacts that gave whoever used it some sort of physical power.

        In opposition, the iron sceptre gives you an infinite resource and the tools (heat) required to work with them. It essentially gives you political and economical power.

        • Anonymous

          My game crashed after i used this key item in Brume Tower to activate lift, NOW LIFT IS NOT WORKING, AND I DONT HAVE THIS KEY ITEM ANYWHERE, not in my inventory, not at the beginning place where i found it, and of course not in Brume Tower elevator keyhole, so i am stuck and can't progress the DLC!!! It's great, isn't it? Because there is nothing that i can do now to progress only play from the beginning or proceed to new cycle, ehhh....

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