Build Name
Starting Class
Starting Gift
Soul Level
Knight / warrior

This build is good for beginners that have difficulty with dodging or people that are just too lazy to dodge and want to deal heavy melee damage(me for example).

Weapon: ultra greatsword of choosing (I currently wear a "greatsword+6")

Shield: Old knights shield+ (100%physical def and 70+ elemental) Best heavy armor you can wear.

Secondair weapon: Bow, this mainly for: initial strike, and luring out enemies 1 by 1.
Skillpoints distributing: 1/2 strenght the rest in skills that boost stamina and equip load. (what you need currently to wear your next armor/weapon.
Fight style: block and strike. block attacks, study your enemies attack patterns. when you think you know their openings then strike.
Pattern: Block -> jump attack with ultra greatsword -> shield up, lower shield to recover stamina in openings till full before trying attacking again. rinse and repeat till kill.
preferred rings:
Royal Soldier's RingChloranthy RingSecond Dragon RingThird Dragon Ring
Don't forget to lower shield when safe to recover stamina faster.
Upgrading armor and weapon is also advised.
Always block and take the damage instead of dodging,blocking often takes less stamina off with this shield, dodge is rarely used. There are some attacks from bosses that will instant deplete a lower lvls stamina bar so in that case dodge ofcourse. These attacks often have a long attack animation "charge up".
Keep moving, always keep moving, preferebly to the right or backwards.
Stay locked on. this should be obvious, when fighting multiple enemies and you can't lure them out into small passaways then use your right stick to toggle between the targets and hugg the wall behind you.

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