Ser Lancelot
Any above sl150
Works well for PVE and surprisingly effective at PVP
Stats at SL 300, half them for SL150
  • VGR: 50 because health is good and you will get hit using this build.
  • END: 30 because power stancing lances takes up a lot of stamina.
  • VIT: 38 because lances are heavy.
  • ATN: 30 for the miracles because sometimes lances aren't enough.
  • STR: 50 self explanatory.
  • DEX: 30 ^
  • ADP: 30 because no shield so you need to dodge.
  • INT: 4 because you don't need it
  • FTH: 50 this adds lightning damage for the weapons infusion.

When starting from scratch i advise building towards the above while using power stance rapiers, as the weapons in this build are HARD to obtain.
Right hand : Lightning Heide Greatlance +10, Binoculars
Left Hand: Lighting Heide Greatlance +10, Lighting Dragon Chime +5
Armor: (Anything you want, I prefer Knight cosplays with this build, my personal choices are below)
Head: Alva
Chestpiece: Benharts
Gauntlets: Drakekeepers (cos they look good and have insane armor rating)
Legs: Mad Warrior ^
Rings: (there is some freedom with the rings but my recommendations are below)
  • Third Dragon Ring (the extra health and stamina will save your life repeatedly, plus lances are heavy so the extra carry weight will keep you below 70%)
  • Lightning clutch ring (for that damage)
  • Old Leo Ring (absolutely essential, this ring will increase the damage of the lances attacks by around 200)
  • Ring of blades (highly optional adds another 100 attack to the power stance moves but can be replaced if you prefer another ring)

Spells: Sunlight Spear, 4x Great Lighting Spears, Emit force(for pvp)

The most difficult part about creating this build is obtaining the two Heide greatlances, not to be mistaken for the Heide lance, the Heide greatlance is a very rare drop from the Heide knight at the Shrine of Winter, it took me over 30 bonfire ascetics to get both greatlances. My advice when trying this build is to try it with two easier to obtain grand lances to see if you get a feel for the build and then get the Heide greatlances if you like it.
This build is almost as effective when using grand lances instead however the grand lance is heavier than the Heide Greatlance and it will do less damage. NOTE: the grand lance has higher AR then the heide greatlance in the stats, however in practice the heide greatlance outperforms the grand lance by about 100 dmg.
This build can be effective in pvp because the moveset is surprising and has odd timing making it difficult to dodge as well as having a very long reach, the problem with this build in pvp is it leaves you very vulnerable to backstabs.
The Dragon Chime is really only for PVE because at high NG+ levels you need some kind of ranged. Although i find that equipping emit force as well as great lightning spears is useful, people never seem to be ready to avoid emit force because it is scarcely used or seen in pvp.
A full combo from this build when power stancing (RB, RB, LB, LT) will use all stamina up and will hit for approximately 3000dmg on a reasonably defensed opponent. This build destroys regular humanoid enemies in one hit from the power stance light attack.
There are much easier to make, more effective builds out there, but this ones fun.

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